Get the WordPress live chat plugin to keep customers delighted with your prompt support process.

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How WordPress & ProProfs Chat Integration Works?

WordPress live chat integration is the perfect blend for your online business to capture qualified leads and never miss out on a support opportunity. Adding live chat to your WordPress website makes it seamless for your support staff to track browsing behavior and initiate a chat with your website visitors when they need you the most.

Personalize each visitor's experience and enable your operators to manage lengthy queues effortlessly by integrating ProProfs Live Chat with your WordPress website.

Features & Benefits of ProProfs Chat & WordPress Integration
  • Provide Proactive Support

    Offer instant, proactive support to your customers with our simple yet powerful Live Chat plugin for your WordPress website. Monitor visitor behavior, understand their intent and reach out to them instantly. Initiate a chat to explain your product, pricing, or engage with them when you sense they are about to exit.

  • Capture Market Qualified Leads

    Never miss a quality lead with WordPress live chat integration. Leverage the pre-chat form and capture market qualified leads easily. Customize the form to gather whatever information you want when a visitor initiates a chat. You can also customize the form to put identifiers so that a chat request falls in the right support queue and gets addressed instantly.

  • Improve with Customer Feedback

    Capture customer feedback and ratings for your operators via post-chat forms. Use this information to improve the quality of your products and services. Download WordPress live chat plugin and accomplish this goal easily.

  • Understand Visitors Better

    Add live chat to your WordPress website and help your operators understand visitors better in real-time. Features such as visitor monitoring help you track real-time browsing patterns that will enable your operators to better understand the intent.

  • The Power of Two in One

    Missed a live chat from a visitor? No worries! Connect live chat with our built-in help desk that turns offline chats into tickets. Reach out to them once you are back online. While with live chat, you can simultaneously manage multiple visitors, adding ProProfs Help Desk to your support system ensures you never miss a support opportunity.

  • Improve Website Engagement

    Get the best WordPress live chat plugin to see a spike in website engagement in no time. ProProfs Chat supports features such as eye-catcher and announcements that help you bring the right engagement onboard and boost conversions easily.

Connecting the two is easy. Visit the integration guide below and learn the easy installation steps.

Wordpress Integration Guide Try Chat Free Get a Demo

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