Integrate ProProfs Live Chat with Zoho CRM to get actionable insights on customers, understand their purchasing patterns, and upsell products smartly.

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What Is Zoho CRM & Live Chat Integration & How It Works?

Capture qualified leads, get alerts on returning customers, understand purchasing patterns, find upsell opportunities, and increase sales with Zoho CRM live chat integration.

ProProfs Live Chat integration with Zoho CRM equips you with everything you need to identify customer pain points and build a support experience. The integration enables your operators to know whether the visitor came with purchase intent on your website. Make the most of these features and increase sales for your business easily.

Features & Benefits of Zoho CRM & Live Chat Integration
  • Capture Quality Leads With Pre-Chat Form

    Capture quality leads with our pre-chat form and store them as prospects for your business with the help of ProProfs Live Chat and Zoho CRM integration.

  • Get Hot Lead Alerts

    Do not miss out on your hot leads using our live chat integration with Zoho CRM. Receive alerts in your Zoho CRM for returning visitors that you can group together and notify the right department.

  • Increase Upsell & Cross-Sell Opportunities

    Integrate live chat with Zoho CRM to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities for your business. Initiate customized support for visitors and suggest deals, product discounts, etc. based on their browsing behavior.

  • Capture Customer Experience With Post-Chat Form

    Zoho CRM and live chat integration enable you to capture and save customer feedback. The amalgamation of the two platforms allows your business to capture customer experience via our customizable post-chat form. This allows you to personalize your customer’s journey and improve their purchase experience.

  • View Previous Interactions to Improve Support

    Integrate ProProfs Live Chat with Zoho CRM and record customer interactions. Get insights into what customers prefer and provide them personalized solutions accordingly. Operators can also track what questions did the customer raise previously and deliver delightful support.

  • Monitor Visitors in Real-Time

    With ProProfs Live Chat integration with Zoho CRM, your operators can easily track visitors in real-time. Easily learn whether a visitor landed on your website with purchase intent. Use personalized chat greetings to initiate a chat with visitors. For example, “hey! I can see you’re looking at our pricing page for quite some time. Please let me know if I can help you with anything”. Triggering a chat in such strategic moments helps you convert easily.

Zoho CRM Integration Guide Try Chat Free Get a Demo

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