Capture Qualified Leads

Never miss a sales, support opportunity

Capture leads using ecommerce live chat software

Capture qualified leads in real-time with our live chat software for your eCommerce business. Set offline messages to capture leads in the absence of your operators. Add customized pre-chat form to capture leads before a chat begins. Make use of ready chatbots to automate support and capture leads and auto-push them to your CRM.

  • Use offline messages
  • Add customized pre-chat form
  • Enable Chatbot to capture leads

Engage Prospects Proactively

Engage & improve buyers’ experience with eCommerce live chat software

Improve buyers experience using live chat tool

Offer proactive engagement to your buyers with our live chat for eCommerce stores. Announce the latest sales, discounts, and product updates to visitors landing on your eCommerce store. Use chat greetings to create personalized welcome messages that encourage visitors to have a conversation with you. Create and display engaging product suggestions for your returning website visitors.

  • Announce latest sales & discounts
  • Connect proactively with chat greetings
  • Display recommendations for returning customers

All eCommerce Live Chat Features You Need in One Place

Add live chat to your eCommerce store for better buying experience

  • Announcements

    Display awesome discounts & sales using our live chat software for eCommerce websites.

  • Chatbots

    Capture leads & streamline support queue for different departments with our Chatbot.

  • Visitor Monitoring

    Identify your eCommerce business buyers by tracking visitor activities in real-time & boost sales.

  • Chat Greetings

    Send personalized messages to visitors based ontheir browsing activities on your eCommerce website.

  • Chat Analytics & Reports

    Track how your operators handle inquisitive buyers & whether they answer their questions successfully.

  • Seamless Integrations

    Integrate our live chat for retail with your favorite support, CRM & email marketing tools.

Connect ProProfs with Your Favorite Tools

Create a complete solution for your eCommerce business with ProProfs Chat

Integrate your favorite tools with proprofs live chat

Integrate your favorite tools with ProProfs Chat in minutes. You can create a support bundle by integrating live chat with Knowledge Base, Help Desk, and others for free. Connect popular email marketing tools, such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, and others to create stunning marketing campaigns. You can also integrate it with your favorite CRM to capture leads and store customer details.

  • ProProfs offers everything you need
  • Connect with email marketing tools
  • Capture & store leads to your CRM

Avoid Cart Abandonment with 24x7 Support

Help your eCommerce buyers complete their purchase on the go

Offer 24x7 support to avoid cart abandonment using chat features

Help your eCommerce business avoid cart abandonment by offering 24x7 support to customers with eCommerce live chat software. Display page-related FAQs in the chat widget and answer incoming frequently asked questions. Employ our chatbot feature to capture support requests and route them to the right departments for faster resolution. Use our live chat mobile app & help operators offer anytime, anywhere support.

  • Display related FAQs in the chat widget
  • Enable Chatbot to capture support requests
  • Offer anytime, anywhere support

Custom Chatbot & Workflow

Deliver your ideal experience with full customization

Get hold of powerful customization features that complement your unique brand and help you personalize interactions at scale. With ProProfs Chat, you can customize your chat window, pre-chat forms, customer greetings, notifications, and more. Develop powerful chatbots to boost lead generation and assist customers 24x7. Supercharge your workflows and bring all your data to one place with over 200+ integrations.

  • Customized to your brand
  • Request a custom chatbot
  • 200+ integrations

Create a Seamless Checkout Experience

People buy experience, not just products

Create seamless checkout experience using live chat

Add live chat to your eCommerce store to create a seamless checkout process and experience for your customers. Access the tools to monitor visitor’s browsing patterns and how far they are from finishing their purchase. This will help you identify if they’ve hit a hard spot and connect with them proactively for support. You can also suggest product recommendations via our live chat for eCommerce stores.

  • Monitor visitor browsing patterns
  • Connect with visitors for quick support
  • Suggest better products or deals

Why Use ProProfs Live Chat Software for eCommerce?

Personalize users’ buying experience & boost sales

Offer Round-the-Clock Support
Help your customers get 24x7 support at your eCommerce store with live chat for retail.
Capture & Qualify Leads
Capture market qualified leads for your online store with ProProfs Live Chat for eCommerce.
Monitor Buyers’ Browsing Patterns
Know what your buyers are up to by tracking their real-time activity on your eCommerce store.
Engage Visitors Proactively
Trigger targeted yet personalized proactive messages that encourage buyers to connect with you.
Recommend Products, Offers
Track your buyer’s behavior in the store & offer product recommendations during a chat.
Walk Buyers Through the Sales Funnel
Captivate buyers from get set go & help them browse, get answers, make a purchase, and leave feedback.

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