Integrate Zendesk with live chat to never miss a support opportunity and qualified leads for your business.

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What Is ProProfs Live Chat & Zendesk Integration & How it Works?

Never miss a support opportunity with live chat for Zendesk. The two platforms equip you to capture visitor details and qualified leads easily. Here’s how it works:

Post the Zendesk live chat integration, operators can convert chats and transcripts into support tickets. Review previous tickets during an ongoing chat to know a customer’s journey better. This way, you avoid asking obvious questions like ‘what can I help you with?’, as you already have a complete customer journey map.

Catch up with support opportunities and provide instant resolution to customers before they leave.

Features & Benefits of ProProfs Live Chat & Zendesk Integration

ProProfs Live Chat integration with Zendesk enables your support team to reach your customers, understand their pain points, and provide a delightful solution. Take a look at the features and benefits of the two below:

  • Convert Questions Into Tickets

    Escalate an ongoing chat conversation into a support ticket with ProProfs Live Chat and Zendesk integration. Operators get the opportunity to create a ticket during a chat for the questions requiring inputs from different teams.

  • Help Customers Track Tickets

    Enable customers to see the status of their tickets with the Zendesk (help desk) integration with live chat. Customers can also follow up with a single click about their ticket status.

  • Never Miss a Support Opportunity

    While you answer questions in real-time with live chat, its integration with Zendesk allows you to reach out to visitors later who dropped in a message during your offline hours. Never miss a customer support opportunity.

  • Forward Offline Messages to Zendesk as Tickets

    A live chat that integrates with Zendesk enables you to catch up with customers who’ve dropped a message during your offline hours. Missed chats can be pushed to Zendesk as tickets, and you can address them later when you are back online.

  • Track All Customer Communication in One Place

    View all customer communication in one place. Add tags to tickets and chat transcripts and help your operators provide instant support to returning customers with live chat and Zendesk integration.

  • Know Your Customers Inside Out

    Know your returning customers inside out - view all the data captured via pre-chat forms, visitor monitoring window, chat transcripts, and post-chat form in one place while answering a support ticket.

Connecting these tools is easy. Visit the guide below for the steps to integrate Zendesk with live chat.

Zendesk Integration Guide Try Chat Free Get a Demo

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