After adding ProProfs Chat, I saw a significant reduction in phone calls and email inquiries

Dr. Gary Tryzbiak
Dr. Gary Tryzbiak
President, Colorado Theological Seminary

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Colorado Theological Seminary is a post-secondary Christian education institution that aims to make a significant contribution to the world by providing high-quality and biblically sound knowledge of Christ through the instruction of qualified teachers and mentors. Established in 1999, CTS prepares men and women for ministry worldwide by offering accessible online courses and programs that cater to students' various meeting requirements. Accredited by the DEAC and partnered with various organizations, CTS provides high-quality education that meets high standards of quality and excellence.


Colorado Theological Seminary found that many prospective and current students weren't navigating the website to find the information they needed, and the CTS team didn't have the bandwidth and resources to answer all their calls and queries. Gary wanted a chat tool that allowed him to add FAQs within the chat window so that CTS students can find self-help before they initiated a chat or phoned their support center.


CTS added ProProfs Chat to their website to create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for prospective and current students. This FAQ page addressed common queries related to admission, tuition, billing, and other relevant topics. ProProfs Chat also provided a dedicated page for current students who didn't regularly navigate the website.



After implementing ProProfs Chat, CTS saw a significant reduction in phone calls and email inquiries. The FAQ page created using ProProfs Chat saved Gary and his staff time and resources by addressing common queries. The chat feature also helped connect with prospective students and answer their questions promptly, resulting in more students and graduates than before. The implementation of ProProfs Chat proved to be a convenient and effective solution for the school and its students.

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