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A Guide to Canned Responses for Live Chat Support in 2024

Did you know that a majority (66%) of adults feel that valuing their time is the most important thing a company can do to provide them with good online customer experience.

Meeting that expectation can be challenging, especially for businesses with limited resources.

That’s where canned responses come in as your secret weapon. These pre-written messages are lifesavers for agents facing repetitive questions and common scenarios. Think of them as handy templates that let you deliver consistent, accurate answers in seconds – a win for you and your customers, who don’t have to wait an eternity for a reply.

Here’s a detailed guide on canned responses, where I also explained their importance and benefits to help you get a better idea.

Let’s get started. 

What Are Canned Responses?

Canned responses refer to pre-formulated answers to common questions or statements that teams can use to quickly and efficiently respond to customer inquiries. These responses are designed to save time, ensure consistency in communication, and enhance the overall customer experience by providing prompt and accurate answers.

The use of canned responses can significantly reduce response times, which is a critical factor in customer satisfaction. 

A survey finds that 28.9 percent of consumers prefer to interact with retailers through online chat (25.8 percent) or messaging apps (3.1 percent) while making a purchase. 

Examples of canned responses include automated greetings, answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), explanations of common procedures, and polite ways to ask for more time or information. 

For instance, a canned response greeting for an e-commerce website might include, “Thank you for contacting us! Can you provide your order number so we can assist you better?

Businesses often customize their canned answers based on the most common interactions customers have with their live chat support, ensuring that these responses feel as personalized and helpful as possible despite their pre-written nature.

Importance and Benefits of Canned Responses in Live Chat Software?

Canned responses play a critical role in improving the efficiency and quality of customer service and sales conversations. Here are some reasons why canned responses is a must-have feature in a live chat tool:

1. Improved Response Time

Canned responses allow agents to provide instant replies to common questions, significantly reducing the wait time for customers. This immediacy can lead to higher customer satisfaction.

According to a report by eConsultancy, live chat has the highest satisfaction levels for any customer service channel at 73%, compared to 61% for email and 44% for phone.

2. Consistency in Answers

Predefined answers ensure that customer information is consistent, accurate, and in line with company policies. 

Consistency in customer interactions is crucial, as Accenture found that 89% of customers get frustrated because they need to repeat their issues to multiple representatives.

3. Increased Efficiency

Agents can handle multiple chats simultaneously, thanks to canned responses. This efficiency means more customers are served in less time. 

For example, live chat agents can engage in conversations with 6-9 customers at once, depending on the complexity of the issues.

4. Reduced Human Error

Utilizing canned responses significantly lowers the chances of typographical errors or misunderstandings in communication. This aspect is particularly important when dealing with complex information or specific terms and conditions that could be mistyped under pressure. 

Ensuring accurate and professional communication not only upholds the company’s reputation but also prevents potential misinterpretations that could lead to dissatisfaction or even legal issues.

5. Enhanced Training Tool

For new agents, navigating through customer service without a solid foundation can be daunting. Canned replies offer a dual benefit in this scenario. 

Firstly, they serve as immediate aids during live interactions, ensuring that newcomers can provide accurate information without hesitation. 

Secondly, these responses act as educational resources, helping new hires learn the ropes of customer service and understand common queries.

6. Better Time Management

The use of canned responses allows customer service agents to manage their time more effectively. By having ready-made answers for frequently asked questions, agents can allocate more time to resolving complex issues that require thoughtful, personalized responses. 

This not only increases the overall efficiency of the customer service team but also ensures that customers with more intricate problems feel valued and understood. 

Statista, in one of its studies, claims that 77% of respondents stated how they expect an instant response via online chat support.

7. Personalization at Scale

While canned responses might seem impersonal at first glance, they can be strategically used to personalize customer interactions at scale. By incorporating placeholders for customer names, account details, or specific issues within these templates, agents can deliver responses that feel tailored to each individual. 

8. Opportunity for Branding

Canned responses offer an excellent opportunity to infuse brand voice and personality into every customer interaction. 

For example, a company known for its quirky and humorous brand voice can craft canned responses that reflect this, providing a consistent and memorable customer experience.

9. Increased Customer Engagement

By reducing response times and providing immediate assistance, canned responses can enhance customer engagement, making users more likely to stay on the site and engage with the content. 

According to Gitnux, live chat can lead to a 48% increase in revenue per chat hour and a 40% increase in conversion rate.

10. Global Consistency

For global companies, canned responses ensure that customers receive consistent service regardless of the region, language, or agent they interact with. This global consistency is crucial for maintaining a unified brand image and customer experience worldwide.

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How to Implement Canned Responses in ProProfs Live Chat 

ProProfs Live Chat is a cloud-based live chat software that incorporates canned responses, enabling swift replies to frequently asked questions and scenarios. These preset messages can be used for greeting visitors, assisting them with their purchases, responding to their queries or complaints, and more. 

Here are some easy steps to implement canned responses in ProProfs Live Chat:

Step 1: Accessing Canned Responses

To access Canned Responses, go to the ‘Settings’ menu and go to “General”. Now, click on ‘Canned Responses‘.

Step 2: Adding a New Canned Response

Click on the ‘Add New Canned.‘ icon. You will see a new slider window.

Step 3: Creating a Canned Response 

  • Choose a category in which you want to keep your canned response (such as “customer support”)
  • Give it a Title.
  • You can select the appropriate response from the predefined template list or even type your own response.
  • Click Add to finish adding a new canned response.

The newly added canned response(s) will appear on the main screen under the specific category. After this, you can edit or delete it from the same place.

You also have the option to customize the canned response in multiple ways.

Following these simple steps, you can easily create canned responses on ProProfs Live Chat tool. 

Ready to Share One-Click Replies With Canned Responses?

Canned responses stand as a powerful tool to streamline communication, ensuring quick, consistent, and efficient customer service. By employing these pre-formulated messages, businesses can significantly enhance their engagement levels, reduce response times, and maintain a high standard of support across all customer interactions. 

You can easily create canned responses when you use a smart tool, such as ProProfs Live Chat, that allows you to offer superior customer assistance by providing timely and accurate answers to common queries, ensuring a seamless and positive experience for every visitor.

Learn More About Canned Responses

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Yes, canned responses can be effective for nearly all types of businesses, especially those that handle a high volume of customer interactions. They streamline customer service, sales, and support communication, saving time while ensuring consistency. However, it's important to tailor these responses to your business's specific needs and use them judiciously to avoid coming across as impersonal or detached.

E-commerce platforms often successfully implement canned responses for common inquiries about orders, providing prompt acknowledgments and information on the next steps. Tech support services use them to quickly address frequently encountered issues, improving resolution times. In the hospitality industry, businesses utilize canned responses for booking confirmations and to answer FAQs, enhancing efficiency in customer service without sacrificing a personal touch.

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