Add live chat to Wix webpage to know your visitors and provide them real-time support. Get ProProfs Chat to provide delightful support!

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About Wix Integration With Live Chat

You can add live chat to your Wix webpages to provide instant support and convert your visitors into paying customers. The integration of the two platforms will allow you to be more proactive and address customer questions in real-time. With ProProfs Live Chat Software on your Wix website, you can track visitor behavior and initiate chats at strategic moments to improve sales and support.

Key Benefits of Wix Integration With Live Chat
  • Gather Quality Leads

    Integrating live chat with Wix will allow your business to gather quality leads. Before a chat is initiated, your website visitors will receive a pre-chat form. Once the form is completed, the data collected from your visitor can be stored as a lead in CRM platforms such as SugarCRM, MS Dynamics, and Salesforce. This information and the chat history can be used by the operator to approach the same visitor later so they can nurture the lead.

  • Be More Proactive

    With Wix live chat app integration, it’s easy for chat operators to be more proactive. ProProfs Chat comes with Chat Greetings which allow operators to initiate a chat based on visitors’ behavior on your website. These greetings can either be automated or sent manually. With Chat Greetings, operators can conduct personalized conversations with visitors at strategic moments when a sale is most likely to take place.

  • Track Visitors in Real-Time

    ProProfs Live Chat for Wix makes it possible for agents to track visitor activity in real-time. With the live chat integration, they can gather information like visitor’s name, contact details, the web page they were browsing, how much time they spent on a page, and much more. Access to such insightful data helps operators and business owners make calculated decisions that further improve sales and support efforts.

Key Features of Wix Integration With Live Chat
  • Pre-Chat & Post-Chat Forms

    Gather all visitor information and use pre-chat and post-chat survey forms to evaluate the chat experience. Both are easy to implement and can be customized according to your specific needs. Integrating live chat with Wix is the perfect way to analyze whether your visitors were delighted with your operator’s performance or not. Plus, capturing qualified leads.

  • Chat Greetings

    Add live chat to your Wix webpage and greet your customers with a personal message to engage them and offer them your services. You can initiate a conversation with Chat Greetings when you see a visitor on a page for a certain amount of time or use them on an individual basis when you see a particular visitor behavior. Use greetings to delight your customers with your proactive support services.

  • Real-time Visitor Monitoring

    Monitor your website visitors in real-time and extend support in case you see them stuck on a page for a long time. This gives your visitors the impression that you care for them and will keep them motivated to return to you in the future for further support. You will have access to insightful data that will help your operators improve their support services significantly.

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