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Keep your customers engaged with Magento Live Chat integration. The chat software can help you reach your target audience effectively.

About Magento & Live Chat Integration

Empower your sales and support team members with an efficient live chat tool like ProProfs Chat. Integrating live chat to Magento can help you reach your eCommerce website visitors way more efficiently. You can easily capture leads and monitor them in real-time. Operators can also provide instant support to website visitors by personalizing their response to address their pain points.

Benefits of Adding Live Chat to Magento Website

  • Easily Monitor Your Website Visitors

    Chat operators can easily monitor your visitors in real-time once you integrate live chat with your Magento website. They can easily track on which page visitors are landing, monitor the time they spend on that webpage, and initiate a chat to help them find a solution.

  • Resolve Issues Faster

    Harness the power of live chat at your Magento website to resolve customer queries faster. Send canned responses to provide instant answers to customers and website visitors. This will help you to keep them engaged with your eCommerce website and boost brand loyalty.

  • Capture Leads

    Use pre-chat and post-chat forms to gather data about your customers and store them as leads. These forms will also allow your operators to understand their customer pain points. Doing so will help them provide a personalized support experience, thus keeping your customers delighted with your brand.

Key Features of Magento Live Chat Integration

  • Pre-Chat Form

    Use pre-chat form to capture leads at your website. Your operators can easily filter potential buyers and convert them into customers for your eCommerce business. This feature also allows you to anticipate the problems of your visitors and provide a personalized support experience efficiently.

  • Real-Time Visitor Monitoring

    Live chat integration with Magento helps you to easily track the number of visitors on your website in real-time. On the basis of the time spent on your website, operators can initiate a chat that helps your eCommerce business boost its sales effectively. You can also gather visitor data to ensure that all website visitors receive a seamless support experience.

  • Chat Routing

    Route your website visitors to different operators to provide a delightful support experience. The ProProfs Chat Magento integration allows you to distribute the incoming chats equally among all support operators. This helps them to maintain a quality conversation with all website visitors, thus compelling them to keep coming back in future.

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