Chatbot Builder Software to Automate Service & Delight Customers

Easily build chatbots that grow leads & sales, book appointments & automate support
  • Grow sales & leads
  • Automate customer support 24x7
  • Easy to create & configure
  • Customize chatbots - your way
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Design Chatbots for Any Scenario

Build custom chatbots based on your specific business needs
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Grow Leads & Sales

Grow your sales without growing your headcount

Create human-like interactions that build experiences and convert. Grow leads and sales 24x7 without increasing your headcount. Chatbot customization dashboard enables you to ask users multiple choice and open response questions, which gets you qualified leads and helps you grow your sales pipeline. Instead of asking visitors to fill forms, engage them with personalized conversations that encourage them to arrive at a decision faster.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Qualify leads & convert
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Human-like interactions that convert
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Ask multiple-choice & open response questions
chatbot software that can Grow Leads & Sales

Automate Customer Support 24x7

AI chatbot software helps support operators 24x7 & reduces tickets by 35%

Automate your customer support processes and meet experience expectations with our simple chatbot builder software. Connect your chatbots with ProProfs Help Desk to automate ticket creation and routing to your support team. Enable seamless integration with ProProfs Knowledge Base so your chatbot can instantly present relevant help articles for your customers. AI-powered chatbots can also transfer chats to your human staff at those strategic moments.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Answers all routine questions
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Delights customers & reduces tickets by 35%
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Transfers to human or creates a ticket as needed

Easily Create Your Custom Chatbot

Simple to customize as needed

Easily build a chatbot from scratch with ProProfs. Simply drag and drop interactions to create a conversation flow that helps you keep customers engaged with the chatbot. Chatbot builder software allows you to make changes to the flow with absolutely no coding skills required. Preview allows you to test your chatbot software and launch it confidently for your users.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Drag & drop to add interactions
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Edit with absolutely no coding skills
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Test your chatbot before hitting go!

Customize Chatbots - Your Way

Change the workflow, look & feel, utilize branching

Customize the look and feel of the chatbot window in seconds. Edit the existing chatbot templates and their workflow the way you want. Use branching logic to design interactions that are likely to keep your customers engaged throughout the conversation. You can even decide when to show your chatbot services offline or online or both.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Edit the workflow, look & feel
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Design interactions with branching logic
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Show bot when offline/online or both

Professionally Designed Chatbot Templates

Build a chatbot using our ready-to-use templates in minutes

No time to custom build one? No problem - pick a chatbot from our library of expert-designed, ready chatbot templates and launch one quickly. Easily edit the conversation flow based on your specific needs or build a chatbot from scratch. Our templates are designed keeping in mind various business needs, including ticket creation, lead generation, appointment booking, and more.

  • tick ProProfs chat tick Ready-to-use chatbot templates
  • tick ProProfs chat tick Edit, add, delete template interactions
  • tick ProProfs chat tick No technical knowledge required
Explore Chatbot Templates

How to Create a Chatbot in Minutes

Easily build a chatbot & start supporting customers in minutes
Step 1:Choose a template or create from scratch
Step 2:Configure your interactions
Step 3:Preview & take live
Choose a template or create from scratch
Configure your interactions
Preview & take live
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What is a Chatbot?

Chatbot is artificial intelligence software that empowers you to automate human-like conversations with customers. Chatbots help users find answers to their questions faster, even in the absence of human support staff. It helps you capture qualified leads and grow your sales pipeline 24x7 without growing your sales staff.

You can create personalized interactions using a chatbot to capture visitor information instead of asking them to fill pre-chat forms. It equips you to delight customers with faster responses and automate routine tasks, such as booking an appointment, creating a ticket, capturing a lead, and more.

Everything You Need for Live Chat Support

Simple and Easy Installation
Simple & Easy Installation

No HTML or CSS required. Just copy and paste the code.

Anytime, Anywhere Access
Anytime, Anywhere Access

Operators can easily access chat through smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

Canned Responses
Canned Responses

Respond to frequently asked questions faster with canned responses.

Customize and Brand
Customize & Brand

Brand chat windows with your company logo and customize fonts, colors, and more.

Reports and Analytics
Reports and Analytics

Understand customer needs and improve operator performance with insightful reports.

Safe and Secure
Safe & Secure

SSL encryption. High uptime & reliability powered by servers hosted with SoftLayer (IBM) in USA.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can ProProfs chatbot help decrease the number of inquiries to our customer service staff?

Yes, you can reduce the workload of your live chat operators/customer service personnel by deploying our rule-based chatbots.

These automated chatbots deliver 24x7 customer support by addressing common customer queries. You can also enable self-help with knowledge base integration to see a sharp decline in your tickets.

How can ProProfs chatbot help in automating the booking of sales calls on our site?

With ProProfs’ chatbot, you can automate the booking of sales calls for your website visitors. Our sales booking template lets visitors quickly view the available time slots and book a sales call at the most preferable time.

Can the chatbot be integrated with our existing systems (CRM, ERP, etc.)?

ProProfs Chat can seamlessly integrate with different platforms such as CRM, CMS, Ecommerce, Help Desk, Analytics, and Social Media. Besides that, API support lets you integrate live chat features with other third-party applications.

Is the chatbot customizable to match my brand's look and feel?

Yes, our chatbots can be white-labeled based on your company’s look and feel. You can modify the chat window, edit the chatbot templates, design workflows, and much more.

Can the chatbot handle multiple languages?

With ProProfs Chat, you can speak to your customers in over 60 languages. The ‘Language’ section lets you customize all the language settings for live chat. You can add different languages and write your own text for pre-chat, post-chat, and offline messages.

Is it possible to train the chatbot to understand specific industry jargon or terminology?

ProProfs’ chatbot tool is a rule-based bot that gives users the freedom to train it the way they want. Therefore, you can train the chatbot and design its conversation flow in a way that it understands industry-specific jargon or terminology.

Can the chatbot handle high volumes of conversations simultaneously?

Yes, our chatbots can handle high volumes of customer interactions simultaneously. You can create multiple chatbots for different purposes using our templates or from scratch. These bots can then be deployed on specific pages or on all pages of your business website.

How does the ProProfs chatbot learn and improve over time?

ProProfs' chatbot uses a built-in training module to learn and improve over time, helping you provide more informed assistance to visitors. Once trained, the chatbot quickly retrieves relevant information from your knowledge base and displays it to users based on their input.

Training the chatbot enhances the chat window experience by showcasing help pages directly within the chat window, eliminating the need for users to open a separate tab and ensuring quick responses to visitor queries.

What pricing options and packages are available for the chatbot software?

The chatbot feature is available in both the free and paid plans of ProProfs Live Chat software at no extra cost.

  • The Forever Free Plan is exactly what the name suggests. It is free and comes with all live chat features for a single human operator.
  • Our paid plan, also known as the Team Plan, costs $19.99/operator/month, billed annually.

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