Automated Live Chat Greetings to Build Everlasting Impressions

Delight visitors with personalized chat greetings

  • Greet visitors with personalized messages
  • Engage 30% more visitors & increase conversions
  • Grow leads and sales
  • Prevent dissatisfied/uninterested customers
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Automated Live Chat Greetings
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Delight Visitors With Personalized Welcome Messages

Offer personalized customer service to drive customer loyalty

You don’t always have to wait for your website visitors to click on the chat icon to start chatting with you. Sometimes, it’s better to use live chat in a proactive manner with a simple, “Good morning! let me know if you need anything” greeting. It’s a great way to not only delight your visitors but also to make them feel special. Automatic greetings are the online version of the in-store experience where customers are welcomed by sales representatives on the floor.

  • Don’t wait for your visitors to initiate a chat
  • Delight visitors with custom greetings
  • Offer website visitors a virtual in-store experience
  • Make your visitor’s chat experience memorable
live chat automated greetings

Engage More Visitors By Initiating Chats Proactively

Get more conversions by increasing chat engagement by up to 40%

chat greeting message

Studies suggest that fully-engaged customers account for 23% more revenue than those who aren’t engaged. Customer engagement is the emotional connect between a customer and an organization. Customers that are engaged more, buy more, advocate your brand more, and are more loyal. With automatic greetings it’s possible to offer a high-quality customer experience as part of your customer engagement strategy. Create more personalized and targeted chat invitations and start chatting with more visitors.

  • Connect emotionally with your customers
  • Engage customers using personalized greetings
  • Targeted chat invitations
  • Show empathy

Grow More Leads & Sales

Use greetings to increase leads by up to 30%

Initiating a chat with your website visitors is great for generating highly qualified leads. Do not let a customer walk away from an interaction with your business (dissatisfied at worst, or indifferent at best) and waste an opportunity for a conversion. According to our data, visitors who are invited to chat are 11 times more likely to convert into customers as opposed to don’t chat. Also, roughly 50% of those customers will convert within the first chat.

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Prevent Visitor Exit From 404 Pages

Don’t lose visitors to deleted or old content that’s not available anymore

chat welcome message

A properly structured greeting engages visitors at the right time and a contextual message encourages them to start a chat with you. This is especially true for special pages like a 404 (page not found). If a visitor follows a broken link or accidently lands on a page that’s not available, engage them before they hit the back button or close the browser. Stop visitors from getting frustrated trying to figure out how to find the content they’re looking for and simply lend them a helping hand. Initiate a chat and suggest an alternate page.

  • Ease visitor frustration on 404 pages
  • Stop losing visitors from deleted pages
  • Lend a helping hand when your visitors are lost
  • Simplify visitor journey on your website
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  • "Anything that helps us communicate better with our customers improves our revenue."
    Anything that helps us communicate better with our customers improves our revenue. The bonus feature is that for the international customers for whom English isn’t their first language, ProProfs' automatic translation is an excellent option.
    Charlie Hueni
    Charlie Hueni,

    Vice President, Purchasing & Sales, HorseSaddleShop

  • "With ProProfs Chat, we can communicate with overseas clients who cannot call us."
    One of our favorite features about ProProfs Chat is the ability to access chat history via the user dashboard. This comes in handy when we have clients who return to chat a few days after the original conversation and are unsure of the cruise they were initially inquiring about.
    Mitchell Bank
    Mitchell Bank,

    Founder, MilitaryCruiseDeals

  • "With live chat, our guests know that we are accessible and will take care of their needs."
    Our guests enjoy chatting with us using ProProfs. They often ask about - availability of rooms, amenities provided and breakfast options offered. We also provide a lot of information regarding room decor and special packages. We also provide a lot of information regarding room decor and special packages.
    Carol Tiffany
    Carol Tiffany,

    Owner, Lazy Cloud

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