Build a seamless communication flow by understanding your customers before initiating the support process with Salesforce live chat integration.

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What Is ProProfs Live Chat & Salesforce Integration & How It Works?

Live chat salesforce integration is the perfect concoction for your sales team to understand your visitors and customize their journey with the brand. Know, capture, and convert your website visitors easily with this duo.

ProProfs Live Chat & Salesforce integration enables you to discover customer pain points and personalize their brand experience. Your operators feel equipped as they can identify the visitors who land on your website with purchase intent. Take a look at the benefits and features of this integration below.

Features & Benefits of Salesforce & Live Chat Integration
  • Capture Qualified Leads

    Add pre-chat form to your chat widget to capture qualified leads for your business. You can store them as prospects for your business with the use of ProProfs Live Chat integration with Salesforce.

  • Save & Access Chat Transcripts

    Automatically store your chat transcripts to Salesforce and help your operators access them later, when a customer returns, for reference. This enables your operators to understand customers better and come up with new ideas to pitch your products or services.

  • Revisit Previous Customer Experience

    Capture customer feedback with the use of post-chat survey forms. Your sales team can always revisit the collected feedback when a customer returns for the next purchase and personalize based on growing customer expectations.

  • Know Customers Inside-Out

    Know what’s cooking inside your customer’s mind by bringing together Salesforce and ProProfs Live Chat. Track the real-time activity and chat transcripts (saved under their contact) to understand their purchase intent and pain-points.

  • Identify Upsell & Cross-Sell Opportunities

    Integrate ProProfs Live Chat with Salesforce to identify upcoming upsell and cross-sell opportunities for your business. This allows you to offer customized support to visitors by suggesting deals, discounts, etc. based on their browsing behavior.

  • Central Repository to Track Journey

    With Salesforce and live chat integration, you can create a central repository for your sales and support team to track the customer’s journey so far.

Integration is super easy - visit the guide and follow the steps provided to connect ProProfs Live Chat with Salesforce.

Salesforce Integration Guide Try Chat Free Get a Demo

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