Automatically Route Chats Between Operators

Distribute incoming chats evenly among operators for improved efficiency

live chat routing

Chat routing feature helps you to prioritize and route incoming chats to the right operators based on rules and conditions that are easy to set up. Chats can be automatically routed to operators currently handling the least amount of chats or they can go to a queue from which operators can pick them up. This ensures that the chat workload is evenly distributed among operators so they can operate with maximum efficiency. Free up support managers from having to keep a manual tab on the number of chats being handled by an operator. With chat routing you can avoid operator burnout from handling excessive chats and provide a delightful support experience to your visitors.

  • Prioritize and route incoming chats
  • Set up rules and conditions easily
  • Prevent operator burnout due to uneven chat distribution
  • Provide delightful support experience to visitors

Connect Visitors to The Right Department

Distribute chats from a specific group only to operators within that group

chat route

Automatically assign incoming chats to operators in a group (like sales, support or billing) based on their job functions. Free up your team members’ bandwidth by not having them conduct frequent checks to pick up pending conversations from a queue. Chats are distributed from a specific group only to operators within that group. If you have enabled manual chat selection, then only the operators from a specific group will receive a new chat notification for that group. When needed, ProProfs Chat still allows you to transfer chats from one group or department to another.

  • Assign chats according to groups
  • Free up your support teams’ bandwidth
  • Chats within a group are hidden from other groups
  • Chats can still be transferred between groups

Respond to Incoming Chats Instantly

No waiting in line for phone support or for emails that arrive after 24 hours

round robin routing

Customers need instant responses and while live chat addresses that need, automatic chat routing takes it a step further. Your website visitors are assigned to the least busy chat operator the moment they fill up the pre chat form. Intelligent routing algorithm uses visitor keywords to determine the best operator or expert to connect with the right customers. With ProProfs Live Chat, you can also allow your website customers to chat with their dedicated account managers, if they have been assigned one, the moment they log into your website. ProProfs Chat remembers the last visitor login so they do not have to send the same information next time and can instantly connect with an operator.

  • Provide instant response to website visitors
  • Attend to every customer's queries
  • Automatically connect users to dedicated account managers
  • Visitors do not have to enter personal details every time

Set Up Custom Routing Based on Visitor Attributes

Create the best support experience possible for your website visitors

ProProfs route visitor chats

ProProfs Chat allows you to set up advance conditions and custom rules based on visitor attributes like location, time of the day, message text, and accordingly route them to the most appropriate operators or groups. Cutting edge features let you auto-assign incoming chats to the right groups and operators based on visitor’s history or keywords, and even allow assignment rules to take precedence over the default channel-group mapping. Use these advanced features to create the best support experience possible for your users.

  • Advanced features for complete control
  • Configure routing rules that exactly match your needs
  • Use keywords and operator history for chat routing
  • Give your users the most delightful chat experience


  • Everyone should give it a try!
    I love ProProfs user experience. The interface is easy to use yet packed with powerful settings.
    Daniel Stein
    Professor Daniel Stein,

    Director of Technology Initiatives, Touro College

  • Excellent Customer Service!
    ProProfs support is one of the best I have experienced. They truly care about their customers and deliver resolutions fast.
    Bill Wisell
    Bill Wisell,

    Health Licensing Coordinator, Nebraska Department of Human and Health Services

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