What Is ProProfs Live Chat & Knowledge Base Integration?

Knowledge Base Integration

ProProfs Knowledge Base integration with live chat helps you offer 24/7 self-help within the chat widget on your website. This enables your customers or visitors to find answers to their questions without needing to start a chat or raise a support request. Integrating the two customer support tools also helps your support team quickly find and share relevant help articles during a chat.

Features & Benefits of ProProfs KB + Live Chat Integration

Reduce tickets by up to 80%

Reduce support tickets with ProProfs Knowledge Base integration with live chat. After enabling the integration, show popular & relevant articles from your knowledge base in the chat window, which lets customers find answers without raising a ticket.

Improve Operator Efficiency & Customer Delight

Operators most often refer to help articles to answer customer questions. Integrating the two support tools can help operators retrieve information instantly and offer the right solution to the customer, effectively reducing query resolution time.

Provide the Best of Self-Help & Chat Support

Enable your website visitors with instant self-help and the goodness of extended chat support.Give them the best of both worlds - 24x7 self-service and quick chat support. Providing a 360° support experience means you will never miss a single customer issue again.

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