Capture leads, grow your email marketing contact list & make follow-ups simpler with MailChimp live chat integration

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How ProProfs Chat & MailChimp Integration Works?

ProProfs Live Chat and MailChimp integration helps you capture more leads and automatically store them as new contacts in your email marketing platform. Once you integrate MailChimp form with live chat, you get more than one occasion to capture qualified leads for your business.

What’s more, you get to interact with them in real-time and encourage them to subscribe to your events or newsletters to learn more about your upcoming services. This helps you improve and personalize their experience with your brand.

Features & Benefits of ProProfs Chat & MailChimp Integration
  • Grow Your Email Marketing Reach

    Add new contacts to your MailChimp email marketing campaign once a chat comes to an end. Not only do you get to increase your subscriber list but also get to grow your email marketing reach efficiently.

  • Gain New Subscribers

    Create engaging announcements for the latest events or your monthly newsletters with live chat MailChimp integration. This helps you add new relevant subscribers to the contact list and divide them in different campaigns based on their interests.

  • Boost Your Qualified Leads

    You can use live chat features like pre-chat form, offline messages and chatbot to help your business capture qualified leads. These leads can then automatically be transferred to your MailChimp account.

  • Send Targeted Marketing Messages

    MailChimp live chat integration enables your marketer to send targeted emails to your subscribers. You can simply store the data collected via chat transcripts to your email marketing platform. This data collected helps your marketers create more personalized messages that keeps your audience engaged.

  • Deliver Personalized Experience

    Use features like visitor monitoring and chat greetings to connect and engage your customers in real-time. This helps your business to get to know customers better and create more niche email marketing campaigns.

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