Engage your eCommerce prospects and grow sales with Volusion live chat integration. This plugin helps you identify upsell & cross-sell opportunities easily.

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How ProProfs Chat & Volusion Integration Works?

ProProfs Live Chat plugin for Volusion store helps your business engage with prospects in real-time and address their questions related to the latest offers, pricing, and products much faster.

After you integrate Volusion with live chat, your operators will be able to initiate proactive conversations with your store visitors and help them make informed buying decisions.

Volusion live chat integration helps you capture more qualified leads, show relevant product recommendations, identify upsell opportunities, and close sales faster.

Features & Benefits of ProProfs Chat & Volusion Integration
  • Know Your eCommerce Prospects Better

    Get to know your potential customers better via live chat features such as real time visitor monitoring. You get to see which page they landed on, how long they browsed a product page and more.

  • Capture Qualified Leads in Real-Time

    Use ProProfs ChatBot to simulate human-like interaction and capture more detailed information about your eCommerce prospects. You can also use the pre-chat form and offline messages to capture qualified leads for your online business.

  • Announce Latest Updates, Sales & More

    Create announcements for your latest product range launch or upcoming sales. This will help you increase engagement on your website and identify upsell opportunities for your eCommerce business.

  • Connect Proactively with Website Visitors

    Offer instant, 24x7 support to visitors proactively with Volusion live chat integration. You can trigger chat greetings on the basis of the visitor’s browsing behavior or during the checkout stage when they are about to leave without buying from you.

  • Display Relevant Product Recommendations

    Increase your customer’s cart value by displaying product recommendations during an ongoing chat. You can also use our chatbot to identify visitor behavior and suggest relevant recommendations based on their browsing patterns.

  • Improve Your Support Process

    Integrate Volusion with live chat to capture customer feedback with features like post-chat forms once a chat comes to an end. It will help you understand whether customers are satisfied with your services and identify knowledge gaps among your support team members.

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