Reach Visitors After Chat

Gather visitor feedback using Live Chat

NPS survey feedback

Reaching out to your visitors after every chat session and understanding their overall experience has become simple with the use of NPS feedback questions. ProProfs Chat helps you to review the visitor experience by using NPS questions as post-chat survey or send them via mail. The loyalty metric assists you to gather feedback after they rate their experience on the scale of 0-10. Easily understand why your promoters love your service and accordingly work towards making your services better.

  • Understand customer experience with NPS
  • Gather complex feedback to improve your service
  • Know what promoters think of you

Measure Brand Loyalty

Easily understand factors that lead to customer satisfaction

nps with live chat

ProProfs Chat with the use of NPS feedback allows you to separate customers according to brand loyalty easily. Their in-depth feedback helps you understand the key drivers that increased number of promoters in comparison to passives and detractors. Easily reach out to your promoters and make them your brand ambassadors.

  • Easily sort customers by loyalty
  • Understand the key drivers for loyal customers
  • Reach promoters to make them brand ambassadors

Improve Customer Support

Know what customers are missing using NPS feedback

Improving your customer support service becomes simpler with the use of NPS feedback. The loyalty metric allows you to track your operator’s performance and help them work towards improving their services and attain better satisfaction rate. Besides improving your services, the feedback also helps you work towards improving your products according to the needs of the customers.

  • Track your support operator's performance
  • Measure service metrics
  • Work towards making your service better

Identify Detractors & Reduce Churn

Prevent detractors from leaving by working on their feedback

Using NPS feedback form after every chat session, you can identify and retain detractors easily. The detailed feedback helps you understand the visitors’ pain points and work on the improvement process of the product accordingly. Such detailed process helps you reduce the risk of leaving customers and convert them into promoters who become loyal to your brand..

  • Identify detractor's pain points
  • Work on improving your product
  • Convert detractors into promoters
identify promoters & detractors


  • Everyone should give it a try!
    I love ProProfs user experience. The interface is easy to use yet packed with powerful settings.
    Daniel Stein
    Professor Daniel Stein,

    Director of Technology Initiatives, Touro College

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    ProProfs support is one of the best I have experienced. They truly care about their customers and deliver resolutions fast.
    Bill Wisell
    Bill Wisell,

    Health Licensing Coordinator, Nebraska Department of Human and Health Services

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