Engage customers with the right greeting messages & improve customer support with live chat and CS-Cart integration

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About ProProfs Chat & CS-Cart Integration

Upgrade the sales and support process at your CS-Cart website by integrating ProProfs Chat to it. This integration will allow your operators to reach out to your website visitors in real-time and help them make a purchase decision effectively. With live chat software, you can easily capture leads, monitor and engage them based on their website behavior. Based on all the visitor information captured, your operators can personalize the support process to provide a delightful experience.

Key Benefits of Live Chat for CS-Cart Integration
  • Capture Leads

    Capture leads on your website with pre-chat forms. You can further dive into customer pain points by using a post-chat survey. Both the forms will help your support operators build a seamless experience that is personalized to each visitor’s input and feedback.

  • Monitor Visitors in Real-Time

    Integrate live chat with CS-Cart to monitor your website visitors in real-time. This will help your operators know which pages helped visitors land on your website, how long were they browsing a particular page, name, email, and much more. All these details will help them initiate a chat and provide better support experience based on the time spent on a page.

  • Resolve Queries Faster

    Harness the power of ProProfs Live Chat Software on your CS-Cart website to resolve queries faster. Features like canned response will allow your operators to send instant answers to frequently asked questions. And chat routing, will help you equally distribute incoming chats so that all visitors receive quality answers and remain engaged with your brand.

Key Features of Live Chat & CS-Cart Integration
  • Pre-Chat Form

    You can now easily capture leads on your website with pre-chat forms. This feature will allow your operators to know more about website visitors and the type of query they wish to have answers for. In addition, your operators can anticipate the issues your customers might come up with since pre-chat forms offer an option to add custom fields too.

  • Real-Time Visitor Monitoring

    Live chat integration with CS-Cart also helps you to track the number of visitors browsing through your website in real-time. Your operators can see the amount of time each visitor spends on a page and initiate a chat at crucial moments to build a personalized experience efficiently.

  • Chat Routing

    You can easily route your website visitors to different operators to manage the support queue. This feature will also allow you to provide prompt responses to visitors, thus keeping them engaged with your brand and ultimately converting them into buyers.

CS-Cart Integration Guide Try Chat Free Get a Demo

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