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Why Use ProProfs as Your Live Chat Software

Live chat for real estate helps you capture leads, auto-book property visits & grow conversions
Capture Leads & Qualify Homebuyers

Use automation to capture qualified leads that are likely to convert for your real estate business.

Recommend Property Deals

Use automated live chat triggers to recommend area-specific property listings or offers to clients.

Schedule Property Tours

Let our chatbot carry out bookings and site visits so your human support can address more pressing issues.

Grow Conversions by Up to 200%

Qualify leads using pre-chat form, chatbot & easily grow sales

Capture qualified real estate leads with our chatbot and pre-chat form features and push them automatically to your favorite CRM. Set well-timed auto-triggers to invite potential leads for a chat and convert them in real time.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Qualify leads with chatbot, pre-chat form
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Push leads automatically to your favorite CRM
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Auto-trigger well-timed chat invites & covert
Increase conversion in real estate with live chat software

Offer 24x7 Support to Your Buyers

Reach, connect & engage with potential homebuyers with real estate live chat software
Offer 24x7 support with proprofs chatbot tool

Help your homebuyers connect and get their questions answered 24x7 with ProProfs ChatBot. Send chat triggers based on their browsing behavior to connect with the proactively. Announce latest home schemes and upcoming properties via our real estate live chat software.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Provide 24x7 support using chatbot
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Send proactive chat triggers
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Announce latest offers & schemes

Real Estate Live Chat Software Features

Engage with potential homebuyers faster with live chat software for real estate websites

Capture potential leads & book house tours with the help of ProProfs ChatBot on your website.


Announce amazing property deals & upcoming sales using real estate live chat software.

Chat Greetings

Welcome potential homebuyers on your website with a warm message using chat greetings.

Chat Routing

Route your clients to the right area expert in your support team using real estate chat software.

Canned Responses

Manage multiple clients & reduce response time with the help of canned responses

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Assist your dealers to offer support to potential clients in real time with our live chat mobile app.

Automate Bookings, Site Visits With Chatbots

Use live chat for real estate to schedule house tours in the absence of operators

Get to know your client pain-points and schedule a house tour for properties that match their needs and expectations. You can use our ChatBot feature to schedule the appointments and send its details automatically to their emails in seconds.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Identify client pain-points
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Schedule a house tour via chatbot
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Send appointment details automatically
Use chatbots tool for automate booking, site visit in real estate

Comes With Help Desk, Knowledge Base & Survey

Offline messages, 24x7 self-service, support ratings - all in one
Create a customer support suite for your real estate business with 360 support

Create a customer support suite for your real estate business with our knowledge base, help desk and survey software. When integrated with our live chat, you can convert offline messages into help desk tickets, show relevant FAQs in the chat window before a conversation initiates, and measure customer satisfaction with surveys.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Offline messages convert into help desk tickets
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Show relevant FAQs with knowledge base
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Measure customer satisfaction with surveys

Supercharge Your Property Business with Smart Reports

Track the number of interested buyers with live chat reports

Our real estate chat software supports real-time visitor reports. These help you understand which pages your visitors landed once coming to the website. You can also track other important metrics like total number of answers and missed chats to understand your operators’ performance and come up with strategies that help you improve them further.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Access real-time visitor report
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Track total answered & missed chats
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Monitor & improve operator performance
Supercharge  real estate chat software supports real-time visitor reports


  • Anything that helps us communicate better with our customers improves our revenue.
    Anything that helps us communicate better with our customers improves our revenue. The bonus feature is that for the international customers for whom English isn’t their first language, ProProfs' automatic translation is an excellent option.
    Charlie Hueni
    Charlie Hueni,

    Vice President, Purchasing & Sales, HorseSaddleShop

  • With ProProfs Chat, we can communicate with overseas clients who cannot call us.
    One of our favorite features about ProProfs Chat is the ability to access chat history via the user dashboard. This comes in handy when we have clients who return to chat a few days after the original conversation and are unsure of the cruise they were initially inquiring about.
    Mitchell Bank
    Mitchell Bank,

    Founder, MilitaryCruiseDeals

  • With live chat, our guests know that we are accessible and will take care of their needs.
    Our guests enjoy chatting with us using ProProfs. They often ask about - availability of rooms, amenities provided and breakfast options offered. We also provide a lot of information regarding room decor and special packages. We also provide a lot of information regarding room decor and special packages.
    Carol Tiffany
    Carol Tiffany,

    Owner, Lazy Cloud

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