Refine your support process and capture quality leads for your business with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ProProfs Live Chat integration.

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What Is Live Chat & Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration?

ProProfs Live chat and Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration is an excellent combination that lets your support and sales teams understand customers better and close more sales quickly.
Once paired, Live Chat and Microsoft Dynamics CRM help your business capture quality leads and identify potential sales opportunities.
Sales folks can identify customer pain points better and develop ways to boost sales. There are other benefits and features of Microsoft Dynamics & live chat integration that you can explore below.

Features & Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics & Live Chat Integration
  • Automate Lead Generation Process

    Capture leads using the chatbot functionality automatically and store them in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration. This will allow operators to quickly access lead data and identify various ways to personalize their experience.

  • Understand All Your Customers

    Get to know your customers up close. Use transcripts, conversation history, and real-time activity saved under each contact to keep track of upcoming pain points and changing purchase intent.

  • Identify Upsell & Cross-Sell Opportunities

    When integrated, ProProfs Live Chat and Microsoft Dynamics CRM help you identify possible upsell and cross-sell opportunities in real-time. These opportunities help your sales team to recommend better deals and personalized discounts.

  • Access Saved Transcripts

    Know what your customer’s experience was like previously via chat transcripts. These are saved automatically in the CRM upon integration and assist operators in identifying opportunities to personalize future conversations.

  • Track all Customer Journeys in One Place

    With Microsoft Dynamics and live chat integration, your business can build a customer information repository. This will enable both sales and marketing teams to track customer journeys and develop better acquisition strategies.

Microsoft Dynamics Integration Guide Try Chat Free Get a Demo

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