Build a seamless support experience for your customers using ProProfs Live Chat integration with Joomla

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What Is ProProfs Live Chat & Joomla Integration & How it Works?

Never miss a customer question again with ProProfs Live Chat and Joomla integration. Once you integrate live chat with Joomla, your operators get the opportunity to provide instant support to your customers. Warm support, in turn, prompts customers to return to your website more often. Increase website engagement, boost leads and improve conversions for your business with ProProfs Live Chat for Joomla integration. Learn the features and benefits of the integration below to get a sense of how it works.

Features & Benefits of ProProfs Live Chat & Joomla Integration:
  • Offer Customized Support

    Add live chat to Joomla and monitor visitor behavior in real-time. Help your operators understand whether the visitor came with purchase intent. You can further put the Joomla chat integration to work by setting chat triggers to prompt proactive interactions with visitors. For example, Hey! You’re looking at the pricing page for quite some time. May I help you? This is surely going to spike up your website engagement.

  • Capture Valuable Customer Feedback

    Use our built-in feedback surveys to capture valuable customer feedback with the Joomla live chat plugin. You can do it in two ways - either add a post-chat form to your live chat for Joomla to gather valuable customer feedback or automate an after-chat email to your customers asking how they liked your support services. Improve product quality, streamline your customer support process, and train your support team to match customer expectations with this Joomla live chat integration.

  • Capture Quality Leads

    Never miss a quality lead by integrating live chat with Joomla. Use our pre-chat form to capture quality leads for your business and boost your conversion rate. The best part is - you can customize the pre-chat and post-chat forms to capture the information you deem important based on the nature of your business.

  • Reports & Analytics

    Get detailed insights into how your operators are performing, and how delighted your customers are with this Joomla live chat plugin. ProProfs equips you with in-depth analytics that help you track metrics like missed chats, the average response rate, the total number of chats accepted, the average operator rating, and more. Besides, you can also track CSAT metrics like chat satisfaction level and individual operator rating.

  • Announcements

    Announce new features, upcoming offers, and flash sales with Announcements. With ProProfs Live Chat for Joomla, you can customize announcements based on what you would like your visitors or customers to know. This undoubtedly boosts engagement and conversions for your business.

  • Chat Greetings

    Greet your customers with a personalized message based on what page they are looking at and their browsing behavior. Integrate live chat for Joomla to set conditions to help you trigger chats after a visitor completes a certain amount of time on a specific page. This will allow your operators to connect with visitors faster than ever before.

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