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13 Best WordPress Chatbot Plugins in 2024

What are the best WordPress chatbot plugins?

If that’s got you worried, you are not alone. Many businesses are looking for the best WordPress chatbot. And their reasons may differ from yours. 

Some may want a chatbot on their WordPress website to welcome visitors. Some may want to help their operators avoid the constant brunt of invalid chats that make them less productive. Irrespective of the reason, the resolution is the same – getting the best WordPress bot.

So, in this blog post, I have made a list of the best WordPress chatbot plugins. Also, I’ll throw light on the advantages of using chatbot plugins. 

But before that, let’s quickly look at the best chatbot plugins.

WordPress Chatbot Plugin Best For Pricing
ProProfs Chat Delightful Customer Support With AI Chatbots Forever-free for a single operator. Team plan starts at $19.99/operator/month.
Zendesk Advanced Data Privacy & Protection Starts at $55/agent/month
Tidio Canned Responses Free plan available. Paid plans start at $29/month.
Smartsupp Lead Generation Free plan available. Paid plans start at $19.5/month.
HubSpot Contact Management Starts at $800/month
Gobot Advanced Page Level Targeting Custom pricing
Acobot Ecommerce Sales Free trial available. Custom pricing.
WP Chatbot Omnichat Chat Widget Pricing is high, especially for small businesses.
Chatbot with Watson IBM VOIP calls Free plan available. Paid plans start at $140/month.
Collect.chat High-Quality Chatbot Templates Free plan available. Paid pricing starts at $24/month.
Chatra Targeted Chats and Triggers Starts at $1.92/year
Botsify Voice AI Starts at $49/month
Join.Chat Chat Funnels Starts at $9.75/month

Which Is the Best WordPress Chatbot Plugin?

Don’t have much time to go through the whole list? 

No worries. 

Here are my top 3 picks:

Option A: ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat excels in delivering delightful customer support with AI chatbots. It enhances interaction and support, offering proactive support and engaging the audience effectively. The ability to capture quality leads and integrate seamlessly with CRM tools makes it a game-changer for sales and marketing efforts.

Option B: Zendesk

Zendesk stands out for its focus on advanced data privacy and protection. It integrates seamlessly into WordPress, allowing for efficient issue escalation and top-notch customer service. Features like Single Sign-On and converting blog comments into support tickets streamline user experience and support management.

Option C: Tidio

Tidio is exceptional for its canned responses and pre-made chatbot strategies, handling up to 70% of customer questions effortlessly. Its integration with WooCommerce and the ability to preview carts and recommend products directly in the chat personalize the shopping experience, making it a comprehensive support tool.

If you want to know about other tools, please continue reading this post. 

What is a WordPress Chatbot Plugin?

WordPress Chatbot plugins allow you to integrate a chatbot into your WordPress website. This tool can automate interactions with visitors, providing them instant responses to inquiries, guiding them through your site, or assisting them with customer service issues. 

Installing such a plugin can enhance user engagement, improve customer support, and increase the efficiency of handling visitor queries without needing constant human supervision. These plugins often come with customizable features, enabling you to tailor the chatbot’s responses and behavior to match your site’s needs and your brand’s voice.

Top 13 WordPress Chatbot Plugins

1. ProProfs Chat – Best for Delightful Customer Support With AI Chatbots

I recently explored this Chatbot Plugin for my WordPress website to enhance interaction and support with visitors and customers. This plugin serves as a comprehensive solution for real-time communication. It enables me to invite visitors to chat based on their activity on the site, share custom greetings, offer proactive support, and engage the audience effectively.

ProProfs Live Chat Software is the best chatbot for WordPress as it aids in boosting sales by capturing quality leads, which I can directly store in my preferred CRM tool. This seamless integration with my sales or marketing efforts is a game-changer. 

Additionally, the ability to build robust AI chatbots has streamlined my customer service, offering round-the-clock support to my customers.

The plugin ensures high data security and enables single sign-on for added convenience. The benefits I’ve observed include improved customer engagement, increased lead generation, and a more efficient support process. 

What you will like:

What you may not like:

  • Regular updates to the AI chatbot may overwhelm new users.
  • The complementary plan restricts usage to only one operator.


Forever-free for a single operator. Team plan starts at $19.99/operator/month.

2. Zendesk – Best for Zendesk Users


Another WordPress chatbot plugin is Zendesk. It’s particularly beneficial for Zendesk users because it integrates seamlessly with the existing Zendesk suite, providing a unified approach to customer service. 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive customer service solution, Zendesk could be a great fit. With features like Single Sign-On, I can easily authenticate users from my site to Zendesk, eliminating the need for multiple logins. Zendesk excels in customer self-service with its AI-powered chatbots and integrated help center. It enables customers to independently find solutions, reducing the need for direct support and enhancing customer satisfaction. 

I also like that Zendesk strongly emphasizes advanced data privacy and protection, offering features like BYOK (Bring Your Own Key) encryption options. This level of control over encryption keys significantly increases the security of my data. The ability to delete unnecessary customer information while setting boundaries on data access enhances personalized, protected support. 

Adding the Zendesk Support Web Widget and Feedback Tab to my site has also been incredibly beneficial. These tools offer my visitors multiple ways to reach out, search my knowledge base, chat with an agent, or submit a ticket without leaving my site. 

What you will like:

  • Comprehensive analytics for informed decision-making.
  • Reliable customer support ensures quick problem resolution.
  • Active community and resources for learning.

What you may not like:

  • Customization may need technical expertise.
  • Reporting features could be more flexible.
  • Customer support varies by plan.


Starts at $55/agent/month

3. Tidio – Best for Live Chat with Ticketing Functionality

I found Tidio to be an exceptional tool for enhancing customer service on my WordPress site. This free chatbot WordPress plugin allowed me to chat live with visitors, solve their issues quickly, and boost sales proactively. 

The pre-made chatbot strategies handled up to 70% of customer questions effortlessly. I particularly liked Tidio’s Ticketing System, as it streamlines customer email support. It transforms emails into organized tickets for easy tracking. You can prioritize requests, assign them to specific agents, and collaborate effectively as a team. This system boosts your team’s efficiency and ensures no customer inquiries get lost in the shuffle.

The WooCommerce product cards also made selling more efficient. Another highlight was the canned responses feature, which instantly lets me reply to common questions, saving time and improving customer satisfaction. Overall, Tidio exceeded my expectations, proving to be more than just a chat service but a comprehensive support tool.

What you will like:

  • Tidio provides live chat, chatbots, a ticketing system, and integration with Shopify.
  • With a visual chat builder and templates, you can automate conversations.
  • Features for team allocation and departmental chats are available.

What you may not like:

  • Tidio does not support client chats via WhatsApp, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Some users report delays in receiving new conversation alerts.
  • Managing chats from multiple e-commerce sites on one tab can be inconvenient.


Free plan available (No analytics). Paid plans start at 29/month.

4. Smartsupp – Best for Lead Generation 

The next best chatbot for WordPress I would mention is Smartsupp, a comprehensive chat and chatbot solution designed to elevate online sales through engaging conversations. Smartsupp offers a blend of AI, LeadGen chatbots, live chat, and more, enabling businesses to connect with visitors effectively and convert them into loyal customers. 

Trusted by over 100,000 webshops and websites worldwide, Smartsupp ensures seamless customer engagement through its fast chatbox, integrated with Messenger and email, accessible via mobile apps. This tool transforms visitors into customers with its lead-gen chatbots and automated messaging and keeps them engaged with AI-powered sales and customer care assistants. 

Smartsupp provides valuable insights into conversation dynamics, customer satisfaction, and team performance, all while being GDPR compliant with data securely stored in the European Union. It also offers detailed e-shop data access during chats and a mobile app for on-the-go customer engagement. Smartsupp represents a powerful solution for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence and customer service.

What you will like

  • The platform provides accurate and efficient live chat capabilities.
  • Offers valuable insights into visitor behavior, which can help tailor customer interactions.
  • Allows for proactive engagement with visitors, potentially increasing conversion rates.

What you may not like

  • It might limit the variety of files users can share.
  • The platform’s ability to integrate with social media platforms is somewhat restricted.
  • There have been mentions of the mobile app lacking responsiveness.


Free plan available (Limited to one agent). Paid plans start at $19.5/month.

5. HubSpot Service Hub – Best for Hubspot Users 

HubSpot offers a comprehensive CRM platform that integrates with WordPress, providing a suite of marketing, sales, and customer service tools. This all-in-one solution enables businesses to build relationships with their audience and foster growth effectively. 

With this Free chatbot WordPress plugin, Service Hub provides a centralized platform for managing all customer interactions, including email, chat, ticketing, knowledge base articles, and feedback surveys. I can confidently recommend it to businesses seeking to streamline their customer service operations. This comprehensive approach fosters efficient workflows and empowers our team to deliver exceptional customer service.

The email marketing tools enable users to design professional emails quickly, automate email campaigns, and track engagement through detailed analytics. The live chat and chatbot functionalities transform websites into 24-hour marketing tools, providing real-time support and converting visitors into customers.

What you will like

  • Allows for the creation of customized email sequences for leads and customers.
  • Provides a comprehensive suite of tools for marketing, sales, and customer support.
  • Offers strong marketing and sales automation capabilities.

What you may not like

  • Limitations on email sending can be a drawback for some businesses.
  • The free plan has restrictions on integrating multiple social media accounts.
  • Access to customer support is limited in the free plan.


Starts at $800/month

6. Gobot – Best for Advanced Page Level Targeting

This plugin enables me to craft messages that resonate deeply with my visitors by analyzing the specific pages they visit or the referral sources that led them to my site. Such precision in targeting means I can organize my email list more effectively, grouping subscribers based on their interests and interactions with my website. 

This segmentation is crucial for sending out emails that my subscribers find relevant, significantly boosting open and click-through rates. Consequently, this leads to increased sales and revenue, enhances customer retention, and reduces the unsubscribe rate. 

Moreover, Gobot‘s ability to activate based on visitor behavior, like scrolling to a certain point or preparing to exit the site, offers a strategic advantage. It allows me to re-engage visitors at critical moments, increasing the chances of subscription. This tool transforms how I connect with my audience, making my communication efforts more effective and personalized.

What you will like

  • Allows for personalized ‘blast’ messages to a large number of prospects
  • The AI technology helps quickly respond to leads, which can increase conversion rates.
  • Enables supervisors to monitor response times and other activities,

What you may not like 

  • Some users find the website layout confusing at first.
  • It does not always keep its lists of businesses and attractions up-to-date, so some listings are no longer in business.


Custom pricing 

7. Acobot – Best for Ecommerce Sales

My experience with Acobot, an AI assistant, has transformed my e-commerce operations. This is one of the best WordPress chatbot plugins that serve as a virtual shop assistant. It engages my visitors on my website, converting them into leads and customers and ensuring their retention through personalized communication. 

It supports a wide array of e-commerce marketing strategies, including assisted shopping, lead generation, cart recovery, email marketing, discount coupons, and a loyalty program. These features have significantly increased product page views, expanded my email list, recovered abandoned carts, and provided personalized incentives to my customers.

Setting up Acobot was straightforward, and its autonomous nature meant it continuously optimized its performance without needing constant oversight from me. Its impact on my online sales was noticeable, aligning with its high ratings in ease of use, customer service, features, and overall value. Acobot has indeed boosted my e-commerce sales, making it a valuable addition to my digital strategy toolkit.

What you will like

  • It has been noted for its ability to generate a lot of leads and new business.
  • Inquiries are responded to in real-time at any time.
  • Acobot engages the visitors of your business website and turns them into buying customers.

What you may not like

  • Some users have mentioned that they could not feed some custom data.
  • It could be fed about the latest news so that people won’t feel it is just a bot out there.


Free trial available. Custom pricing. 

8. WP Chatbot – Best for Omni Chat Widget 

WP-Chatbot, developed by MobileMonkey, introduces an innovative chat widget, OmniChat™, to websites, revolutionizing how businesses interact with their audience. This widget facilitates real-time conversations with visitors 24/7. The one-click installation process simplifies adding this feature to your website, ensuring you don’t miss out on engaging potential customers, even outside business hours.

The tool offers a unified inbox for all messages, integrating conversations from Facebook Messenger and native web chat. This integration not only enhances customer experience but also streamlines communication for businesses. 

With WP-Chatbot, your website gains a powerful tool for lead conversion and customer engagement, supported by the credibility of being associated with Facebook Business Page and Messenger. WP-Chatbot’s acclaim within the WordPress community is evident from its recognition by leading entrepreneurs and marketing awards. 

What you will like

  • The chatbot builder allows you to create as many bots as you want from scratch.
  • Help segment your audience, grow your contact list, and increase overall conversions.
  • The platform is versatile and has easy-to-use interface, and an ever-expanding feature list.

What you may not like 

  • There’s a learning curve for newbies.
  • Pricing is high, especially for small businesses.


Custom pricing

9. Chatbot with Watson IBM – Best for VOIP calls

I haven’t used this chatbot, but most of my peers have tried it. Based on their feedback, the IBM Watson chatbot for WordPress is highly recommended due to its comprehensive features. What captures attention the most is its ability to deliver complex responses, not just in text but with images and interactive elements, too. This makes the chat experience engaging and intuitive, thanks to clickable buttons that guide users through conversations.

Another standout feature is its integration with Twilio for VOIP calls, enabling a smooth transition from text to voice communication with a live representative. This ensures users receive the support they need without interruption.

The chatbot’s prowess in natural language processing impresses me as well, as it accurately understands and responds to diverse inquiries. This isn’t a one-off; the chatbot evolves, learning from each interaction to refine its responses. From what I’ve heard, the IBM Watson chatbot transcends being a mere website feature, transforming into a dynamic tool that elevates user engagement and support to new heights.

What you will like

  • Uses advanced AI to generate responses, improving over time through learning.
  • Accurately interprets user intent for more effective communication.
  • Can handle increasing volumes of interactions with consistent performance.

What you may not like

  • It may require technical expertise for advanced configurations.
  • Some users may find the customization options insufficient.
  • Cost can be expensive, especially for small businesses or individual users.


Free plan available (limited to 3 assistants only). Paid plans start at $140/month.

10. Collect.chat – Best for High-Quality Chatbot Templates 

I’ve been exploring Collect.chat for a while now, and I must say, it’s pretty impressive. The platform offers a wide array of chatbot templates that are not only designed to enhance user engagement but also streamline the data collection process on websites. What’s particularly appealing is the diversity of templates available. This caters to various needs, such as feedback collection, appointment booking, and lead generation, to name a few.

The templates are not only visually appealing but also incredibly user-friendly. This is a big win for professionals like us who aim to implement effective chatbots without diving into the complexities of coding. Collect.chat ensures that these chatbots are always ready, engaging with visitors 24/7, which is crucial for maintaining consistent customer experiences.

Another feature I find invaluable is the platform’s drag-and-drop tool, simplifying the customization process.  Moreover, Collect.chat’s robust integration capabilities with popular apps like Salesforce, Mailchimp, and Slack enhance the functionality of these chatbots, making them a powerful tool in our digital toolkit.

  • The templates provided have a logical and intuitive flow of questions.
  • It allows receiving messages through WhatsApp, which is popular in many countries.
  • The automated chatbot can be set up to collect leads or facilitate social media subscriptions.

What you may not like

  • Users desire more customization features, such as adding a human photo to the chat icon.
  • Some users find the integration process to be a bit difficult.
  • On the free plan, you’re limited to a certain number of responses which might not be sufficient for all users.


Free plan available (limited to 50 responses/month). Paid pricing starts at $24/month. 

11. Chatra – Best for Targeted Chats and Triggers 

The next chatbot plugin I’d like to discuss is Chatra, which shines when leveraging proactive chats and behavioral triggers. These targeted chats are a powerful strategy to boost sales or leads and reduce bounce rates by allowing you to reach out to customers right when they encounter an issue.

Chatra has thoughtfully designed default templates for some of the most critical triggers, simplifying the process of getting started. To enable proactive chats, you must specify the URLs of the web pages where they should appear and tailor the text to align with your website’s content.

Chatra also wisely addresses the potential concern of being too intrusive. Contacting customers the moment they land on your page is generally not advisable, as many might find this overbearing. Therefore, Chatra configured triggers to avoid immediate pop-ups and introduced a delay, ensuring that chats appear more appropriately.

What you will like

  • It allows real-time interactions with customers, which can help increase sales.
  • Users find it easy to integrate and use, even without technical knowledge.
  • There’s a mobile app available to respond to messages on the go.

What you may not like

  • Some users have reported lag in the chat, which can appear unprofessional.
  • To remove Chatra branding, you must pay for the service.


Starts at $1.92/year 

12. Botsify – Best for Voice AI

Botsify has made a name since its launch in 2016, becoming a go-to platform for anyone looking to dive into the world of AI-powered chatbots. It’s been picked up by several media outlets, pointing to its prowess in creating bots that can handle everything from customer support to snagging leads and even beefing up customer service.

What sets Botsify apart is its voice AI feature. Imagine having AI phone agents that can tackle support questions and nail sales calls, thanks to OpenAI. These voice agents are designed to keep the conversation flowing, making them a perfect fit for various business needs.

The platform is user-friendly, too, offering a drag-and-drop setup for crafting custom scripts, easy integration with other platforms, and even the option to record calls and dive into analytics. You can even clone your receptionist’s voice, which is pretty neat. Plus, with support for multiple languages, Botsify’s voice agents are ready to charm customers from all over the globe.

What you will like

  • Ready-to-use templates sorted by industry are available.
  • Allows for human intervention during chat sessions when needed.
  • Over 100 integrations are available to connect with other platforms.

What you may not like

  • Some users have experienced unreliable bot responses and misinterpretation of user queries.
  • Despite being user-friendly, some users find the platform has a steep learning curve.
  • First-time users might require some time to understand and set up the system.


Starts at $49/month

13. Join.Chat – Best for Chat Funnels 

Joinchat is one of the best WordPress chatbot plugins for anyone wanting to level up customer interactions. Imagine having a chatbot that doesn’t just answer questions but also guides your visitors exactly where they need to go, whether it’s capturing leads, qualifying them, or offering support. And the best part? It’s like having a super helpful assistant who’s on duty 24/7 across all your channels.

Chat Funnels aren’t limited to just text. Thanks to Markdown, you can enhance your conversations with everything from images and GIFs to videos, links, and buttons. You can even slot in a Calendly Widget to make booking appointments a breeze. 

What’s more, each ChatFunnel is its own little powerhouse. You can create as many as you need and decide where they show up on your site with a simple shortcode. Joinchat has ensured that setting up and managing these Chat Funnels is a walk in the park, ensuring you get the most out of your interactions with visitors.

What you will like

  • You can customize your logo, profile picture, or even an animated gif.
  • You can define which pages or zones it should appear, the delay time, and whether it should appear only on mobile phones or desktops.
  • Create call-to-action messages to get users to start the chat.

What you may not like

  • Issues with tooltip text being cut off when there is an image emoji.
  • Some CSS optimizers may break the message project style.
  •  There have been conflicts with other plugins, such as Rank Math.


Starts at $9.75/month 

5 Benefits of Using Chatbots on WordPress Websites

WordPress chatbot plugins can help your business website gain many benefits. Let’s look at some of them below:

  • You get to capture more customer information than any other digital support platform. It helps you get to know customers better and improve their experience with your brand.
  • Based on the information the chatbot collects, your brand gets the opportunity to customize the experience for each buyer. This helps you improve the conversion rate and encourages customers to return more frequently.
  • A WordPress chatbot plugin also helps your business interact with more buyers simultaneously compared to other platforms. It can be 5, 10, 50, or even 100 buyers! There’s no cap on how many customers or interested buyers a chatbot plugin can manage on your WordPress website.
  • Improves sign-ups and increases your contact list eventually. Another undeniable benefit of using a WordPress chatbot plugin is its ability to encourage visitors to sign up for your events or newsletters, increasing your contact list.
  • Answers frequently asked questions and reduces the possibility of operator burnout. Let’s not forget that chatbots help you streamline support requests and tackle all the common questions simultaneously. This allows your operators to focus extensively on complex queries and become more efficient.

Given how beneficial chatbots are for WordPress users, it is essential to consider some of the crucial criteria to help you narrow down the best options for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Loader image

Yes, WordPress chatbot plugins are generally user-friendly and designed to ensure straightforward installation and integration. Most come with detailed guides and support to assist users through the process, making it accessible even for those with minimal technical expertise.

Absolutely. Many WordPress chatbot plugins offer extensive customization options. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor the chatbot’s behavior, responses, and appearance to align with their goals, brand identity, and customer service requirements.

Yes, numerous WordPress chatbot plugins support multiple languages, making catering to a diverse global audience possible. This feature is invaluable for businesses looking to expand their reach and provide services to customers across different linguistic backgrounds.

The cost associated with WordPress chatbot plugins can vary. There are free plugins available that offer basic features, which are a good starting point for small businesses or those just beginning to explore chatbot functionalities. For advanced features, integrations, and higher levels of customization, premium plugins or subscription plans might be necessary, entailing additional costs.

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