Measure Satisfaction With Chat Ratings

Improve your customer experience with instant feedback

Post-chat surveys help you measure & improve your visitor's experience. Your visitors can leave instant feedback after every chat as star rating, NPS or more. The feature helps to understand the high and low points of a visitor's support experience, which can be identified to improve the overall service effectively. You can review chat transcripts with their ratings or even average ratings by operators to understand customer experience & improve it.

  • Get instant feedback from visitors
  • Improve support experience
  • Boost customer delight

Measure Customer Support Experience

Use live chat surveys to measure customer support experience

Live Chat feedback form

ProProfs Chat can help you measure customer support experience efficiently with the use of post-chat survey forms. You can easily track the customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores and identify where your support service is lacking. This will allow you to improve your customer support and improve its score effectively. You can also measure customer loyalty by sending in the NPS survey form once a chat ends.

  • Track CSAT scores
  • Identify gaps in customer support
  • Measure customer loyalty through NPS surveys

Track Operator Ratings

Easily monitor all your support operators

Track operator ratings

Gather ratings for all your support operators by using the live chat feedback form. This data will help you to learn how your operators are performing in every chat and understand who are your star performers. The feedback gathered will also help you identify the areas where your operators need to improve and can be trained accordingly. Training your support operators will help you build a delightful experience for all website visitors.

  • Identify your star operators
  • Train operators based on customer feedback
  • Improve customer support experience

Measure Customer Loyalty with NPS

Share the in-chat NPS survey to gauge customer loyalty

ProProfs Chat lets you get the pulse of your customer during or after a chat ends. Send an NPS survey directly in the chat window and capture customer experience instantly. You can also track customer satisfaction (CSAT) and identify where your support service is lacking. This will allow you to improve your customer support and improve its score effectively.

Gather Insightful Data with Robust Reports

Track chat ratings with insightful reports

Our insightful reports will help you track how your chats were rated by website visitors using the post-chat survey form. Through these reports, you can observe the total number of chats that were rated by your customers and website visitors. You can also monitor the average chat ratings and accordingly build a support strategy that helps you to improve the average rating effectively. This approach will surely help you boost customer delight rate.

  • How many chats were rated by customers
  • Track average chat ratings
  • Ensure customer delight


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    ProProfs support is one of the best I have experienced. They truly care about their customers and deliver resolutions fast.
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    Bill Wisell,

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