You can do so much with Infusionsoft by integrating ProProfs Chat seamlessly with it. Let the magic of ProProfs flow with your favorite app.

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Capture leads from your ProProfs Chat & turn it into your Infusionsoft tickets. Utilize this powerful integration to increase your CRM contacts and come up with new marketing schemes in order to increase your sales.

  • Create customer leads & track sales.
  • Send feedback to your CRM using live chat in real time.
  • Convert chat transcripts into tickets with one easy click.
  • Create a centralized customer management system for your organization.
  • Edit existing contacts & attach chat transcripts to it.
Key features:
  • Access contact information from your CRM while chatting with visitors.
  • Create new contacts in infusionsoft from your live chat.
  • Transfer chat transcripts & notes to CRM with one click.
  • Increase your email marketing lists with more leads collected from live chat.
  • Attach chat transcripts to tickets for a better analysis.
Infusionsoft Integration Guide Try Chat Free Get a Demo

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