Why You Need ProProfs Live Chat App?

ProProfs Live Chat app for Android equips your operators to provide instant support from anywhere, anytime. Learn where your visitors are on your website and using what browser. It’s super easy to monitor how long they stay on a page and what they are looking at with our Android live chat app. Initiate a chat or pick a new chat to deliver prompt responses to your customers and delight them.

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Know What Your Visitors Are Looking At

With our live chat app, you are all set to Monitor visitor behavior and identify their intent on the go. Your operators learn what services are your visitors interested in by monitoring how long they stay on a page. Links clicked successively after the first one also help to learn whether the visitor came with the intent of making a purchase or browsing for information.

Send Faster Responses

Save keyboard strokes on repetitive answers and cut down response time with canned messages. Record frequently used messages such as “Hi”, How May I Help You”, “May I Put Your Chat on Hold” as canned responses and send over and over in a single-click from our Android live chat application. Store frequently used links under Push URLs bar and tap to send to any customer.

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Address Priority Requests on the Go

Download ProProfs Live Chat App for Android to get real-time notifications on new visitors, incoming chats, and new customer responses. Your support agents get to respond to customer requests anytime, anywhere. Your customers will be delighted to see their queries becoming your primary concern. In the end, you get to reduce support cost and still improve your services efficiently using our web chat app for Android.

View Interaction History

Browse chat history on-the-go to retrieve previous interaction details of any customer without even asking. Simply tap on chat history during an ongoing chat and understand what visitors are looking for to help them better with our web chat app for Android. Save user frustration arising from answering repetitive questions.

live chat customer support app for android
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Supervise & Transfer Ongoing Chats

Use the chat transfer option in our live chat app for Android to offer expert supervision and direct live conversations to qualified operators better-acquainted with customer concerns. You can also monitor how a chat session is progressing to evaluate when supervisory assistance is required.

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