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Use canned messages in live chat to accelerate support success

  • Answer FAQs with canned responses
  • Deliver consistently delightful support
  • Manage multiple customers
  • Avoid typos & grammatical errors
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Answer FAQs With Canned Responses

Send instant replies using predefined answers

live chat canned response

Having to reply to the same customer questions repeatedly is an unavoidable part of customer support. With canned responses for customer support, your operators never have to answer the same question again. This live chat software feature not only improves your response time, but also saves the effort on repetitive typing. With canned responses, you create answers to the most common questions once, save them, and reuse during a live chat at any time. Your customers don’t like to wait for you to type an answer – with live chat canned responses, they don’t have to!

  • Never answer the same question again
  • Save most common replies
  • Reduce typing effort
  • Reduce customer wait time

Deliver Consistently Delightful Support

Help operators deliver consistent answers to customers

Miscommunication between operators and customers can occur if the same question gets answered differently. Canned responses in live chat help to eliminate this miscommunication. Provide quality and consistent answers to commonly asked questions by creating a standard canned message. It allows your operators to provide consistent live chat communication to all customers. The feature helps operators to provide quality while giving instant answers efficiently, thus building a delightful experience for customers.

  • Provide consistent live chat communication
  • Provide instant answers
  • Make the experience more delightful
  • Answer all questions efficiently

Manage Multiple Customers

Resolve more questions in less time to boost productivity

canned responses for customer service

Identify and create a standard set of responses for all your frequently asked questions. Create and maintain canned responses examples or templates to improve response time. With a set of templates, your customer support operators can handle more customer questions in less time and manage more chat windows simultaneously. Improve operators’ productivity and also ensure that a standard response is offered to all customers.

  • Save standard responses as templates
  • Improve response time
  • Manage more chats simultaneously
  • Improve team efficiency
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Avoid Typos & Grammatical Errors

Provide perfect responses to your customers

Live chat operators are often in a hurry to type responses while switching from one chat window to another as they handle multiple customers at the same time. When you type, you are prone to making typos. Even if you quickly scan your chats before sending, it’s likely that some typos and grammatical mistakes will still going to slip through. Reduce errors and be more precise with live chat canned responses. This makes your operators look more professional, but builds their confidence.

  • Zero typos
  • No grammatical mistakes
  • Provide perfect responses
  • Boost operator confidence
canned messages


  • "Anything that helps us communicate better with our customers improves our revenue."
    Anything that helps us communicate better with our customers improves our revenue. The bonus feature is that for the international customers for whom English isn’t their first language, ProProfs' automatic translation is an excellent option.
    Charlie Hueni
    Charlie Hueni,

    Vice President, Purchasing & Sales, HorseSaddleShop

  • "With ProProfs Chat, we can communicate with overseas clients who cannot call us."
    One of our favorite features about ProProfs Chat is the ability to access chat history via the user dashboard. This comes in handy when we have clients who return to chat a few days after the original conversation and are unsure of the cruise they were initially inquiring about.
    Mitchell Bank
    Mitchell Bank,

    Founder, MilitaryCruiseDeals

  • "With live chat, our guests know that we are accessible and will take care of their needs."
    Our guests enjoy chatting with us using ProProfs. They often ask about - availability of rooms, amenities provided and breakfast options offered. We also provide a lot of information regarding room decor and special packages. We also provide a lot of information regarding room decor and special packages.
    Carol Tiffany
    Carol Tiffany,

    Owner, Lazy Cloud

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