Understand customers and build a delightful support experience with SugarCRM integration with ProProfs Live Chat Software

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About SugarCRM & ProProfs Chat Integration

Provide instant updates to your sales & support team regarding your customers in real-time by integrating your SugarCRM with ProProfs Chat. With the live chat SugarCRM integration, your operators can easily update the customer’s contact details during an ongoing chat and save the transcripts for future reference, thus assisting you to revolutionize your company’s rapport.

Key Benefits of Live Chat SugarCRM Integration
  • Capture Leads & Track Sales

    Use pre-chat forms to capture leads and nurture them as customers over a period of time using your SugarCRM integration with live chat. The integration will also allow you to track the number sales made to each customer, thus giving you an insight on their purchasing patterns and prompting triggers for the similar products during their next visit at your website.

  • Manage Customer Engagement in One Place

    From details captured on every customer to conversation history saved in the form transcripts, you can easily manage them all at one place with SugarCRM integration. Your operators can also make their notes and save them, thus giving others an insight on how the customer is and what all needs to be kept in mind while having a conversation with them.

  • Improve Customer Service Using Relevant Data

    The data stored for each customer can help your operators improve customer service experience. The data stored will help operators personalize the support experience, as they will have access to their previous conversations and pain points faced previously. Based on the data available, the operators can efficiently improve the experience and keep your customers delighted.

Key Features of SugarCRM Integration with Live Chat
  • Monitor Visitors in Real-Time

    The live chat SugarCRM integration allows you to track your visitors in real-time and get access to information like name, email address, the page they are currently browsing and much more. It will allow operators to personalize the support experience and anticipate the queries a visitor may have for a specific product or service.

  • Use Pre-Chat Form to Boost Leads

    Capture visitor details and store them in your SugarCRM integration hassle-free. Using a pre-chat form will not only help you know who the customer is and what query they have regarding your services, but also help you add them as leads. These leads can later be nurtured into brand loyals.

  • Create Cases & Tasks to Improve Resolution Time

    There are certain queries that tend to take time and their resolution time might increase, thus making it difficult for your operators to provide real-time solution. In such a scenario, you can create cases and tasks in your SugarCRM dashboard. These can be taken up by specific departments and update the solution in these cases, thus helping your operators to send the update to customers through their support tickets.

NOTE: SugarCRM and the SugarCRM logo are registered trademarks of SugarCRM Inc.

SugarCRM Integration Guide Try Chat Free Get a Demo

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