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Hotel Chatbots 101: A Complete Guide to Customer Engagement

Ever found yourself overwhelmed with hotel bookings, guest inquiries, and the constant challenge of providing top-notch customer service?

Not anymore!

Hotel chatbots are a new marvel in the hospitality industry. The artificial intelligent assistants can help you automate bookings, respond to guest inquiries, and provide personalized support.

In this blog, we will explore some of the use cases of education chatbots, look at some of the best examples in the market, and discuss the benefits, features, and future of chatbots in the hotel industry.

What is a Hotel Chatbot?

A hotel chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) application designed to engage with hotel guests and provide personalized assistance through chat interfaces. These automated systems leverage natural language processing and machine learning to understand and respond to guest inquiries or requests. 

A Hotel chatbot can offer various services, including room reservations, check-in/check-out procedures, information about amenities, and local recommendations. By streamlining communication and enhancing guest experience, the hotel chatbot contributes to operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

It is accessible 24/7, ensuring prompt responses to queries and improving overall guest engagement, making it an integral part of the modern hospitality industry.

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7 Uses of Hotel Chatbots

Hotel chatbots can be used for different purposes and scenarios, depending on the needs and preferences of the guests and the hotel. Here are some of the most common and effective use cases of hotel chatbots:

1. Hotel Reservations

One of the most important uses is facilitating hotel reservations. Hotel chatbots can help guests find and book the best rooms for their stay based on their budget, preferences, and availability. These chatbots can also upsell and cross-sell additional services and amenities, such as spa treatments, dining options, or tours.

Hotel chatbots can integrate with various booking platforms and payment methods, making the reservation process seamless and secure. Moreover, these chatbots can send confirmation and reminder messages to guests, allowing them to modify or cancel their bookings if needed.

2. Check-In and Check-Out

Hotel chatbots can also be used to streamline the check-in and check-out process. Hotel chatbots can enable guests to check in and out without waiting in line or filling out forms. The chatbots can verify the identity and payment details of the guests and provide them with the room number and key code.

Hotel chatbots can also offer guests the option to choose their preferred check-in and check-out times and accommodate their requests if possible. Furthermore, hotel chatbots can handle the billing and invoicing and send guests receipts and thank you messages.

3. Local Guide

Hotel chatbots can also guide guests, providing valuable and relevant information about the destination. These chatbots can offer suggestions and recommendations for places to visit, things to do, events to attend, and restaurants to try. Hotel chatbots can provide directions, maps, weather updates, and information on public transportation.

Hotel chatbots can also help guests book tickets, make reservations, or order food delivery from local businesses. Additionally, these chatbots can support multiple languages, making it easier for guests to communicate and explore the area.

4. Customer Service

Hotel chatbots are best at providing customer service to guests, answering their questions, and resolving their issues. These chatbots can respond to common and frequently asked questions, such as the hotel’s policies, facilities, services, and amenities. Hotel chatbots can handle complaints and feedback and escalate them to the appropriate staff if needed.

Hotel chatbots can connect guests with the hotel staff, such as the concierge, housekeeping, or the manager, if they require human assistance.

5. Hotel Satisfaction Surveys

Hotel chatbots use post-chat surveys to conduct hotel satisfaction surveys, collecting feedback and ratings from guests about their stay. These chatbots can ask guests to rate various aspects of their experience, such as the room, the service, the food, and the overall satisfaction. They can even ask guests to provide suggestions and comments on improving the hotel.

Hotel chatbots can also incentivize guests to complete the surveys by offering them rewards, discounts, or loyalty points. Furthermore, hotel chatbots can analyze the survey results and provide insights and recommendations to the hotel management on enhancing the guest experience and increasing retention and referral rates.

6. Upgrades and Upsells

Hotel chatbots can come in handy to increase the hotel’s revenue by offering upgrades to guests. These chatbots can suggest guests upgrade rooms or add extra services and amenities, such as breakfast, late check-out, or airport transfer. 

Hotel chatbots can also refer to stored chat transcripts to sneak peek into past customer preferences to offer personalized services. These chatbots also leverage the power of social proof by showing guests the reviews and ratings of other guests who have purchased the upgrades and upsells. 

Additionally, hotel chatbots can create a sense of urgency by showing guests the limited availability and time of the offers.

7. Proactive Notifications

Proactive engagement is one of the best ways to turn your visitors into paying guests. Hotel chatbots can send automated greetings and farewell messages, as well as tips and reminders for their arrival and departure. Hotel chatbots can also send automated announcements and updates, such as the status of their room, the schedule of their activities, or the changes in their itinerary.

Plus, hotel chatbots can send promotional and seasonal messages, such as special offers, discounts, or events. Moreover, these chatbots can send follow-up messages, such as asking for reviews, referrals, or repeat bookings.

3 Best Hotel chatbots in 2024

Here are the 3 best hotel chatbot examples to help you automate and improve your processes. 

1. ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat is a chatbot platform that enables hotels to provide instant and personalized support to their guests and potential customers. 

With ProProfs Chat, hotels can deploy a chatbot to automate routine tasks, such as booking a room, checking availability, answering FAQs, and capturing leads. Thanks to the multilingual support feature that supports over 70 languages, they can communicate with guests from across the globe.

ProProfs also offers detailed reports and analytics with metrics like chat ratings and CSAT scores that help businesses monitor and improve their support performance. Plus, the bot performance report can help you analyze your chatbot’s performance and optimize it for maximum efficiency. 

With intelligent chat routing, ProProfs Chat ensures a seamless transition from the chatbot to a human operator when needed, further enhancing the customer experience. 

Moreover, the platform allows hotels to seamlessly transfer and synchronize guest data with their preferred CRM system, contributing to the generation of qualified leads. 

Pricing: Forever-free for a single operator. The team plan starts at $19.99/operator/month.

2. Asksuite

(Image Source: Stays Academy)

Asksuite serves as a chatbot solution designed specifically for the hotel industry. This platform optimizes guest communication through various channels, providing hotels with an efficient virtual assistant. 

Asksuite’s AI chatbot allows hotels to automate and standardize customer service while freeing hotel reservation agents to focus on sales. The chatbot can handle repetitive inquiries, qualify leads, provide price quotes, and compare rates from multiple channels. 

The platform also features an omnichannel inbox that consolidates all client interactions in one place. Agents can take over the chat anytime and assist travelers with human service requests.

Pricing: Starts at $100-$200 per month.

3. HiJiffy

HiJiffy is a hotel chatbot solution that aims to boost direct bookings, enhance guest communication, and automate repetitive tasks. Conversational AI powers this chatbot, which specializes in hospitality and can provide instant answers to guests’ queries in multiple languages. 

The chatbot can also guide guests through booking, offering personalized recommendations and upselling opportunities. HiJiffy’s chatbot integrates with various communication channels, such as the hotel website, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and more, to provide guests with a seamless and omnichannel experience.

HiJiffy’s chatbot is easy to install and customize, and offers a user-friendly back office for hotel staff to manage and monitor guest interactions. HiJiffy’s chatbot is designed to help hotels increase their revenue, reduce costs, and improve guest satisfaction.

Pricing: The plan starts at a minimum package of $110/month.

Benefits of Hotel Chatbots for Businesses

Chatbots can offer many benefits for hotels, both for the guests and the hoteliers. Here are some of the main benefits of chatbots for hotels:

1. Streamlined Guest Interactions with Pre-Chat Forms

Hotel chatbots equipped with pre-chat forms streamline guest interactions by collecting essential information before initiating a conversation. This not only expedites the resolution of guest queries but also ensures that the hotel staff receives pertinent details, enabling them to provide personalized and efficient assistance.

2. Global Accessibility through Multilingual Support

Chatbots with multilingual support bridge communication gaps, offering seamless interactions in multiple languages. This feature enhances the inclusivity of services, making international guests feel more at home and increasing the hotel’s appeal to a broader audience.

3. Helpdesk Integration for Unified Operations

Hotel chatbots seamlessly integrate with helpdesk systems, creating a unified approach to guest support. This integration enables the chatbot to access relevant information, such as booking details and guest preferences, facilitating more informed and context-aware interactions. The result is a smoother and more personalized guest experience.

4. Round-the-Clock Availability

Unlike human staff, chatbots are available 24/7, ensuring round-the-clock assistance for guests. This constant availability is invaluable for handling reservations, providing information about amenities, and addressing customer queries at any time of the day or night. This contributes to an enhanced customer experience and builds trust in the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Essential Features of Hotel Chatbots

Chatbots for hotels should have some essential features to ensure they can deliver the best service and results for your hotel. Here are some of the essential features of hotel chatbots:

1. Instant Booking and Reservation Management

The primary goal of any hotel chatbot is to simplify the booking process. Guests can effortlessly inquire about room availability, rates, and amenities and proceed to make instant reservations directly through the chat interface. This feature enhances user convenience and reduces the workload on hotel staff, allowing them to focus on personalized guest services.

2. Personalized Recommendations

Hotel chatbots are equipped with artificial intelligence to understand guest preferences based on previous interactions and booking history. By analyzing this data, chatbots can provide personalized recommendations for room upgrades, dining options, and local attractions. This not only caters to guests’ individual needs but also contributes to a more memorable and tailored experience.

3. Integration with Messaging Platforms

Hotel chatbots extend their reach by integrating with popular messaging platforms such as WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. This allows guests to communicate through their preferred channels, making accessing information and services more convenient. The seamless integration enhances the overall guest experience and ensures effective communication.

4. Feedback and Surveys

Hotel chatbots are pivotal in collecting valuable guest feedback. By initiating surveys and promptly addressing concerns, hotels can continuously improve their services. This two-way communication fosters a sense of transparency and responsiveness, strengthening the hotel-guest relationship.

Future of Chatbots in Hotel Industry

Chatbots are not just a trend or a fad but a reality and a necessity for the hotel industry. Here are some possible and probable scenarios for the future of chatbots in the hotel industry:

  • Chatbots will become more intelligent and conversational, using deep learning and natural language understanding to provide guests with more accurate and relevant responses and solutions.
  • They are expected to become more human-like and empathetic, using sentiment analysis and emotional intelligence to provide guests with more personalized and engaging interactions.
  • Chatbots will become omnichannel and ubiquitous, using voice, video, and augmented reality to provide seamless and immersive communication to guests across multiple devices and platforms.
  • Chatbots are expected to become more proactive and predictive, using big data and analytics to provide tailored offers and recommendations to guests.

Get the Best Hotel Chatbot for Your Business!

Hotel chatbots represent a cutting-edge and innovative approach to elevate the guest experience. These AI-powered assistants offer a range of advantages, including convenience, personalization, guest engagement, and insightful analytics.

Though many chatbots are available on the market, we’ve provided you with the 3 best hotel chatbots to ease your hunt. Analyze your business requirements and choose the hotel chatbot that best fits your needs.

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