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13 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins for 2023

best live chat plugin for wordpress

Customers visit multiple websites for a single product but stick with the most engaging one. 

To engage visitors on your WordPress site, your team needs to offer both instant support and personalization. With a WordPress live chat plugin, you can personalize the shopping experience and support customers through the journey.

Also, guess what? Getting started with a WordPress live chat plugin is easy. Just like any plugin, all it takes is adding it to your WordPress site and enabling it. 

However, there are many live chat plugins for WordPress, making it challenging to start searching for the right ones. 

Here we will cover the benefits and features of a live chat plugin. Lastly, we will discuss 13 of the best live chat plugins for your WordPress website.

If the numerous options for WordPress chat plugins confuse you, then our quick guide will help in making the right choice. Read on to take a quick look at the tools listed.

A Quick Look at Our List of Tools

Tools Features Pricing
ProProfs Chat Announce the latest deals

Route customers to the right department

Offer proactive support

Access in-depth reports & analytics

Automates support with chatbots

Try it free for 15 days
Starts at $20/month
LiveChat Assessing marketing performance with trackers

Convert missed chats into tickets

Integrate with 200+ apps

Secure chats with single sign-on and GDPR compliance

Customize your agent’s profile

Starts at $16/month
Olark Receive chat transcripts for relevant insights

Customize and create pre-chat forms

Engage customers with proactive messages

Manage your chat team with individual reports

Integrate with your favorite tools in seconds

Starts from $29/month
Zendesk Chat Automate support with chatbots

Organize conversation flows with relevant tags

Create a rich media experience with GIFs and images

Manage incoming chats with the mobile app

Customize your chat widget with multiple settings

Starts from $49/month
Tidio Live Chat Get access to a visual chatbot editor

Customize the look and feel of the chat widget

Integrate with the top platforms

Manage incoming chats with its mobile app

Build chatbots to automate support

Starts at $19/month
Drift Access chatbot in multiple languages

Route the right leads to the right department

Use a virtual assistant to keep business open 24x7

Send proactive messages during the checkout process

Request the company for a quote
Userlike Create operator groups for team management

Forward chats to the next agent with context

Create customer profiles with a pre-chat form

Integrate with your favorite CRM platform

Capture customer’s feedback

Request the company for a quote
Tawk.to Monitor visitor activity in real-time

Offers 45+ language support

Answer incoming chats via mobile devices

Canned messages to respond to incoming chats faster

It is free
Pure Chat White label your live chat widget

Tag transcripts to help operators

Track your visitor’s activities

Customize chat widget settings

Integrations with third-party platforms

Starts at $39/month
LiveAgent Send proactive chat invitations

Monitor your website visitors

Track real-time typing view

Setup a multilingual chat widget

Integrate with its native apps

Starts at $29/month
JivoChat Create and save quick phrases for later usage

Integrates with multiple tools

Enables your business to generate leads

Send chat transcript to customers via email

Offers detailed typing insights

Starts at $19/month
Crisp Allows you to translate messages in real-time

Offers integration with a knowledge base

Share files with customers

Supports video chat option

Helps you co-browse with visitors

Starts at $25/month
3CX Create predefined responses for live chat

Access missed chats

Store messages while your agents are offline

Bar visitors from chatting based on IP address

Add your logo to your chat window

It is free

What is a WordPress Live Chat Plugin?

WordPress live chat plugins are customer support tools that can be integrated into your WordPress site. It can help you assist customers in real-time that have spent some time on the website without making a purchase.

With announcements, your live chat plugin can display the latest product updates and offers, increasing website engagement.  Overall, the use of a WordPress live chat plugin can help your business reach out to the right visitors at the right moment and offer instant support.

How to use a Live Chat Plugin for WordPress?

The quickest way to start with live chat for WordPress is to install a plugin. For some plugins, you will need to have an account with the vendor as well. You can configure the chat widget from your account and set it up.

Once the widget is embedded, you will access your live chat software account to view the dashboard and manage the chats. For instance, if you are using ProProfs Chat, you have to access your online account to view and track chats. 

Why use WordPress Plugins?

We will help you understand how chat plugins for your website can help you engage customers and communicate with them in real-time. Let’s look at some of the benefits of WP chat plugins:

1. Boost your Lead Generation

A WordPress live chat plugin allows you to create chatbots for your website; these tools can help perform key marketing functions. You can capture leads, qualify them, and nurture them. Read on to know how it works.

With a lead generation chatbot strategy, you can capture the information of website visitors from the get-go with the help of pre-chat forms. A pre-chat form is a form that is submitted prior to chatting. Simple, right? So, before your prospects even begin chatting, they become leads.

Once they become potential customers, you can qualify them with well-designed questions that gauge their interest. Then, you can cultivate a relationship with these leads through chat.

2. Improve Brand Loyalty

Live chat is a great way to connect with existing customers and offer them tailored conversational experiences. For this purpose, you can integrate your WordPress live chat plugin with your CRM. So, when a repeat visitor comes to your WordPress site again, you can view important information like previous chat transcripts and purchase history.

Based on these insights, you can tailor your conversations with customers.

3. Reduce Cart Abandonment

When customers reach your product page and make a purchase, there are a host of reasons why they might choose to drop off. But it takes a good engagement strategy to avert such an issue. Cart abandonment is surprisingly common, with the average rate being around 70%.

Live chat offers targeted messaging that allows you to send a discount code to the customers who are about to drop off from the checkout process. This helps you encourage customers to make the purchase without any hesitation.

Important Features of a WordPress Chat Plugin

Now that you completely understand what makes a WP live chat plugin essential, let’s look at some of its salient features in this section.

  1. Greetings and Announcements

These two features allow you to message customers to keep them engaged proactively. With greetings, you can welcome website visitors with a customized message and create a great first impression. Announcements allow you to showcase product offers and updates through the live chat widget.

  1. Canned Responses

These are predefined responses that can be used when a customer asks a frequently asked question. Hence, a canned response is an effective strategy for handling multiple customers at once. This feature reduces the response time and instantly delivers customer delight.

  1. Customizable Chat Widget

By customizing your live chat widget, you can align it with your brand’s aesthetic. Some important customization features are the color, design, and positioning of the chat widget. A well-designed widget attracts customers to start chatting with you.

  1. Multi-lingual Support

Your live chat plugin should offer support for many languages so that you can cater to customers across the world. After all, not everybody speaks English. Also, customers are more comfortable speaking in their native tongue even if they do know English.

List of 13 Live Chat Plugins

Let us help you through the numerous options with our quick list of the best WordPress Live Chat plugins. Read on to know more.

1. ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat

Since you are looking for the best live chat for WordPress, ProProfs Chat is your best bet. You can start with its free trial to explore features like visitor monitoring, chat routing, canned responses, and more. With the paid plan, you can explore the advanced features like building chatbots.

The best part about this live chat plugin for a WordPress website is its detailed reports that show specific KPIs for measuring operator performance. With integrations to email marketing tools, social media, and CRM, you can offer complete omnichannel support.

Features of ProProfs Chat

  • Announce product features and the latest deals.
  • Route chats to the correct department.
  • Deliver proactive messages with chat routing.
  • Receive detailed reports on operator performance.
  • Automate support with ProProfs Chatbot.


Starts at $20/month

What we liked: It has robust reporting and analytics features.

What could’ve been better: There need to be more chatbot templates.

2. LiveChat


LiveChat is almost as good as being termed as the best wordpress chat plugin, and it tops our list for its simple user interface and useful features. This live chat plugin can help your operators send targeted messages to drive conversions, simplify chat routing, and do much more.

LiveChat also offers settings such as team management, where you can decide the roles and responsibilities of your operators. This live chat tool also allows you to send chat transcripts to track the quality of conversations. It captures chats from various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Features of LiveChat

  • Track your marketing efforts with the goals and sales tracker.
  • Convert missed chats into tickets with a ticketing system.
  • Integrate with 200+ apps.
  • Ensure GDPR compliance and get single sign-on options.
  • Customize agent profiles for a personalized experience.


Starts at $16/month

What we liked: It offers numerous integrations with popular tools.

What could’ve been better:  It takes a lot of time to load and can bring down the site loading time.

3. Olark

Olark is another option that you can consider when searching for a WordPress chat plugin

Olark is another option that you can consider when searching for a WordPress chat plugin. This is one of the best website chat plugins when it comes to customization options for your live chat widget. You can change colors and add an avatar for a more personalized experience. 

You can automate support with the chatbot feature to offer complete availability to your customers. Olark gives insight into best practices with its analytics to help your business retain customers. Also, you can deliver targeted messages triggered by specific user interactions.

Features of Olark

  • Store chat transcripts in your CRM or Olark.
  • Create custom pre-chat forms to capture customer details.
  • Offer proactive support to customers.
  • Improve operator performance with the help of their reports.
  • Integrate with favorite tools in seconds.


Starts at $29/month

What we liked: It is easy to pick up.

What could’ve been better: There are some issues when talking to multiple customers.

4. Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk Chat is the best live chat WordPress plugin because of its seamless integration with a smart knowledge base. It helps your operators connect faster with website visitors and learn their pain points. This equips your operators with valid solutions and helps them grow sales instantly.

Besides this, it even offers you in-depth reports on your operator’s performance in real-time so that you can make improvements to their approach. You can even automate the chatbot’s support experience and regulate the chat volume. 

Features of Zendesk Chat

  • Create conversation flows with provisions for routing.
  • Create a rich media experience with emojis and GIFs.
  • Manage incoming chats anytime, anywhere with a mobile app feature.
  • Customize chat widget as per your branding.
  • Offer 24×7 support with chatbots.


Starts at $49/month

What we liked: Zendesk Chat supports numerous languages allowing you to connect with global customers.

What could’ve been better: You don’t get the option to view the question before entering the chat. Hence, it can leave little room for preparing an answer.

5. Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat

Tidio makes our list of the best chat plugins for WordPress because of its chatbot-building capabilities. This live chat tool helps you slash response time with canned responses and intelligent chat routing. It helps your operators keep the customers engaged during the conversation through targeted messaging on key pages.

It even enables your operators to review visitor activity on your website to simplify proactive support. You can also schedule automated email campaigns with it and reach your target audience without any hassle.

Features of Tidio

  • Create chatbots with a visual editor, such as the cart abandonment bot.
  • Match your live chat widget with your website’s theme.
  • Integrate with the top platforms to boost the functionality of your plugin.
  • Manage incoming chats on the go with the mobile app.
  • Incentivize customers to make purchases with personalized discounts.


Starts at $19/month

What we liked: It has a simple user interface, which makes it easy and fun to use.

What could’ve been better: There could be provisions for more chat widget icons.

6. Drift


Drift is one of the finest automated live chat solutions that helps your business accelerate sales faster. It enables you to generate more qualified leads for your business and keep your sales pipeline going. With its Drift Deal Room, you can consolidate your customer data that your sales team can leverage to offer tailored products and offers.

You get actionable insights on what the customer is looking for on your website, which makes it easier to offer a customized experience. It helps you route the customers to the correct department and resolve their problems faster.

Features of Drift

  • Offer support with chatbots in multiple languages.
  • Route chats to smoothen the customer journey.
  • Use virtual assistants to streamline your sales pipeline.
  • Deliver proactive messages to optimize the checkout process.
  • Capture lead information with a pre-chat form.


Request the company for a quote

What we liked: You can schedule Drift Meetings that allow your customers to book appointments with your sales rep.

What could’ve been better: You cannot A/B test two bots simultaneously.

7. Userlike


Userlike, just like the other entries for top WordPress live chat plugins on this list, is a great choice for your business. That’s because this live chat plugin for the website helps your business reach customers proactively in real time. More importantly, its simple interface makes it easier for your operators to learn about the tool and start working with it.

Also, it helps you capture leads in real time and store them as prospects for your sales team to convert later. What’s more, you can track every interaction and view chat transcripts for pinpointing improvement areas.

Key Features:

  • Create support operator groups for better team management.
  • Forward chats with the context to agents.
  • Create customer profiles when the pre-chat form gets filled.
  • Integrate with your favorite CRM platform to store leads.
  • Capture chat ratings and feedback to improve support.


Request the company for a quote.

What we liked: It is packed with features such as filtering, smart notifications, and in-built dashboards.

What could’ve been better: It could have more customization options.

8. Tawk.to


Tawk.to is one of the top live chat plugins for WordPress that offers premium live chat features at no cost! This free live chat plugin helps you monitor chats in real-time and levels up your customer support. It even allows you to send proactive messages to customers and capture incoming leads successfully. 

You successfully get the opportunity to get close with leads, engage with them in real time and convert them into sales. For this, you can meet customers, collaborate with operators, assign them incoming chats, and easily share knowledge for a better support experience.

Features of Tawk.to

  • View visitor activity on your WordPress website in real time.
  • Offers 45+ language support to help you communicate with global customers.
  • Answer incoming chats from your mobile devices with their app.
  • Canned responses reduce your response time.
  • Track customer sentiment and identify their pain points easily.


It is free

What we liked: It has a helpful chat translator allowing you to offer multi-lingual support.

What could’ve been better: It would help to have more alerting notifications to make sure you don’t miss them.

9. Pure Chat

Pure Chat

Pure Chat is yet another awesome solution you’ll come across while discussing the top live chat WordPress plugins. This easy-to-install and straightforward plugin has a simple user interface that makes it easy to learn. You can communicate with customers effectively, thanks to its 1000+ integrations made available when you use it with Zapier.

It has great personalization options that allow immense flexibility when you brand your chat widget. This tool helps you get a complete view of what your operators are doing and how they are engaging with customers.

Features of Pure Chat

  • View real-time analytics to improve customer engagement.
  • Integrate with InfusionSoft, Google Analytics, and HubSpot.
  • Customize your live chat widget and match your website’s theme.
  • Create automation workflows with Zapier.
  • Offer support on your mobile devices.


Starts at $39/month

What we liked: It has numerous customization options and it has an easy-to-use interface.

What could’ve been better: They don’t have a free plan anymore.

10. LiveAgent


LiveAgent is one of the fastest live chat plugins to use that can conveniently be integrated into your WordPress website. This live chat plugin helps you create an omnichannel experience for your business by capturing every communication from different platforms and bringing all these into a single place.

It helps you resolve queries faster by helping you route the chat to the correct department and sending canned messages to keep the response time minimum. It allows you to send files to your customers and team members.

Features of LiveAgent

  • Send proactive chat invitations to know your visitors better.
  • Monitor your visitors and create personalized conversation experiences.
  • See what your customers are typing with a real-time typing view.
  • Customize your live chat widget freely.
  • Integrate with its native help desk solution.


Starts at $29/month

What we liked: It offers great bundles for a ticketing system cum live chat option at varying price points.

What could’ve been better: The spam filter isn’t entirely accurate.

11. Jivochat

Jivochat is another live chat plugin that you can consider for your WordPress website

Jivochat is another live chat plugin that you can consider for your WordPress website. Just like the other tools in the list, it connects with WordPress websites in seconds. It helps you connect with your customers and prospects using different channels. 

Customers connecting via callback, email, Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and others are converted into chats that your support agents can manage in real-time.

Jivochat also helps your agents to correspond with customers at lightning-fast speed. They can even collaborate with their team members internally and provide a solution to the customer faster without routing them from one department to another. 

Features of Jivochat

  • Helps you create and save quick phrases that can be used during a conversation.
  • Offer support in 90+ languages.
  • Receive productivity features like color-coded chats, hot-keys, message peek, etc. 
  • Allows you to send chat transcripts to customers via email.
  • Share files with customers for better support.


Starts at $25/month

What we liked: It has a free plan that allows you to set up live chat for your small business.

What could’ve been better: The UI could be more modern.

12. Crisp


Crisp is originally seen to be an all-in-one multichannel that brings together chat, help desk, and a knowledge base. Its live chat plugin is full of features and is easy to use. You can guide customers through an issue with video calling and co-browsing. 

With Crisp, you can create an engaging experience with visitors during an ongoing chat by using features like GIFs or even video previews. This will keep customers engaged with the brand and allow you to build relationships with them. Moreover, it can integrate with messaging channels like Facebook Messenger, email, Instagram, etc.

Features of Crisp

  • Allows you to translate messages in real time.
  • Offers integration with your knowledge base.
  • Helps you share files with customers.
  • Communicate with customers through video chat.
  • Helps you co-browse with visitors.


Starts at $25/month

What we liked: Customer support for Crisp is prompt and helpful.

What could’ve been better: The review offered by a customer is linked to the last person chatting with a customer. 

13. WP Live Chat by 3CX

WP Live Chat by 3CX

If you are looking for a free live chat plugin, then 3CX is a great choice. It allows you to connect with your website visitors and help your agents to find relevant information instantly. You can use this live chat solution to upsell and cross-sell effectively. 

You can assign as many agents you wish to your group chats without incurring higher costs. Also, it is a fully customizable live chat plugin with video conferencing options. You can chat with your operators or directly call them from the widget. 

Features of 3CX

  • Create predefined responses for live chat.
  • Access missed chats and resolve them on your own time.
  • Store messages while your agents are offline.
  • Bar visitors from chatting based on IP address.
  • Add your logo to your chat window and customize it as you want.


It is free

What we liked: It has good reporting and error-checking capabilities.

What could’ve been better: The mobile app has some issues and can drop calls randomly.

Comparison of the Top WordPress Live Chat Plugin

Features Pricing Chatbots Announcement Proactive Messages Automatic Routing Multilingual Support
ProProfs Chat Starts at $20/month Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
LiveChat Starts at $16/month Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Olark Starts from $29/month Yes No Yes No No
Zendesk Chat Starts from $49/month Yes No Yes Yes No
Tidio Live Chat Starts at $19/month Yes No No Yes No
Drift Request the company for a quote Yes Yes Yes No No
Userlike Request the company for a quote Yes No Yes Yes No
Tawk.to It is free No No Yes No No
Pure Chat Starts at $39/month No No No Yes No
LiveAgent Starts at $29/month No Yes Yes Yes Yes
JivoChat Starts at $19/month Yes No No Yes No
Crisp Starts at $25/month Yes No Yes Yes No
3CX It is free No No No No Yes

Get the Best Live Chat Plugin for Your WordPress Business Website

Finding the best live chat plugin for a WordPress website is like finding a needle in a haystack. You have too many options available in the market, and it is hard to identify which one is the perfect match for your WordPress support needs.

You need to settle for a live chat plugin that scales along with your business, fits within your company’s budget, delivers instant support, and helps you take chats no matter where your operators are. Considering such criteria, we’d say ProProfs Chat can be one of the few recommendations you can give a try. You sign up for the tool for free and browse its features at length.

We hope you get to find the best live chat plugin for your WordPress website and get started with the support process instantly.

Now let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions around the same below.

Q1: What is the best live chat plugin for WordPress?

Live chat plugins like ProProfs Chat, LiveChat and Zendesk are some of the top picks by businesses. This proves that they are some of the best live chat plugins for WordPress users in today’s date.

Q2: Does WordPress have a built in live chat feature?

Sadly, WordPress doesn’t own a live chat feature of its own that users can implement on their WordPress website. That’s why you get to see live chat plugins listed when you search for live chat on their plugins section. 

Q3: How do I add a live chat plugin to WordPress?

To add a live chat plugin to your WordPress website, you can go and check out this video link that explains in detail how easy it is to add the plugin in minutes.

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