Increase subscribers, boost lead generation & improve your email marketing experience for customers with ProProfs Live Chat & iContact integration.

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How ProProfs Chat & iContact Integration Works?

ProProfs Live Chat and iContact integration enables your business to capture market-qualified leads that get added to your email marketing platform as contacts automatically.

With iContact live chat integration, you get to add new email subscribers to your contact list and send more targeted marketing messages seamlessly.

Once you integrate an iContact form with live chat, updating your existing contacts and working towards personalizing their experience with your brand becomes a breeze since it automates the repetitive task.

Features & Benefits of ProProfs Chat & iContact Integration
  • Ease Your Marketing Efforts

    Live chat and iContact integration helps you automate capturing new contacts and updating the existing ones. This means your contact lists grow automatically while you spend time on critical tasks.

  • Boost Lead Generation in Chatbot

    With live chat features such as chatbot and pre-chat form, you can automate lead generation for your business. AI-powered chatbots are capable of having human-like conversations, naturally capturing information, which is stored in your iContact account soon after a chat ends.

  • Add New Email Subscribers to Mailing Lists

    Live chat helps you create engaging announcements for your monthly newsletter subscribers and more effortlessly. This will help you add new subscribers to your email marketing campaigns and segregate them into different categories based on their interests.

  • Provide Personalized Experience

    iContact live chat integration enables you to build niche campaigns. You can monitor your visitors activities and initiate proactive chats to get to know them better and offer personalized content/experience.

  • Send Targeted Messages

    Once you integrate iContact form with live chat, your marketers get to send more targeted messages to customers. With the chat transcripts stored, you get to understand their needs and customize your marketing efforts to target them better.

iContact Integration Guide Try Chat Free Get a Demo

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