Grow contacts, send targeted marketing messages & make subscription follow-ups with live chat GetResponse integration

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How ProProfs Chat & GetResponse Integration Works?

ProProfs Live Chat and GetResponse integration helps your business to capture leads, improve target marketing, and get more contacts for your email marketing campaign.

When you integrate GetResponse form with live chat, it becomes easier for you to expand your email marketing reach. That’s because the integration helps you update your existing contact list and add new ones in real time.

With Getresponse live chat integration, you also get to encourage your target audience to become monthly subscribers of your newsletters or upcoming events.

Features & Benefits of ProProfs Chat & GetResponse Integration
  • Qualify & Convert Leads

    Using chatbot and pre-chat form, live chat users can qualify potential leads for their business. This integration also gives you the option to convert these leads in real time by encouraging them to have a conversation with your operators.

  • Understand Your Customers Better

    Track your visitors on the website as they browse your products and services and trigger a proactive chat window to connect with them in real-time. This gives you the opportunity to understand them better and create a niche email marketing campaign.

  • Gain New Email Subscribers

    Create announcements and add them to your website to attract new contacts to your email marketing list. Announcements can encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletters or upcoming events.

  • Increase Email Marketing Reach

    Post-chat form acts as a lead magnet. Make sure you deploy all the features of live chat to grow your subs, leads, which in turn, improves the ROI of your email marketing efforts.

  • Create Personalized Email Follow-Ups

    The uniqueness of experience you offer to your audience is what sets you apart. The information captured via live chat forms gives you deeper insights into your customers’ interests and behaviors. Utilize the same to build personalized email campaigns and grow conversions.

GetResponse Integration Guide Try Chat Free Get a Demo

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