Track website visitors, their conversations with operators, and when to take the next follow up with live chat Highrise integration

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About ProProfs Chat & Highrise Integration

From adding customer details to creating new deals during an ongoing chat, Highrise CRM integration helps you manage it all efficiently. Monitoring business process and managing leads in one place has become simpler with live chat Highrise CRM integration. The integration of the two will allow your operators to understand customer pain points and provide a support experience around them efficiently.

Key Benefits of Live Chat & Highrise Integration
  • Access Individual History of Every Visitor

    Integration Highrise with live chat will allow your operators to see individual history of all the visitors. The availability of such information helps operators get a clear picture on your customers. This information further helps operators to build a customized and delightful support experience on their next visit.

  • Capture Quality Leads & Deals

    Live chat and Highrise integration helps you capture quality leads that can easily be tracked in one place hassle-free. The integration of the two is the perfect way to gain a new contact and deals for your business during an ongoing chat.

  • Access Live Chat & Highrise CRM at the Same Time

    With ProProfs Chat and Highrise CRM working together, it becomes a simpler task to store away a customer’s information without leaving the chat window. What’s more, you can access the two platforms at the same time i.e., while updating records during a live chat and importing contacts to Highrise.

Key Features of Highrise CRM Integration with Live Chat
  • Add Chat Transcripts as Notes

    Update a customer’s details by adding their chat transcripts as notes in Highrise CRM. This will help other operators know the customer better, their pain points, solution provided, and whether they were satisfied with the quick turnaround.

  • View Visitor Details During Support Process

    During real-time customer support, your operators can view visitor details. This allows them to understand their needs and address their issues based on their previous interaction with the brand. Customizing support with this feature helps a brand improve customer satisfaction rate.

  • Learn When to Take Next Follow with Leads

    With live chat Highrise integration, operators can easily track when the next update is scheduled with a customer and get in touch with them accordingly. This approach helps operators nurture leads and convert them into long term customers.

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