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  • AI chatbot to auto-book test drives
  • Wow auto buyers with instant answers
  • Smart AI reports & analytics
  • Boost auto sales & customer satisfaction
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Automate Bookings Using AI Chatbot

Minimize no-shows with automated reminders

Develop custom chatbots that offer instant responses to test drive inquiries. These chatbots, powered by artificial intelligence, can ask appropriate questions to assess leads and collect essential details like preferred dates, times, and vehicle preferences. They can then access a database of available test drive slots and present potential customers with options to schedule appointments. What’s more? The chatbots can send confirmations and reminders to minimize no-shows.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Automate test drive booking
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Qualify leads & gather necessary information
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Deliver timely confirmations & reminders

Wow! Auto Buyers with Instant Answers

Let AI answer customer queries 24/7

Enable automated responses to customer queries using ProProfs Chat. Use the automotive chat software to handle multiple chats at the same time with AI. Handle queries related to automotive part versions, makes and models, billing, discounts, etc., and delight customers with instant responses. Track visitors' locations and navigate their browsing patterns to understand their requirements better before initiating a conversation.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Answer queries faster with AI
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Resolve queries anytime, anywhere
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Track visitors’ location & browsing actions
Real-Time Assistance

Boost Auto Sales & Customer Satisfaction

Enhance profits with proactive engagement
Easily Follow Up With Customers

ProProfs Live Chat helps automotive businesses boost sales by providing instant support, tracking browsing behavior to provide personalized recommendations, and enabling proactive engagement. Additionally, the software can contribute to increased customer satisfaction by streamlining the sales process, offering convenient appointment scheduling, and providing ongoing support and after-sales service.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Track visitors’ actions
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Share product tours & recommendations
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Provide delightful customer support

Smart AI Reports & Analytics

Easily track leads & measure performance

Track various metrics such as response time, resolution time, and customer satisfaction ratings to identify areas in need of improvement. Analyze chat transcripts and customer feedback to unocver patterns, common issues, and preferences. Regular analysis can help improve the overall performance of your automotive business by enabling you to optimize responses and provide a better customer experience.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Monitor operator performance
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Gain insights into customer interactions
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Identify areas of improvement

Accelerate Your Business Growth with Our AI Chat

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Why You Need Live Chat Software for Your Auto Website

Simplify Customer Service

Unlike phone support, an automotive live chat tool allows you to handle multiple customer conversations simultaneously. Make it easier for chat operators to offer real-time assistance and simplify your customer service process.

Offers & Announcements

Do you have a festival season around the corner? Share special offers with website visitors using proactive announcements. Let customers learn about vehicles with in-depth and engaging product tours.

Capture Qualified Leads

With live chat software, you can collect all the relevant prospect information, such as their name, email address, or mobile number. Store all lead information in your favorite CRM and follow up with prospects when necessary.

chatbot icon-svg

Automotive companies receive thousands of queries related to vehicle availability, price, or specifications. Automate your support in no time with ready-to-use chatbot templates and stay available for customers 24x7.

Personalize Experience

ProProfs Chat helps you customize the look and position of your chat widget to deliver delightful experiences. Allow operators to access the chat history and view what customers are typing in real-time to offer a more personalized experience.

Monitor Operator Performance

Gain insights into your chat operators' performance and see where you need to improve. With live chat for auto dealers, you can track key performance metrics such as total chats, missed chats, average chat duration, response time, and more.

How to Choose the Best Live Chat Software

How to Set Up & Use Live Chat for Your Auto Website

  • Step 1: Configure your chat widget by modifying the theme, chat icon, style, color, brand logo, etc.
  • Step 2: Copy the code available in the installation section and paste it on your web page.
  • Step 3: Once the chat code is installed, operators can start chatting with visitors by clicking the ‘Launch Chat’ button.
  • Step 4: Access advanced setting options like API, invitation pop-up, custom greetings, sound and much more.

100+ Settings & Integrations

Customize live chat, your way

Customize our chat software for the automotive industry with 100+ settings and preferences to match your website's visual appeal. Access chat transcripts to gain context or download it to use for training new operators. Boost marketing and customer service efforts with powerful integration options like MS Dynamics, Salesforce, Zendesk, WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and more.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick 100+ configuration options
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Chat transcripts for better context
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Integrations with tools like MS Dynamics & CMS
100+ Settings & Integrations
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Everything You Need to Delight Auto Buyers in One Place

Intelligent Chat Routing

Automatically route chats to the right agent and never miss a conversation again.

Canned Responses

Set up canned responses for common requests and handle multiple chats simultaneously.

chatbot icon-svg

Create powerful chatbots to capture leads and support customers 24x7.

Proactive Invitations

Proactively invite customers to chat based on their time on your website.

Post-Chat Survey

Monitor and improve the customer experience with post-chat surveys.

Mobile App

View customer chats and respond to them on the go with our dedicated mobile apps.

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  • Anything that helps us communicate better with our customers improves our revenue.
    Anything that helps us communicate better with our customers improves our revenue. The bonus feature is that for the international customers for whom English isn’t their first language, ProProfs' automatic translation is an excellent option.
    Charlie Hueni
    Charlie Hueni,

    Vice President, Purchasing & Sales, HorseSaddleShop

  • With ProProfs Chat, we can communicate with overseas clients who cannot call us.
    One of our favorite features about ProProfs Chat is the ability to access chat history via the user dashboard. This comes in handy when we have clients who return to chat a few days after the original conversation and are unsure of the cruise they were initially inquiring about.
    Mitchell Bank
    Mitchell Bank,

    Founder, MilitaryCruiseDeals

  • With live chat, our guests know that we are accessible and will take care of their needs.
    Our guests enjoy chatting with us using ProProfs. They often ask about - availability of rooms, amenities provided and breakfast options offered. We also provide a lot of information regarding room decor and special packages. We also provide a lot of information regarding room decor and special packages.
    Carol Tiffany
    Carol Tiffany,

    Owner, Lazy Cloud

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