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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the pre-built chatbot templates customizable?

Yes, our chatbot templates are fully customizable. You can modify icons, embed the company logo, change the bot’s name, redesign the conversation flow, and much more.

Can I integrate a chatbot template with existing systems or software?

Yes, you can integrate the chatbot templates with your workspace tools like CRM, eCommerce platforms, helpdesk systems, etc.

For instance, once you have integrated the chatbot with your CRM system, the bot will automatically send the collected data to your contact database. Besides that, you can leverage chat SDKs to integrate ProProfs’ chatbot with your Android or iOS mobile applications.

How do I choose the right template for my use case?

ProProfs’ chatbot offers a number of templates for various purposes like lead generation, ticketing, sales, Ecommerce, etc.

Choosing the right template for your use case depends on various factors, such as the goal of your chatbot, the platform where you want to implement it, the features you are looking for, etc.

Can I target specific customer segments using lead generation templates?

Yes, you can target specific customer segments using the lead generation templates of ProProfs’ chatbot. This is possible because the templates are highly customizable, enabling you to modify everything from the chatbot dialogues to the overall appearance.

So, you can design your chatbot in a way that targets specific personas, such as entrepreneurs, CEOs, marketing managers, small business owners, etc.

How do chatbot lead generation templates perform against other methods?

Chatbot lead generation templates have proven to be highly effective in capturing leads compared to other methods, such as cold emails or social media.

  • Chatbots automate lead engagement and information gathering, surpassing the manual outreach of cold emails.
  • Chatbots offer superior personalization compared to social media, tailoring questions for relevant prospect information.
  • Chatbots enable immediate engagement, capturing prospects' attention in real-time, unlike social media posts that may get overlooked.

Can I switch between different templates without losing my data?

Once you start customizing a specific template style, such as the lead generation template, you cannot switch it to a different style, like the ticketing or customer support template, and keep all the data you've entered.

However, you can avoid losing your data by closing the current template (which is different from deleting it) and opening a new one. This way, you can always go back and continue working on the previous template without losing any of your data.

How do I implement and deploy a pre-built chatbot template?

Implementing a pre-built chatbot template is simple. All you need to do is select the right template, click on the “Use This Template” button, and design the conversation flow. You can also customize the chatbot name, icon, greeting messages, display settings, etc.

Finally, after saving all the modifications, toggle the activation button to deploy it.

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