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What Is ProProfs Chat & Magento Integration?

ProProfs Live Chat extension for your Magento store is an integration that helps you connect with your e-commerce store visitors in real-time and resolve their queries about products, pricing, and offers.

Once you add live chat to Magento store, your operators can connect proactively with buyers, and help them arrive at a purchasing decision faster.

Identify upsell opportunities, increase cart value, and improve retention during the sales process with ProProfs Live Chat for Magento plugin.

Features & Benefits of ProProfs Chat & Magento Integration
  • Monitor Visitors in Real-Time

    Understand your website visitors’ purchasing intent with our real-time visitor monitoring feature. Live chat plugin for Magento allows your operators to track page visits by individual visitors, time spent on each page and web pages browsed next.

  • Capture Qualified Leads with Chatbot

    You can create personalized interactions using our chatbot to capture visitor information instead of asking them to fill pre-chat forms. It equips you to delight customers with faster responses and automate routine tasks, such as creating a ticket, capturing a lead, and more using Magento live chat plugin integration.

  • Engage Visitors with Announcements

    Engage more visitors on your website in real-time. Use announcements to update visitors about upcoming events, sales, upgrades and more, and improve customer experience.

  • Initiate Proactive Chat

    Provide support 24x7 to website visitors with live chat and Magento integration. You can trigger a chat window when a customer takes too long to check out the products in the cart. This will help you convert the confused buyer into a customer and improve the sales process.

  • Increase Cart Value

    Identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities with ProProfs Live Chat extension for Magento. Identify visitor behavior and suggest product recommendations during the chat sessions.

  • Capture Customer Feedback

    Integrate live chat on your Magento online store to capture real time customer feedback via post-chat forms. Our Magento 2 extension triggers a feedback form once a chat comes to an end. It can help you understand customer service and support experience instantly.

Adding ProProfs Chat to your e-commerce site is easy. Visit our integration guide and follow the simple steps to get it up and running in minutes.

Magento Integration Guide Try Chat Free Get a Demo

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