Integrate ProProfs Live Chat with Facebook to help your business target the right audience and flourish your business on the social media platform.

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What Is ProProfs Live Chat & Facebook Integration?

Connecting your Facebook business page with a live chat tool, such as ProProfs, equips you with everything you need to provide your social users with instant support. You can boost engagement and capture qualified leads that otherwise get buried under the pile of unwanted Facebook chats.

Why ask your Facebook fans to reach out to you for product inquiries or support via your website? Offer them help where they are with your Facebook business page and live chat integration.

The best part is - this combination equips your support team to answer customer questions both ways - directly from your Facebook page or using your ProProfs Chat dashboard. Customize the customer journey and boost your social conversions. Here’s a quick look at the features cum benefits of the integration.

Features & Benefits of Facebook & Live Chat Integration
  • Capture Qualified Leads & Customer Data

    It's hard to help your customers when you hardly know them. This Facebook live chat integration helps you understand customer pain-points and capture qualified leads for your business. Use the pre-chat and post-chat forms to gather data and enable your operators to customize support experience as per your customers’ expectations.

  • Gauge Visitor Intent & Offer Proactive Support

    Enable operators to monitor visitor behavior on your Facebook business page and initiate a chat to offer proactive support. Both visitor monitoring and chat greetings help your operators understand visitor intent and start a conversation at strategic moments.

  • Chats From Across Your FB Pages in One Place

    Get customer inquiries from all your brand pages using a single chat code with the help of this live chat Facebook integration. Capture all your social conversations in one place and boost operator productivity.

  • Create Experiences & Gain Competitive Edge

    There are two things that your customers expect - instant response and seamless communication. Once you integrate live chat with your Facebook page, meeting such expectations will become more comfortable. Offering instant support through knowledge base integration and converting missed chats into tickets with help desk integration will help you create an overall delightful support experience and stand apart from your competition.

Facebook Integration Guide Try Chat Free Get a Demo

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