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ProProfs mobile chat app allows your operators to reach your visitors instantly, therefore building a delightful customer experience efficiently. With the live chat app for iOS and Android devices, you don’t have to worry about missing your potential leads as it allows your operators to initiate a chat no matter where they are. Not only will it help to boost your sales but also improve customer satisfaction rate.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Reach your visitors instantly
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Initiate a chat anytime, anywhere
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Provide delightful help on the go

Nurture your leads

Track your visitors and initiate a chat

Easily retain your leads with ProProfs Chat. The chat application for mobile allows monitoring your visitors’ behavior in real time. Operators can track details like your visitors geographical location, their IP address, overall time spent on your web pages and currently which page are they on. By understanding the visitor behavior, your operators can initiate a personalized chat that targets their pain points or queries related to the specific product page theirs on.

Chat With Multiple Visitors

Manage more visitors at the same time
chat application for mobile

ProProfs chat application for mobile allows your operators to manage multiple chats at the same time, therefore helping you retain more leads and walk them through the sales funnel. Operators can use the already created canned responses to speed up their response time and keep them engaged with the brand for long. In case there are too many incoming visitor queries at the same time, your operators can route them to other operators online that helps them to maintain the quality of the conversation throughout the chat.

Easily Monitor Ongoing Chats

Monitor which operator is working on which chat

ProProfs live chat app for mobile allows you and your operators to monitor other chats in real time. Learn which operator is managing which chat and closely monitor the direction of the conversation so you can intervene in case the visitors ask for in-depth knowledge of your products and services. Easily maintain the quality of your chats by joining your operators and helping them during a technical query. Also, monitor how your operators perform in individual chats and train them accordingly so your visitors gain a delightful support experience at all times.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Supervise chats in real time
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Join an operator’s chat during a technical query
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Monitor how your operators are performing
live chat app for mobile
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