Seamless integration of Nutshell CRM with ProProfs Chat can help you gather leads and convert them into sales

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About Live Chat & Nutshell CRM Integration

Right from capturing leads to nurturing them into loyal customers, Nutshell CRM integration with ProProfs Chat allows you to do it all. The centralized platform helps your operators track sales, while it allows you to monitor team performance through chat transcripts. You can also get an insight on visitor behavior and build a strategy that helps your operators provide a delightful support experience.

Key Benefits of Nutshell Live Chat Integration
  • Enable Delightful Experience Based on Purchasing History

    By integrating Nutshell with live chat, you can help your operators build a delightful experience for visitors. The purchasing history can be used to build a customer support strategy. It can further assist operators to understand different visitors and provide a personalized experience around their needs. You can also use chat history that are stored as tickets in this CRM platform while providing real-time support.

  • Gather Leads & Nurture Them into Buyers

    Our pre-chat form feature allows you to capture all your visitor details and store them as leads in the Nutshell CRM. Your operators can get access to the visitor details and convert these leads into buyers. They can initiate a chat on their next visit to your website and let them know about what’s new. With this approach, it will become a lot easier for operators to keep your visitors engaged with the brand and guide them better.

  • Analyze Sales Progress Using Real-Time Feedback

    After a sales conversation comes to an end, you can easily gather customers’ feedback on their experience with your brand using post-chat forms. This feedback can be added to your customer’s information details in the CRM platform. Doing so will allow you to analyze the sales progress and the triggers that resulted in a sale.

Key Features of Nutshell Integration with Live Chat
  • Gather Visitor Details Through Pre-Chat Form

    The Nutshell integration with ProProfs Chat allows you to gather visitor details through a pre-chat form. With the information collected, your operators can easily divide them into potential leads and approach them accordingly.

  • Use Chat Transcripts to Monitor Team’s Performance

    You can store chat transcripts as tickets under a visitor’s details through Nutshell live chat integration. These saved transcripts will not only help you know whether the visitor’s experience with your brand was delightful or not, but also monitor your operator’s performance hassle-free. Based on how the operator performed, you can also formulate a support strategy that further improves the customer satisfaction rate.

  • Use Real-Time Monitoring to Add Customer’s Preferences

    ProProfs Chat allows you to monitor visitors in real-time. Based on their browsing activities at your website, you can understand their preferences and what product they are after. These details can be added to their Nutshell CRM account and used during their future visits to create a delightful experience.

Nutshell Integration Guide Try Chat Free Get a Demo

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