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10 Best Pure Chat Alternatives in 2024

Best Pure Chat Alternatives

Live chat is a game-changing customer service channel that allows businesses to engage customers in real-time and generate quality leads.

When we talk about live chat tools, Pure Chat is one of the leading brands.

Pure Chat helps thousands of organizations have better conversations with website visitors in the moments that matter most. You can customize your chat widget and turn your website visitors into paid customers.

However, there is more to the story than what meets the eye. 

Thousands of people are searching for the best Pure Chat alternative. People with hands-on experience with the tool claim that it lacks an intuitive interface, free trial, and other essential features. 

With so many options in the market, it can be time-consuming to look at every alternative out there. To save your valuable time and energy, we have listed a set of 10 live chat solutions that can serve as the perfect alternative to Pure Chat.

Pure Chat Alternatives Features & Price Table

Tools Features Pricing
  • ProProfs Chat
  • Build chatbots to grow leads
  • Welcome visitors with personalized greetings
  • Automate messages to reduce cart abandonment
  • Customize your live chat widget
  • Initiate proactive chats and track visitors
    • Trial Plan: $0/15 days
    • Essentials Plan: $20/user/mon
    • Premium Plan: $60/user/mon
    • Business Plan: Request a custom quote
    • LiveChat
    • Automate incoming requests with the chatbot feature
    • Transfer chats to the right department
    • Customize your chat with multiple options
    • Receive in-depth stats on agent performance
    • Receive 200+integrations to improve functionality
      • Starts from $16/month
      • Jivo Chat
      • Track visitor location and click source
      • Anticipate customer queries before they hit send
      • Respond faster with canned responses
      • Transfer chats to the relevant operators
      • Translate chats into 90+ languages
        • Starts from $19/month
        • LiveAgent
        • Track website visitors in real-time
        • Reduce the bounce rate with proactive chat invitations
        • Improve response times by viewing typed messages in real-time
        • Collaborate with team members
        • Customize the look and feel of the chat widget
          • Starts from $29/month
          • Intercom
          • Offer relevant help articles
          • Deliver proactive support
          • Create compelling product walkthroughs
          • Capture offline messages
          • Integrate with 300+ apps
            • Get in touch with Intercom for a quote
            • Tawk.to
            • Resolve queries with co-browsing features
            • Get access to 1880+ emojis
            • Receive detailed reports on operators
            • Maintain an unlimited history of customer conversations
            • Transfer files to different customers
              • It is free
              • Tidio
              • Reduce cart abandonment with specific bots
              • Get complete flexibility to design your chat widget
              • Stay in touch with customers with the mobile app
              • Create quick responses to reduce response times
              • View the messages customers type in real-time
                • Starts from $49/month
                • Crisp
                • Target messages to engage customers on key pages
                • Offer co-browsing options to your clients
                • Set up video calls with prospects
                • Stay in touch with customers using the mobile app
                • Monitor chatbot performance with report and analytics
                  • Starts from $25/month
                  • Drift
                  • Automate support with chatbots
                  • Schedule callbacks by syncing your calendar
                  • Monitor operator performance with reports and analytics
                  • Streamline booking for prospects
                  • Direct target accounts to sales with ABM
                    • Get in touch with Drift for a quote
                    • Userlike
                    • Forward chats to an operator and offer context
                    • Leverage previous data to create customer profiles
                    • Capture chat ratings and feedback
                    • Create pre-chat and post-chat surveys
                    • Resolve queries with proactive chat options
                      • Starts from $90/month

                      What Is Pure Chat?

                      Pure Chat is a comprehensive live chat tool that allows you to track your visitors and offer them real-time support. It is an ideal choice for a Small Medium Business (SMB). The tool offers multiple personalization features, which make it ideal for customizing it in line with your brand’s aesthetic.

                      Pure Chat comes loaded with some essential features like real-time analytics, visitor tracking, SMS notifications, etc. to allow businesses to engage with their customers. However, it has some minor drawbacks which we will cover in the next section.

                      Why Look for a Pure Chat Alternative?

                      Although, Pure Chat is a popular tool, many users are looking for an alternative to it because it has some drawbacks. Let’s explore some of its drawbacks in detail:

                      1. No Freemium Model

                      Earlier, Pure Chat users had access to a free plan, until the chat service was acquired by Ruby. While, you do get a free trial of 30-days, you need to pay for the service to start using it. For this reason, alternatives with a free plan become a good choice.

                      2. Customization Options are Limited

                      With Pure Chat, you don’t get themes to choose from. Although you can customize the color, text, and images, it still feels limited. Also, there is no provision for adding CSS to customize your chat widget.

                      3. Lack of Multi-Lingual Support

                      While separate chat widgets supporting different languages can be created, they lack some features. For instance, you cannot trigger these widgets based on geographic location or browser location. Also, your dashboard is only available in English.

                      The Features to Look for in Pure Chat Alternatives

                      Now that we are familiar with the drawbacks of Pure Chat, let’s move on to the essential features of Pure Chat alternatives. Here’s what you should look for:

                      1. Attractive User Interface that is Easy-to-Use

                      When businesses work on a customer support tool, it is important for them to feel at ease with it. A good UI takes into account the customer journey and focuses on building user engagement. After all, the aim is to make the experience with the software simple and effective. 

                      The color schemes, fonts, type sets, images, etc. have a close association with how comfortable users will feel using the software.

                      2. Secure File Transfer Options for Adding Attachments

                      While connecting with live chat operators, customers might ask for essential information on chat. These items can range from product guides to sign-up documents. Operators can use file-sharing options to transfer these documents.

                      Also, file transferring options help when a customer faces a complex issue. Once the live chat operator approves the file transfer, the customer can send a screenshot of what they are facing.

                      3. Proactive Chat Greetings to Engage Customers

                      Suppose, a customer is purchasing a garment. They might have questions related to size, color, design, etc. When they are browsing products, they will need your help to figure out the right choice. 

                      With a chat greeting, you can take a proactive approach to help them. By sending a message like “Too many choices? Why not chat with us?”, you can encourage them to chat with you. 

                      4. Free Trial for Businesses to Learn the Basics

                      Many of the live chat software on our list offer a free trial. There is a good reason for that. A live chat solution can quickly get complicated for some end-users. A free trial allows them to learn how to navigate themselves through the various features and settings.

                      Our Selection Criteria for Pure Chat Alternatives

                      In this section, we will discuss the criteria for choosing the right live chat solution alternative. Here are the criteria we based the list on:

                      1. Pricing

                      When it comes down to pricing, try looking at affordable live chat solutions that come at flexible price points. It will help you avoid heavy upfront investments and reduce costs for your business. After all, the most expensive live chat solution isn’t always the best suited for your business both financially and functionally.

                      2. Customer Ratings

                      The opinion of customers is central to picking out the best chat tools. Customer ratings are a great indicator of how well a solution works. Brand perception and customer experience become two key factors in making the right choice.

                      3. Customer Reviews

                      Customer reviews help you get the full picture of using a live chat solution. When picking our list of Pure Chat alternatives, we focused on customer reviews because it gives us perspective on the customer experience. You can learn more about a tool by reading both positive and negative reviews. 

                      4. 24×7 Customer Support

                      Slow or unresponsive customer support can bring your support processes to a halt. Round-the-clock support allows you to resolve any issues at any time. Thus, your business can keep its live chat option up and running. 

                      10 Best Pure Chat Alternatives

                      Since we know Pure Chat has some major drawbacks, it might not be the best option for some users. If you are one of them, then read on to view our list of alternatives.

                      1. ProProfs Chat

                      proprofs chat is best alternative to pure chat alternative

                      ProProfs Chat is a powerful chat tool that allows you to engage visitors and grow leads. It has features like canned responses, chat greetings, and announcements. What’s more, with this tool, you can develop powerful chatbots to resolve queries instantly and delight customers round the clock.

                      For lead generation, it allows you to create pre-chat forms that have customizable fields. Furthermore, you get a host of chatbot templates to simplify chatbot building. When it comes to Pure Chat V/s ProProfs Chat, there is no doubt that our solution is packed with features and comes at the right cost.

                      Features of ProProfs Chat:

                      • Build chatbots to grow leads.
                      • Welcome visitors with personalized greetings.
                      • Automate messages to reduce cart abandonment.
                      • Customize your live chat widget.
                      • Integrate with a knowledge base to serve help articles.


                      • Trial Plan: $0/15 days
                      • Starts at $20/month

                      Choose it for: Lead generation, chat greetings, and bot-building

                      3rd Party Integrations allowed: Yes

                      Suited for:  Small, Medium, and Large Businesses


                      • They have great customer service that is available 24×7.
                      • The tool has great reporting and analytics capabilities.


                      • It needs more chatbot templates that are industry-specific. 
                      • It needs more social media integrations for offering omnichannel support.

                      Case Study

                      Horse Saddle Shop is USA’s leading Saddler that has sold thousands of saddles in over 60 countries. The company wanted to find ways to open communication channels for customers. Most of its customers preferred to chat when it came to finding a saddle fitting for their horses and riding style. 

                      Using ProProfs Chat, they were able to communicate with customers who preferred not to use the phone. Also, it helped generate immense revenue as they could communicate with customers effectively. Being open to queries 24×7 helped improve the customer experience.

                      2. LiveChat

                      livechat- pure chat alternative

                      LiveChat is one of our top choices on this list. Here’s why! When you explore the tool, you will find a plethora of features. LiveChat is a smart customer service tool that can help you improve the quality of customer communications. 

                      With advanced features like eye-catchers, chat routing, and targeted messages, you can engage customers instantly. Moreover, you can capture customer conversation from social media, SMS, Apple Messages, etc., making it easier for your team to offer omnichannel support

                      Features of LiveChat:


                      Starts at $16/month

                      Choose it for: Targeted messages, bot building, and omnichannel support

                      3rd Party Integrations allowed: Yes

                      Suited for: Small, Medium, and Large Businesses


                      • They have multiple chatbot templates which makes building a chatbot much easier.
                      • It is easy to communicate with sales prospects from your social media accounts.


                      • LiveChat has some issues of lagging on websites. This can bring down your page loading time significantly.
                      • We wish features like work scheduler were added in the basic plan.

                      Case Study:

                      Sephora is a personal care and beauty products brand that is known for delivering personalized customer experiences. Most of all, they wanted a way to offer a tailored experience to online customers. With LiveChat, they found that the interface was intuitive and quite easy to use. 

                      Also, it had robust analytics features perfect for optimizing its strategies. LiveChat allowed them to offer a delightful online shopping experience to users. They were able to increase sales and encourage customers to interact with the brand during subsequent lockdowns. 

                      3. JivoChat

                      jivo chat is another pure chat competitor

                      If you are looking for Pure Chat alternatives, then you have come to the right spot. JivoChat is a complete and comprehensive messaging solution perfect for SMBs. 

                      It has affordable pricing plans and comes packed with robust features to help you engage with your customers. You can enhance the productivity of your live chat operators with color-coded chats, canned responses, message peeks, and hotkeys. 

                      JivoChat allows you to connect with users with relevant information brought to you straight from the CRM. You can view their location and translate chats into 90+ languages. What’s more, they have a free plan which makes it a great Pure Chat free alternative.

                      Features of JivoChat:

                      • Track visitor location and click source.
                      • Share files with customers to speed up support.
                      • Respond faster with canned responses and hotkeys.
                      • Transfer chats to the relevant operators.
                      • Translate chats into 90+ supported languages.


                      Starts at $19/month

                      Choose it for: Multilingual support, visitor tracking, and productivity features

                      3rd Party Integrations allowed: Yes

                      Suited for: Small and Medium Businesses


                      • It offers a complete free forever plan that can be beneficial for upcoming businesses.
                      • It to is easy train new agents on it.


                      • UI is somewhat plain and dated.
                      • It doesn’t allow you to add auto-message. 

                      Case Study

                      Armyoriginal is a Slovakian e-Commerce store that wanted the digital experience to be made more seamless for its online customers. They sell clothing, apparel, and accessories for tactical sports. It can be hard to choose the right gear from an online store. 

                      Using JivoChat, they were able to guide customers by answering any questions or doubts they had. They could use JivoChat’s file-sharing option to resolve queries related to fabric and fit. 

                      4. LiveAgent

                      live agent is a good replacement for pure chat

                      With LiveAgent, you get a responsive live chat widget that gives each PureChat competitor on this list a run for its money. In fact, you can use this tool to streamline your conversational marketing to help retain customers and grow leads for your business.

                      With features like proactive chat invitations, you can engage with customers directly on your website. You can even direct customer queries to the right department with smart chat routing. LiveAgent allows you to collaborate with team members by sharing files with them.

                      Features of LiveAgent:

                      • Track website visitors in real-time with Google Analytics.
                      • Reduce the bounce rate with proactive chat invitations.
                      • Anticipate messages and reduce response times effectively.
                      • Collaborate with team members through file-sharing options.
                      • Customize the look and feel of the chat widget.


                      Starts at $29/month

                      Choose it for: collaborative features, customization options, and visitor-tracking

                      3rd Party Integrations allowed: Yes

                      Suited for: Small and Medium Businesses


                      • LiveAgent offers great bundles for a ticketing system cum live chat option in various pricing plans.
                      • It is affordable and it has customizable live chat widgets.


                      • While the tool has a spam filter, it isn’t entirely accurate.
                      • The mobile app needs redesigning and the UI is outdated.

                      Case Study

                      Not available

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                      5. Intercom

                      Intercom is similar alternative to pure chat

                      Intercom is one of the leading customer support tools that helps your business keep visitors engaged through proactive support. It offers features like outbound messages, product tours, and allows you to connect with mobile users instantly. 

                      With Intercom, you can create conversational support funnels using its online resources and guides. With this tool, you can develop powerful chatbots with numerous chatbot templates. It allows you to leverage customer data to create audience segments for a more personalized touch. 

                      Features of Intercom:

                      • Offer relevant help articles from your knowledge base.
                      • Deliver proactive support with outbound messages, product tours, etc.
                      • Create compelling product tours for interested customers.
                      • Create audience segments and run A/B tests through bots.
                      • Integrate with over 300 apps to offer a complete support experience.


                      Get in touch with the company for a quote

                      Choose it for: target messages, app integrations, audience segmentation, and proactive support features

                      3rd Party Integrations allowed: Yes

                      Suited for: Medium and Large Businesses


                      • You can leverage your customer data for audience segmentation. 
                      • You can run A/B bots on your various audience segments. 


                      • Their customer service is unreliable.
                      • The tracking of performance is inconsistent.

                      Case Study:

                      Envoy is a visitor management solution that helps eliminate paper sign-ins and replaces them with iPad-based sign-in experiences. The brand is using Intercom to drive sales growth. Intercom helps them grow leads, qualify, and direct them to Envoy’s sales team for nurturing.

                      Earlier, they weren’t able to track chats and create marketing campaigns. With Intercom, they could simplify lead qualification and gain intelligence on their leads. With 33% of Envoy’s leads coming from the chat tool, they can now make changes to the lead qualification process.

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                      6. Tawk.to

                      tawk.to is the best free alternative to purechat

                      Tawk.to is a great tool that offers a secure communication channel between businesses and customers. It is completely free which makes it a reliable free Pure Chat alternative. You can track your visitors in real-time and get a complete view of their journey.

                      Get started by copying a line of code and pasting it into your HTML. Tawk.to has a robust chat translator that supports over 45 languages. It has a mobile app that allows you to engage with users on the go. 

                      Features of Tawk.to:

                      • Resolve queries with co-browsing features.
                      • Get access to 1880+ emojis for organic conversations.
                      • Receive reports and analytics on chat and operator performance
                      • Maintain an unlimited history of customer conversations
                      • Transfer files like product guides, documents, etc., to different customers 


                      Free for all users

                      Choose it for: reporting and analytics, file transfer, simple set-up, and multilingual support

                      3rd Party Integrations allowed: Yes

                      Suited for: Small businesses


                      • For a free tool, it is great to have file transfer options. 
                      • Its chat translator can be really helpful.


                      • You need to pay a small fee to remove the proprietary branding from the chat box.
                      • It would be better to have more alerting notification options so that we wouldn’t miss them.

                      Case Study:

                      Grafico is an art design studio that specializes in automobiles, interiors, and signage. Due to the lockdown, physical stores were rendered closed. Therefore, the challenge of connecting with customers and making conversions loomed over their shoulders. 

                      With Tawk.to, the brand was able to convince customers to try their services and resolve any queries they received. Also, with access to previous customer data and conversations, they could understand their clients better. 

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                      7. Tidio

                      tidio chat is the best alternative to pure chat

                      With Tidio, you can communicate with customers promptly and engage with them in real-time. By reducing the response time through features like live typing, quick response, etc., you can make sure your clients leave with a delightful support experience.

                      Moreover, your operators can easily view the pages your visitors have checked and their names too. Thus, you can understand visitor behavior better. So, no matter where you are, Tidio’s mobile app helps you stay close to your customers.

                      Features of Tidio:

                      • Reduce cart abandonment with Abandon Cart bots.
                      • Get complete flexibility to design your chat widget.
                      • Stay in touch with customers with the mobile app.
                      • Create quick responses to reduce response times.
                      • View the messages customers type in real-time.


                      Starts at $49/month

                      Choose it for: mobile app, real-time engagement, visitor tracking, and chatbots

                      3rd Party Integrations allowed: Yes

                      Suited for: Small, Medium, and Large Businesses


                      • They have a free plan and a support team that is highly accessible.
                      • Tidio has a useful Android app that comes in handy when your laptop isn’t working.


                      • The reporting features need further work.
                      • The Tidio bot builder isn’t very intuitive.

                      Case Study

                      Wicklewood is a UK-based home decor brand that specializes in creating decor items that are easy to move. So, whenever you switch locations, you can take advantage of the enhanced mobility of their products. With Tidio, they could make the shift from retail to an online store.

                      Tidio live chat allowed them to personalize the customer experience and qualify leads. First of all, Wicklewood’s pieces are made-to-order and they take weeks to arrive. So, customers needed design advice to help them find pieces that fit their home space.

                      Customers could send a note asking the brand for advice. But they had to enter their name and email address. As a result, Wicklewood could generate leads too and offer advice.

                      8. Crisp

                      Crisp is one of the best pure chat alternative tool

                      Crisp is a live chat tool that is packed with features and is one of the easiest to use on this list. You can guide customers through complex support queries with video calling, co-browsing, etc. With targeted messages, you can take a proactive approach in your conversational marketing strategy.

                      Crisp integrates with third-party messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, Email, Instagram, etc. You can build advanced chatbot scenarios to streamline onboarding for your customers. This live chat software allows you to share emojis and GIFs in the conversation.

                      Features of Crisp


                      Starts at $25/month

                      Choose it for: social media integrations, co-browsing, video-calling, and chatbot scenarios

                      3rd Party Integrations allowed: Yes

                      Suited for: Small, Medium, and Large Businesses


                      • They offer prompt and helpful customer support.
                      • Customers can play Crispy Bird while waiting on an operator’s response!.


                      • Sometimes, a chat can be opened by accident. There isn’t an option to mark these chats as unread or to reverse the action.
                      • It would help if the review a customer left was tied to the operator they interacted with. Right now, it is tied to the last person who talked to a customer.

                      Case Study: Not available

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                      9. Drift

                      Drift is a feature-rich chat solution that allows you to connect with customers and build trust. It has amazing features for proactive support allowing you to intercept customers at the right time. You can create chatbots to send greetings and deliver relevant conversations. 

                      Drift allows your sales team to collate all information related to the customer in what is known as the Deal Room. It includes checklists, meetings, previous conversations, etc. This allows you to shorten the sales cycle as customers can reach out to you or you can start conversing first. Features of Drift:

                      • Collect all sales-related information into the Deal Room
                      • Schedule meetings by syncing your calendar with Drift Meetings
                      • Monitor operator performance with robust reports and analytics
                      • Create checklists for dealing with potential customers.
                      • Direct target accounts to sales through ABM programs.


                      Get in touch with the company for a quote.

                      Choose it for: sales support, chatbot building, reports and analytics, and booking meetings

                      3rd Party Integrations allowed: Yes

                      Suited for: Large Businesses


                      • You can create personalized content experiences for existing customers with ABM programs. 
                      • Drift Meetings allows you to book meetings with prospective customers after the conversation closes. 


                      • While adding team members, it won’t save at times. It means having to start all over again. 
                      • The pricing for the platform is expensive.

                      Case Study: Not available

                      10. Userlike

                      Userlike is best purechat alternative

                      Userlike is another impactful entry in this list as it allows you to deliver personalized experiences at scale. With this tool, you can connect with customers on the channel they prefer. Prospects can choose the department they want with pre-chat surveys.

                      You can proactively connect with customers at the right time to ensure they have a memorable website experience. When forwarding chats to other operators in the team, you can add the context with it. Also, you can customize your chat window’s design to reflect your brand’s style.

                      Features of Userlike:

                      • Forward chats to an operator and offer context with it.
                      • Leverage previous data to create detailed customer profiles.
                      • Capture chat ratings and feedback to improve your support.
                      • Create pre-chat surveys to connect users with the relevant department.
                      • Resolve queries with proactive chat options.


                      Starts at $90/month

                      Choose it for: customization features, pre-chat surveys, customer profiling, and integrations

                      3rd Party Integrations allowed: Yes

                      Suited for: Small, Medium, and Large Businesses


                      • Transferring chats is easy with the round-robin system. 
                      • Visitors can connect with the department of their choice instead of waiting to be routed. 


                      • The premium plans of Userlike are quite expensive.
                      • You can’t drop down a line in Userlike. Instead, you need to write them in a doc and copy it.

                      Case Study:

                      If you have ever looked for statistics online, then Statista must have been the first place. Before 2015, the popular international statistics portal relied on traditional service channels like telephone, fax, and email. With Userlike, they could add another crucial channel to their list.

                      Userlike allowed the portal to focus on improving customer interactions. The results were instant! Response times were reduced from hours to mere minutes. They could answer 25% more support requests as more visitors started using their live chat option.

                      Also, live chat allowed them to identify upselling opportunities. With 10% of all customer inquiries leading to a purchase of their high-end corporate products, Statista had made a breakthrough in their business.

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                      Comparison of the Top Pure ChatAlternatives

                      Product Chatbots Announcements Proactive Messaging Automatic Routing Multi-lingual support
                      ProProfs Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
                      LiveChat Yes No Yes Yes Yes
                      Jivo Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
                      LiveAgent No Yes Yes Yes Yes
                      Intercom Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
                      Tawk.to No No No No Yes
                      Tidio Yes No No Yes No
                      Crisp Yes No Yes Yes Yes
                      Drift Yes Yes Yes No No
                      Userlike Yes No Yes Yes Yes

                      Final Verdict: Which Pure Chat Alternative Should You Go For?

                      Pure Chat is one of the leading live chat solutions on the market that allows you to:

                      • View previous chat transcripts.
                      • Connect with prospects visiting your website.
                      • Engage with customers in real-time.
                      • Set up canned responses for routine queries.

                      Despite its many benefits, it has its downsides such as a lack of a free plan, absence of multi-lingual support, etc., which compels users to search for a Pure Chat alternative. Therefore, we have scanned through multiple software review platforms before coming up with this comparison blog. All these tools have an array of features and are highly trusted by users.

                      If you are looking to offer self-service with chatbots, then ProProfs Chat is an option you can look at. If you want to run A/B tests, then Intercom is a tool you can try. For better productivity, you can go with Jivo Chat, as it offers color-coded chats, canned responses, and other features.

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