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Track chat ratings, measure chatbot & operator performance

  • Track activity metrics
  • All-in-one performance reports
  • Access visitor report
  • Improve support process
  • Track ticket response metrics
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Track Activity Metrics via Chat Dashboard

Get an overview of how your sales & support teams are managing incoming chats

ProProfs Chat allows you to get a complete overview of how your operators perform and manage incoming chats in real-time. Our chat dashboard will help you track activity metrics like average ratings, total chats accepted, total chats missed, and more. You can also track total chat duration and average response time for all the chats.

  • Track operator ratings
  • Total number of chats accepted
  • Total number of chats missed
  • Average response time
 proprofs live chat reports

All-in-One Performance Reports

Assess the performance of your operators, chatbot, greetings & announcements

Monitor your operators' efficiency by tracking their active hours, login hours, and hours spent giving support. You can also track whether your visitors found announcements and chat greetings engaging by monitoring the number of clicks they received. Chatbot reports offer insights into its performance and its success at engaging visitors proactively.

  • Track active & login hours
  • Monitor operational hours
  • Track engagement on announcements
  • Monitor overall chatbot engagement

Easy Access to Visitor Report

Monitor traffic improvement in real-time

Monitor website traffic improvement with elaborate visual reports and analytics. The same report allows you to see the total number of monthly site visits. Track chat transcripts to identify reasons for visitors to land on your website. You can also track missed chats to learn how many visitors waited in a queue to get support from your team.

  • Track website traffic growth
  • Monitor total visits in a month
  • Monitor chat transcripts
  • Total number of queued visitors
Monitor Traffic Reports in Real-time with ProProfs Chat

Improve Support Process

Upgrade the support process & operator's performance with report tracking

The full live chat analytics report helps you efficiently improve and measure your operators’ performance and support process. As an admin, you can track whether the site visitors were satisfied with the support they received. With access to smart reports, you can help your operators reduce their response time. Plus, you can easily predict whether you are short on operators and need to hire more.

  • Chat satisfaction level
  • Response time
  • Staffing prediction
  • Measure operator performance

Track Ticket Response Metrics

Monitor how quick your operators are at resolving chat tickets

The chat software helps you keep track of new incoming chat tickets in case chats were missed by operators. It also lets you monitor metrics like average response time that an operator takes to respond to all their tickets, average ticket resolution time, and more.

  • Track new incoming tickets
  • Monitor average response times
  • Track how many tickets were resolved
  • Monitor average ticket resolution time
track ticket response metrics
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All the Features & Benefits You Need in One Place


Build chatbots that grow leads & sales, book appointments & automate support.

Automated Greetings
Automated Greetings

Delight your website visitors with personalized live chat greetings.

Canned Responses
Canned Responses

Create answers to the most common questions once and reuse during a live chat at any time.

Proactive Chat Invitation
Proactive Chat Invitation

Automate chats to shoppers at the right time and minimize events like shopping cart abandonment.

Intelligent Chat Routing
Intelligent Chat Routing

Free up support managers from having to keep a tab on the workload with a chat operator.


Free up support managers from having to keep a tab on the workload with a chat operator.

Visitor Tracking
Visitor Tracking

Assist your website visitors by initiating a chat proactively and sending targeted messages.

Post-Chat Survey
Post-Chat Survey

Track post chat CSAT and identify areas where your support service can be improved.

Safe and Secure
Safe & Secure

SSL encryption. High uptime & reliability powered by servers hosted with Softlayer (IBM) in the USA.

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  • "Anything that helps us communicate better with our customers improves our revenue."
    Anything that helps us communicate better with our customers improves our revenue. The bonus feature is that for the international customers for whom English isn’t their first language, ProProfs' automatic translation is an excellent option.
    Charlie Hueni
    Charlie Hueni,

    Vice President, Purchasing & Sales, HorseSaddleShop

  • "With ProProfs Chat, we can communicate with overseas clients who cannot call us."
    One of our favorite features about ProProfs Chat is the ability to access chat history via the user dashboard. This comes in handy when we have clients who return to chat a few days after the original conversation and are unsure of the cruise they were initially inquiring about.
    Mitchell Bank
    Mitchell Bank,

    Founder, MilitaryCruiseDeals

  • "With live chat, our guests know that we are accessible and will take care of their needs."
    Our guests enjoy chatting with us using ProProfs. They often ask about - availability of rooms, amenities provided and breakfast options offered. We also provide a lot of information regarding room decor and special packages. We also provide a lot of information regarding room decor and special packages.
    Carol Tiffany
    Carol Tiffany,

    Owner, Lazy Cloud

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