Install ProProfs Live Chat on your Shopify store to generate qualified leads, increase website engagement, identify upsell opportunities, & boost sales.

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How ProProfs Live Chat & Shopify Integration Works?

ProProfs Live Chat for your Shopify store is a customer support and sales extension that you can add to capture leads, engage visitors and boost sales for your eCommerce business.

As you add live chat to your Shopify store, you help your operators to connect instantly with website visitors, offer the right product recommendation in real time and efficiently close more sales.

What’s more, the Shopify live chat app helps operators closely monitor visitor activities on the website, identify upsell opportunities and increase customer retention.

Features & Benefits of ProProfs Live Chat & Shopify Integration
  • Resolve Customer Queries With Proactive Chats

    Convert your website visitors into delighted customers by triggering conversations proactively. The integration allows your support team to know what your visitors want, which helps them provide customized support and boost brand loyalty.

  • Walk Visitors Through the Sales Funnel

    The average cart abandonment rate is 67.91% - and most of it is due to the lack of support during those crucial decision-making moments. The live chat for Shopify integration allows you to monitor visitors' browsing behavior and initiate a conversation with them and help them make the right buying decision. This can help you boost conversions by up to 200%.

  • Capture Leads With Pre-Chat Survey

    Gathering visitor information, such as their name, email, phone, etc. and storing the same as potential leads become a breeze with ProProfs Chat and Shopify combined. Our pre-chat form will help your operators capture customer information and provide a personalized support experience since it will become easier for them to anticipate their problems.

  • Offer Product Recommendations & Increase Cart Value

    ProProfs Chat offers you the option of tracking your visitors and store their information to your favorite CRM. This enables operators to identify potential upsell opportunities, suggest product recommendations, and increase cart value.

  • Monitor Visitors in Real-time

    Track where your visitors are on your website with the Live Chat Shopify integration. You can get access to visitor details such as location, browser, and much more. You can leverage this information and provide customized support to visitors.

  • Access Chat Transcripts & Customer Journey History

    Build a good rapport with returning visitors by getting access to their previous chat transcripts, the pages they browsed, the product/service they subscribed to, and more. This will help your operators understand customers' pain points and provide a delightful support experience.

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