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10 Best HR Chatbots for Employee Engagement in 2024

Choosing the best HR chatbot for your business can be daunting, especially with so many options available on the market.

Fret not!

I have curated a list of the 10 best HR chatbots to help you improve employee engagement and automate your support processes.

So, let’s get straight to the list without wasting a minute!

HR Chatbot Best For Plan
ProProfs Chat Drag-and-Drop Editor and Customization Forever-free for a single operator. Paid plan starts at $19.99/operator/month.
Chatfuel Multilingual Support Starts at $15.66/month.
Botsify Multilingual Support Starts at $49/month.
MeBeBot Automation Custom pricing.
Drift NLP (Natural Language Processing) Starts at $2500/month.
Leena AI Document Management System Starts at $2-$10/month.
AskHR Engagement Analytics Custom pricing.
Rezolve.ai Onboarding Starts at $650-$700/month.
Smartbots.ai Conversational AI Custom pricing.
Intercom Shared Inbox Starts at $74/month.

Top 10 HR chatbots for 2024

I have first-hand experience with most of the tools on this list. However, I have also included tools recommended by my industry peers and top review sites.

1. ProProfs Chat

Best for Drag-and-Drop Editor and Customization

I have been using ProProfs Chat for my human resource management, and am very satisfied with the results. ProProfs Chatbot is a platform that allows you to create chatbots for your website without requiring any technical expertise. It is the most user-friendly and affordable chatbot software in the market.

One of the features that I love the most about ProProfs Chat is its chatbot builder. ProProfs has a simple and intuitive interface that lets you build chatbots with a drag-and-drop editor. You can choose from various templates or create your chatbot from scratch. You can also customize your chatbot’s appearance, personality, and language.

ProProfs Chat helps me to automate various HR tasks, such as recruiting, screening, interviewing, and onboarding candidates. It also helps me to improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. 

The chatbot seamlessly integrates with ProProfs Knowledge Base, which allows me to offer self-help to my employees, saving me time and effort. 

I’ve also been impressed with the accuracy of ProProfs Chat’s responses. The chatbot is constantly learning and improving, and it can understand and respond to even the most complex inquiries. This has helped reduce the number of tickets that need to be escalated to human agents and improved employee satisfaction.

What you’ll like:

  • Intelligent chat routing to human agents for complex inquiries.
  • Pre-chat forms to collect customer information and route them to the right agents.
  • CRM integration to route contact information directly to the centralized depository.
  • Chat transcripts to access past conversations for a better understanding of employee needs.

What you will not like:

  • Frequent AI chatbot updates can overwhelm new users.
  • The free plan is limited to a single operator.

Pricing: Forever-free for a single operator. Team plan starts at $19.99/operator/month.

2. Chatfuel

Best for Multichannel Support

(Image Source: Hootsuite)

I used Chatfuel to create an HR chatbot for my business and was very impressed by the results. Chatfuel is a chatbot platform that allows you to create chatbots on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, and your website.

One of the features that Chatfuel is best known for is its multichannel support. Chatfuel enables you to reach customers and employees on their preferred channels, such as WhatsApp and Facebook. You can also sync your chatbot data across different platforms and manage them from one dashboard.

Chatfuel helped me to automate various tasks, such as recruiting, screening, interviewing, and onboarding candidates. It also helped me to improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention. 

Chatfuel offers a lot of integrations with other tools, such as Google Sheets, Hubspot, Shopify, and Zapier. It also has a built-in AI and NLP to handle complex conversations. It is an excellent chatbot platform for creating HR chatbots without coding. It has a lot of positive reviews from users who praise its performance, functionality, and support. 

I highly recommend Chatfuel to anyone who wants to create an HR chatbot for their business.

What you’ll like:

  • Mobile app to offer communication on the go.
  • Rich media support to send images, videos, audio, etc.
  • Plugins and integrations with third-party services and APIs.
  • Employee insights and segmentation to target users based on their behavior and preferences.

What you may not like:

  • Complex or confusing to use, especially for beginners or non-technical users.
  • Bugs, glitches, or errors with the platform or the integrations.

Pricing: Starts at $15.66/month.

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3. Botsify

Best for Multilingual Support

I run a small business operating in different countries, and I needed to streamline my HR tasks and communicate with my employees effectively. That’s why I decided to use Botsify, a chatbot platform specializing in HR solutions.

Botsify helped me automate various HR processes, such as recruitment, onboarding, feedback, and document sharing. I created chatbots that could interact with candidates, employees, and managers and provide them with the needed information and support. 

Botsify is also integrated with various platforms, such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Telegram, making it easy for me to reach out to my audience. 

One of the best features of Botsify is its multilingual support. Botsify can understand and respond in over 100 languages, which is useful for my global team. I created chatbots that could adapt to the language preferences of my employees and provide them with a personalized and engaging experience.

Botsify has improved my employee engagement and productivity and reduced my HR workload and costs. I highly recommend Botsify to anyone looking for a smart and simple way to manage their HR tasks.

What you’ll like:

  • Form builder to collect user information and feedback.
  • User-friendly chatbot builder with drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Human takeover option to transfer chatbot conversations to live agents.
  • Chatbot analytics and optimization tools to improve chatbot performance and user satisfaction.

What you may not like:

  • Issues with customer service, documentation, and updates.
  • Challenges with the natural language processing or AI capabilities.

Pricing: Starts at $49/month.

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4. MeBeBot

Best for Automation

Mebebot is an AI-powered chatbot that can simplify and enhance the employee experience by providing instant answers to HR, IT, and operations questions. Mebebot can handle various inquiries, including company policies, benefits, payroll, IT support, etc. 

You can install Mebebot as an app in Teams, Slack, or web portals and manage all your communications from one place.

One of the features that Mebebot is best known for is its ability to automate answers to frequently asked questions using a knowledge base that can be updated in real-time. This way, you can reduce support costs, improve employee satisfaction, and gain valuable insights into your employees’ needs and engagement. 

You can also use Mebebot to send push messages and custom pulse surveys to collect feedback and improve the employee experience.

Mebebot has received positive reviews from many users and sources. They have praised Mebebot’s ease of use, good integration options, and robust functionality. If you are looking for a smart and reliable chatbot solution for your HR needs, you should consider Mebebot.

What you’ll like:

  • Pulse surveys to gather employee feedback.
  • DEX dashboard to get insights into employee utilization.
  • Manager ToolBot to guide employees to the right content.
  • Push messaging to deliver reminders, alerts, and notifications.

What you may not like:

  • Limited customization or personalization options.
  • Trouble with the accuracy, relevance, and timeliness of the answers.

Pricing: Custom pricing.

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5. Drift

Best for NLP (Natural Language Processing)

(Image Source: G2)

I owned a medium-sized company that had a diverse and distributed workforce. I wanted to improve its HR efficiency and effectiveness and provide a better experience for my employees. That’s why I chose Drift, a conversational AI platform that enables me to create custom and intelligent chatbots for HR purposes.

Drift helped me automate many HR tasks, such as hiring, training, performance management, and employee engagement. I was able to create chatbots that could interact with applicants, new hires, existing employees, and managers and provide them with relevant information and guidance. 

I could integrate my chatbot with various tools, such as Slack, Zoom, and Google Calendar, making it easy for me to communicate and collaborate with my team.

One of the best features of Drift is its natural language processing (NLP) capability. This chatbot could understand and respond to human language and learn from every conversation. It also handled complex queries and provided personalized and contextual responses. 

Drift improved my HR productivity and increased my employee satisfaction and retention. I highly recommend Drift to anyone who is looking for a powerful and user-friendly way to create HR chatbots.

What you’ll like:

  • Chat-to-email functionality for ongoing communication.
  • Automated meeting scheduling to streamline appointment booking.
  • Integration with email, calendar, and video tools to schedule and conduct interviews.
  • Chatbot analytics and reporting tools to track chatbot performance and user behavior.

What you may not like:

  • Requires constant monitoring to maintain accurate chatbot responses.
  • Higher pricing for access to essential features like chat routing.

Pricing: Starts at $2500/month.

6. Leena AI

Best for Document Management System

(Image Source: G2)

I used Leena AI to create a virtual assistant for my HR department in the past. It was a great decision, as Leena AI helped me streamline HR initiatives, boost employee engagement, and optimize HR processes. 

Leena AI is an autonomous conversational AI-backed platform that works with multiple platforms, such as ADP, Workday, and MS Office 365. One of the features that I found most helpful was the document management system, which allowed me to easily store, access, and share HR documents. 

The chatbot automated HR tasks, such as answering policy-related questions, employee onboarding, workflow automation, and more. It also collected and analyzed conversational data, which gave me valuable insights into employee satisfaction, performance, and feedback. 

Leena AI helped me create a centralized and searchable repository of all my HR documents, such as the employee handbook, benefits plan, code of conduct, etc. I could upload, update, and organize these documents using the Leena AI dashboard. 

The chatbots also used natural language processing to extract key information and insights from these documents and provide them to my employees on demand.

What you’ll like:

  • Chatbot analytics and insights tools to measure chatbot impact and ROI.
  • Chatbot security and compliance features to ensure data privacy and protection.
  • Integration with HR systems and applications to access and update employee data.
  • Employee engagement and feedback features to collect and analyze employee sentiments and suggestions.

What you may not like:

  • Abrupt shutdown of the chatbot window.
  • Slower responses from the customer support team.

Pricing: Starts at $2-$10/month.

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7. AskHR

Best for Engagement Analytics

One of the biggest challenges I once faced was managing employee engagement. 

It was hard to track how employees felt about their work, their colleagues, and their managers and how to improve their satisfaction and retention. That’s why I was so impressed by AskHR, a chatbot that helps HR professionals measure and improve employee engagement. 

AskHR is an intelligent and friendly chatbot that interacts with employees through text or voice, asking them relevant questions and providing feedback and tips. AskHR also collects and analyzes the data from these conversations, generating insightful reports and dashboards that show the engagement levels, trends, and areas of improvement for each employee, team, and department.

AskHR helped me save time and money by automating the engagement surveys and providing actionable insights. I was able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of my organization and implement effective strategies to boost employee morale, productivity, and loyalty. 

What you’ll like:

  • Multilingual support with over 50 languages.
  • Employee self-service and empowerment feature.
  • AI and NLP features to enable natural and conversational chatbots.
  • Integration with Skype and Microsoft Teams for employee collaboration.

What you may not like:

  • Limited option to customize the chatbot appearance.
  • Trouble with installation, integration, and maintenance of the software.

Pricing: Custom pricing.

8. Rezolve.ai

Best for Onboarding

Rezolve.ai is an AI-powered employee service desk software that I used to streamline my HR and IT support processes. 

It integrated seamlessly with Microsoft Teams and Slack, allowing me to access HR support within these platforms. I could chat with a smart virtual assistant who answered my questions, created tickets and triggered workflows for me.

One of the features that I liked the most about Rezolve.ai was its automated onboarding. It made my onboarding process smooth and hassle-free by automating user provisioning, assigning training, and providing a knowledge buddy. 

I could learn about the company policies, benefits, payroll, and more in bite-sized microlearning modules. I also received real-time feedback and support from the HR team through the chatbot.

Rezolve.ai improved my productivity and satisfaction by providing instant and personalized HR support. It also reduced the workload and cost for the HR and IT teams by automating and self-resolving most of the requests. 

I recommend Rezolve.ai to anyone looking for a modern and efficient HR service desk solution.

What you’ll like:

  • Automation for FAQs, HR cases, and workflows.
  • Live chat transfer to connect with HR experts instantly.
  • Employee retention features to motivate and reward employees. 
  • Elements like tests, surveys, and quizzes to engage your employees.

What you may not like:

  • A steep learning curve for new users.
  • Higher pricing as compared to other HR chatbots.

Pricing: Starts at $650-$700/month.

9. Smartbots.ai

Best for Conversational AI

I learned about SmartBots.ai from a colleague who had used it for his recruitment and onboarding processes. He told me that SmartBots had saved him a lot of time and effort by screening candidates, scheduling interviews, sending reminders, collecting feedback, and providing orientation. 

One of the features that SmartBots was best known for was its conversational AI technology, which enabled the chatbots to understand natural language and provide relevant and personalized responses. 

SmartBots also had a user-friendly interface, allowing users to create and manage chatbots without coding. SmartBots are integrated with various HR software and platforms like SAP, Workday, and LinkedIn. 

What you’ll like:

  • Pre-built templates designed for HR domains and functions.
  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring for Insightful Analytics.
  • Omnichannel, multimodality, and live agent transfer support.
  • Personalized and adaptable customer experiences using generative AI capabilities.

What you may not like:

  • Unresponsive customer support team.
  • Issues with data synchronization when integrating with third-party platforms.

Pricing: Custom pricing.

10. Intercom

Best for Shared Inbox 

(Image Source: Pageflows)

Intercom is a platform that enables you to create and customize your own conversational AI solutions for various business needs. I used Intercom to develop an HR chatbot for my company and was very pleased with the outcome. 

Intercom has a user-friendly interface that lets you design your chatbot’s personality, appearance, and behavior. You can also choose from various templates and scenarios or create your own from scratch. 

Intercom is best known for its shared inbox, which allows you to handle employee conversations from the Intercom Messenger, email, or any integrated channel. 

It also offers rich customer data, workflows and automation, ticketing, help content, and more. Intercom helped me to automate and streamline HR operations, such as onboarding, training, scheduling, and payroll management. 

Intercom improved the employee experience and the HR team’s productivity. I highly recommend Intercom to anyone who wants to create a conversational AI solution for their business.

What you’ll like:

  • Employee segmentation for targeted communication.
  • Custom Bot to qualify and route leads to the right sales reps.
  • Resolution Bot that resolves common customer queries instantly and accurately.
  • Task Bot that automates repetitive tasks like booking meetings and collecting feedback.

What you may not like:

  • Intercom’s pricing plans can confuse new users.
  • Slower customer support.

Pricing: Starts at $74/month.

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  1. User Reviews / Ratings: Direct experiences from users, including ratings and feedback from reputable sites, provide a ground-level perspective. This feedback is critical in understanding overall satisfaction and potential problems.
  1. Essential Features & Functionality: The value of a product is ascertained by its core features and overall functionality. Through an in-depth exploration of these aspects, the practical usefulness and effectiveness of the tools are carefully evaluated.
  1. Ease of Use: The user-friendliness of a product or service is assessed, focusing on the design, interface, and navigation. This ensures a positive experience for users of all levels of expertise.
  1. Customer Support: The quality of customer support is examined, taking into account its efficiency and how well it supports users in different phases – setting up, addressing concerns, and resolving operational issues.
  1. Value for Money: Value for money is evaluated by comparing the quality, performance, and features. The goal is to help the reader understand whether they would be getting their money’s worth. 
  1. Personal Experience/Expert’s Opinion or Favorites: This part of the evaluation criteria draws insightful observations from the personal experience of the writer and the opinions of industry experts. 

Get the Best HR Chatbot for Your Business in 2024

As you can see, many HR chatbots are available in the market, each with strengths and weaknesses. To help you drill down your choices, I have recommended three options for you:

Option A: ProProfs Chat 

If you are looking for an easy-to-create HR chatbot that you can build in minutes, ProProfs Chat can be your best bet. This chatbot platform comes equipped with AI technology that can help you drive context-driven conversations and improve employee satisfaction. ProProfs also lets you store conversations and even route chats to human agents when needed.

Option B: Rezolve.ai

Rezolve.ai can be a good tool for businesses having a focus on employee onboarding. This tool can help you reduce your workload by automating commonly asked questions and complex workflows.

Option C: Intercom

Intercom is a preferred choice if you are looking for an employee collaboration feature. With its shared inbox, you can easily access a centralized inbox to manage all your employee conversations.

If asked personally, I would definitely go with ProProfs Chat because of its superior AI-powered capabilities and comprehensive set of features. That’s the same reason I am still using this amazing tool. You can try its forever-free plan to get a taste of automation before going for a paid version.

Learn More About HR chatbots!

Q: What is an HR chatbot, and how can it revolutionize HR support?

An HR chatbot is an AI-driven virtual assistant that handles HR-related queries and tasks. It revolutionizes HR support by providing instant responses, streamlining processes, and enhancing employee engagement. Its efficiency in handling routine tasks allows HR professionals to focus on more strategic aspects of their roles.

Q: What are the benefits of using HR chatbots?

HR chatbots offer 24/7 availability, quick response times, cost savings, improved employee experience, and enhanced HR productivity. They automate routine tasks, provide instant information, and contribute to a more efficient and scalable HR support system.

Q: What are some use cases of HR chatbots?

HR chatbots are employed for onboarding assistance, benefits enrollment, leave requests, policy inquiries, training support, and performance feedback. They also facilitate communication, providing employees with a seamless and interactive platform to address various HR-related queries.

Q: What types of queries can HR service desk chatbots handle?

HR service desk chatbots excel at handling routine queries, including benefits information, leave policies, onboarding procedures, training schedules, and policy clarifications. They can also assist with updating personal information, tracking attendance, and directing employees to relevant HR resources, ensuring a smooth and efficient support experience.

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