What Is GoTo Meeting & ProProfs Chat Integration?

GoTo Meeting & ProProfs Chat Integration?

GoTo Meeting and ProProfs Chat integration enables the screen sharing option during an ongoing chat session. Operators can explain a specific feature or access customers' desktops to troubleshoot issues faster. All virtual meet sessions are recorded and available through the chat transcripts, while also allowing operators to maintain privacy with the ability to pause and resume their shared screens, avoiding revealing confidential data to customers.

Why Integrate GoTo Meeting With ProProfs Chat?

Offer Personalized Product Demos

GoTo Meeting integration can help operators share their screens and offer in-depth product demos and walkthroughs. This can guide customers through how different features work, enhancing the onboarding experience and giving them a better understanding of the product.

Make Video/Audio Calls

Enhance the power of live chat with high-quality video and audio calls. Start a co-browsing session instantly to address complex issues faster. Audio & video sessions allow operators to understand the customer's tone and emotions, leading to meaningful conversations.

Record Sessions for Quality Control

GoTo Meeting Integration with live chat also lets operators record their GoTo Meeting sessions. They can download and study them later for quality monitoring and improvement. It’s also a great way to train your new employees effectively.

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