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365+ Unique Chatbot Names & Top 5 Tips to Create Your Own in 2024

Imagine this: you’ve invested hundreds of dollars in a chatbot, but it’s not getting the attention you expected. You’ve deployed Customer Service Bot, Product Help Bot, and Ticketing Bot at different stages of the customer journey, yet visitors still aren’t engaging. 

You ask yourself — What’s missing, after all?

The answer could lie in your chatbot names.

Today’s customers want to feel special and connected to your brand. A catchy chatbot name is a great way to grab their attention and make them curious. But choosing the right name can be challenging, considering the vast number of options available.

To make things easier, we’ve collected 365+ unique chatbot names for different categories and industries. Also, read some of the most useful tips on how to pick a name that best fits your unique business needs.

Ready to get inspired? Let’s dive right in.

“Chatbots represent a new trend in how people access information, make decisions, and communicate.”  – Christie Pitts, Verizon Ventures

Why is it necessary to Name your chatbot?

According to forecasts — By 2023, chatbot-based interactions will generate $112 billion in retail sales, with an average annual growth rate of 98%

This demonstrates the widespread popularity of chatbots as an effective means of customer engagement.

A chatbot serves as the initial point of contact for your website visitors. It can be used to offer round-the-clock assistance or irresistible discounts to reduce cart abandonment. 

Usually, a chatbot is the first thing your customers interact with on your website. So, cold or generic names like “Customer Service Bot” or “Product Help Bot” might dilute their experience.

A catchy or relevant name, on the other hand, will make your visitors feel more comfortable when approaching the chatbot.

Here are some perks of naming your chatbot:-

1. Humanize the Interaction 

Consider this example: You visit Domino’s website to order a pizza. But you don’t want to go into the hassle of browsing the menu. You see a chatbot with the company’s logo pop up on your screen.

Clicking on it, it says –

“Hi, I’m Dom, the Domino’s ordering assistant bot. How can I help?”

The greeting would inspire you to engage in conversation compared to any other ordinary name label like ‘Order Bot.’

This reinforces the idea that a personable name makes a chatbot less intimidating and more approachable. It humanizes the interaction, gives your chatbot a personality, and fosters emotional connections.

2. Distinguish Between Chatbots & Live Chat Operators

Giving your chatbot a name helps customers understand who they’re interacting with. Remember, humanizing the chatbot-visitor interaction doesn’t mean pretending it’s a human agent, as that can harm customer trust.

It’s crucial to be transparent with your visitors and let them know upfront that they are interacting with a chatbot, not a live chat operator. 

Customers who are unaware might attribute the chatbot’s inability to resolve complex issues to a human operator’s failure. This can result in consumer frustration and a higher churn rate.

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3. Bond With Customers Instantly

Names elicit emotions and promote friendly interactions

This is why naming your chatbot can build instant rapport and make the chatbot-visitor interaction more personal. 

When customers see a named chatbot, they are more likely to treat it as a human and less like a scripted program. This builds an emotional bond and adds to the reliability of the chatbot.

It also convinces the site visitors that the chatbot is capable of resolving minor issues or answering generic questions like –

  • How can I reset my password?
  • Can you help me with my order status?
  • What are your shipping options and rates?

4. Reinforce Your Chatbot’s Identity

When customers first interact with your chatbot, they form an impression of your brand. The name you choose reinforces that impression. Depending on your brand voice, it also sets a tone that might vary between friendly, formal, or humorous.

For example, “Helpful Hal” or “Friendly Fred” are good names for a customer service bot. Two instances of humorous chatbot names can be “Chatterbox” or “Chatzilla.” 

However, ensure that the name you choose is consistent with your brand voice. This will create a positive and memorable customer experience.

5. Promote a Natural Conversation

Customers interacting with your chatbot are more likely to feel comfortable and engaged if it has a name. 

Let’s take Google’s Bard as an example. 

When you open Bard, you are greeted with the following message – 

“I’m Bard, your creative and helpful collaborator. I have limitations and won’t always get it right, but your feedback will help me improve.”

Now, imagine a scenario where users are greeted with this message instead:-

“Hello. I am Google’s conversational generative artificial intelligence chatbot. I have limitations as I am an LLM (Large Language Model).”

Think about it. Which of the two greetings sounds more engaging?

Most likely, the first one since a name instantly humanizes the interaction and brings a sense of comfort. The second option doesn’t promote a natural conversation, and you might be less comfortable talking to a nameless robot to solve your problems.

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How to Name a Chatbot

There are a few things that you need to consider when choosing the right chatbot name for your business platforms. 

1. Determine Your Chatbot’s Purpose

The bot’s purpose varies from one business to another. Figuring out this purpose is crucial to understand the customer queries it will handle or the integrations it will have.

Ask questions such as these to determine the role and function of your bot –

  • Is the chatbot purely meant to increase proactive customer engagement?
  • Will it provide customer support solutions as well?
  • Is the chatbot going to be used for marketing purposes?

Once the primary function is decided, you can choose a bot name that aligns with it. 

Setting up the chatbot name is relatively easy when you use industry-leading software like ProProfs Chat

Simply enter the name and display name, choose an image, and select display preferences.

The software also enables you to create multiple chatbots with different names for separate URLs or applications like this :-  

2. Consider Your Target Audience’s Profile 

To truly understand your audience, it’s important to go beyond superficial demographic information. You must delve deeper into cultural backgrounds, languages, preferences, and interests. 

Detailed customer personas that reflect the unique characteristics of your target audience help create highly effective chatbot names.

Let’s consider an example where your company’s chatbots cater to Gen Z individuals. To establish a stronger connection with this audience, you might consider using names inspired by popular movies, songs, or comic books that resonate with them.

Or, if your target audience is diverse, it’s advisable to opt for names that are easy to pronounce across different cultures and languages. This approach fosters a deeper connection with your audience, making interactions memorable for everyone involved.

By taking into account the unique characteristics of your target audience and tailoring your chatbot names accordingly, you can enhance user engagement and create a more personalized experience. 

3. Brainstorm What Fits Your Brand Identity

Your chatbot’s alias should align with your unique digital identity. Whether playful, professional, or somewhere in between,  the name should truly reflect your brand’s essence.

Here are a few examples of how prominent companies have brainstormed names for their conversational AI platforms:-

  • Google’s Assistant: Assistant is a clear and concise name that sends the message that it is here to assist users with almost everything.
  • Google’s Bard: It originates from “The Bard of Avon,” a title associated with William Shakespeare. The name highlights the chatbot’s linguistic capabilities.  
  • Amazon’s Alexa: Amazon engineers drew inspiration for Alexa from Star Trek. They chose a name that resembled the computer in the movie.

By carefully selecting a name that fits your brand identity, you can create a cohesive customer experience that boosts trust and engagement.

4. Decide Between a Human or Robotic Name

Chatbot names can be human or robotic, depending on your business needs and the bot’s function. For B2C engagement, use human names because they are more approachable. You can try names like – Ava, Luna, Maya, Oliver, Milo, etc.

If the chatbot handles business processes primarily, you can consider robotic names like – RoboChat, CyberChat, TechbotX, DigiBot, ByteVoice, etc.

However, if you opt for a human name, make sure to:-

  • Introduce the chatbot to visitors as a bot and never as a human operator.
  • Incorporate different buttons to emphasize that it is an automated conversation.
  • Avoid using a real human photo for your chatbot.

5. Choose Between Gendered & Neutral Names

When choosing a name for your chatbot, you have two options – gendered or neutral. 

A female name is often the preferred choice, considering their popularity among existing virtual voice assistants. 

A 2021 survey shows that around 34.43% of people prefer a female virtual assistant like Alexa, Siri, Cortana, or Google Assistant.

The same can be concluded about chatbots as well. 

However, when choosing gendered and neutral names, you must keep your target audience in mind. It is because while gendered names create a more personal connection with users, they may also reinforce gender stereotypes in some cultures or regions. 

Using neutral names, on the other hand, keeps you away from potential chances of gender bias. For example, a chatbot named “Clarence” could be used by anyone, regardless of their gender. 

However, there are some drawbacks to using a neutral name for chatbots. These names sometimes make it more difficult to engage with users on a personal level. They might not be able to foster engaging conversations like a gendered name.

List of the Best Chatbot Name Ideas

In this section, we have compiled a list of some highly creative names that will help you align the chatbot with your business’s identity.

Famous Chatbot Names

Famous bot names

If you are looking to replicate some of the popular names used in the industry, this list will help you. Note that prominent companies use some of these names for their conversational AI chatbots or virtual voice assistants.

We have ten more catchy chatbot name suggestions for you.

1. Amazon’s Lex
2. Google’s BARD
3. IBM’s Watson Assistant
4. Microsoft’s Bing
5. Steve Worswick’s Mitsuku
6. OpenAI’s ChatGPT
7. Luka’s Replika
8. Snapchat’s MyAI
9. ByteBuddy 
10. MindfulBot 
13. project 
14. Stella 
15. Aida 
16. Elsa
17. ChatMuse

These names are a perfect fit for modern businesses or startups looking to quickly grasp their visitors’ attention. 

Funny Chatbot Names

Funny bot names

If you want your chatbot to have humor and create a light-hearted atmosphere to calm angry customers, try witty or humorous names.

These names work well for industries like gaming, social media, entertainment, or eCommerce. 

As your operators struggle to keep up with the mounting number of tickets, these amusing names can reduce the burden by drawing in customers and resolving their repetitive issues. Here is a complete arsenal of funny chatbot names that you can use. 

2. Sir Chat-ALot
3. Chuckles, The Chatbot
4. Captain Chatterbox
5. The IT Ninja
6.Chatty McChatface
7. Bot-tastic
9. ChuckleBot
10. WittyWizard
11. BanterBot
12. PunnyPal
14. GiggleGenius
15. WitBot
16. FunnyBuddy
18. HumorBot
19. QuirkQuoter
20. GigglyGuide

AI Chatbot Names

AI chatbot names like jarvis

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the term AI? Technology, virtual assistants, and Machine Learning (ML), probably. 

If you have a tech-savvy audience who loves talking about tech, AI, and ML, you should look for names that reciprocate them. Here are some of the best bot names for you :-

1. HelperBot
2. Synthia
3. CogniBot
4. Quanta
5. Pixella
6. Proxima
7. ChatSensei
8. MegaBot
9. Lumina
10. TechWhisper
11. SentientBot
12. AIWhiz
13. Cybersoul
14. BrainWave
15. Nexus
16. Sophia
17. ByteBot
18. Magnus
19. Yoda
20. NeoBot

Creative Chatbot Names

Creative Chatbot Names

When it comes to chatbots, a creative name can go a long way. Such names help grab attention, make a positive first impression, and encourage website visitors to interact with your chatbot.

Creative chatbot names are effective for businesses looking to differentiate themselves from the crowd. These are perfect for the technology, eCommerce, entertainment, lifestyle, and hospitality industries. 

1. Nova
2. Zephyr
3. Aurora
4. Muse
5. Jasper
6. Talkspire
7. MindMingle
8. Felix
9. The Wizard Bot
10. QuipQuest
11. SynChat
12. SparkleBot
13. WhizWhisper
14. CleverCircuit
15. ArtiChat
16. WonderWeave
17. The Explorer
18. Iris
19. Atlas
20. Maya

Cool Chatbot Names

cool bot names

Using cool bot names will significantly impact chatbot engagement rates, especially if your business has a young or trend-focused audience base. Industries like fashion, beauty, music, gaming, and technology require names that add a modern touch to customer engagement. 

Our list below is curated for tech-savvy and style-conscious customers. 

1. Valkyrie
2. Maverick
3. Nebula
4. Phoenix
5. Luna
6. Jaxon
7. Lambda
8. Electra
9. Quantum
10. Astra
11. Sentinel
12. Orion
13. Titan
14. Lyra
15. Cypher
16. Zenith
17. Ember
18. Eliana
19. Lunaire
20. Synapse

Good Chatbot Names

Good Chatbot Names

So far in the blog, most of the names you read strike out in an appealing way to capture the attention of young audiences. But, if your business prioritizes factors like trust, reliability, and credibility, then opt for conventional names. 

Industries like finance, healthcare, legal, or B2B services should project a dependable image that instills confidence, and the following names work best for this.

1. Harmony
2. Elysium
3. TruBot
4. SupportBot
5. AssistAI
6. GuideMaster
7. ExpertBot
8. TrustBuddy
9. ProAdvisor
10. SolveBot
11. WiseHelper
12. KnowledgeBot
13. SwiftSupport
14. ProficientAI
15. ReliableGuide
16. Smart Assistant
17. WiseBot
18. TrustedAI
19. SkillfulAI
20. QuickResponder

Uncommon Names for Chatbot

Uncommon Chatbot Names

Uncommon names spark curiosity and capture the attention of website visitors. They create a sense of novelty and are great conversation starters. These names work particularly well for innovative startups or brands seeking a unique identity in the crowded market.

? Pro Tip

Adding a catchy and engaging welcome message with an uncommon name will definitely keep your visitors engaged. 

Here are some of the most unorthodox names for a chatbot:-

1. Vesper
2. Aether
3. Xylon
4. QuixChat
5. SynergyBot
6. FizzWiz
7. Lumos
8. Pondera
9. Eureka
10. Synchron
11. MysticAI
12. Serendipity
13. BlissBot
14. EchoByte
15. QuantumAI
16. PixelPal
17. ChatterBolt
18. MelodyBot
19. Stellaris
20. VibrantAI

Industry-Specific Chatbot Names

Industry Specific Chatbot Names

Choosing chatbot names that resonate with your industry create a sense of relevance and familiarity among customers. Industry-specific names such as “HealthBot,” “TravelBot,” or “TechSage” establish your chatbot as a capable and valuable resource to visitors.

Down below is a list of the best bot names for various industries. 


6. HustleBot
7. PioneerBot
8. SuccessBot
9. StartMeUp
11. BuildBot
12. StartupWhiz
13. ElevateBot
14. LeapBot
16. BoldBot
17. DreamBuilde
18. StartupSherpa
19. ResilientBot


1. ShopBot
2. DealSaver
3. eCompanion
4. ClickGenius
6. SavvyShop
7. BargainBuddy
8. SaleSleuth
9. BuyBot
10. SmartCart
11. StyleAdvisor
13. SaleNinja
14. BargainHunt
15. EazyBuy
16. ShopSage
17. StyleSensei
20. ShopWhi


1. CodeBot
2. Code Genie
3. ByteBuddy
4. SoftBot
5. AppSage
6. TechGuru
7. DevBot
8. CodeCraft
9. AIEngineer
10. BugBuster
11. TechWizard
12. PixellateChat
13. ScriptSavvy
14. CyberMate
15. CloudKeeper
16. SoftwareSage
17. TechTutor
18. CodeWizard
19. ScriptSensei
20. SoftwareSherpa


1. The CarFinder
2. AutoAssist
3. CarBot
4. MotorMate
5. WheelWhiz
6. DrivenAI
7. GearGuru
8. AutoGenius
9. RoadRover
10. TurboTalk
11. DashDroid
13. GearShift
14. AutoAdvisor
15. EngineExpert
16. AutoPilot
17. RideCompanion
18. GearGuide
19. RoadWarrior
20. AutoXpert


1. EduBot
3. BrainBox
4. StudyGenius
5. QuizWhiz
6. TutorTech
7. LearnMate
8. EduGuide
11. ScholarBot
12. EduPro
13. TeachBot
15. LearnWizard
16. StudySage
18. QuizChamp
19. LessonBot
20. EduGuru


1. MediBot
3. WellBeingBot
4. MediGuide
5. HealthMate
6. DocBot
7. HealAdvisor
10. NurseBot
11. WellCareBot
12. HealthCoach
13. CareCounselor
14. MediLink
18. HealthExpert
19. MediTracker
20. HealthGuru


1. TravelMate
2. TripBot
3. JetSetter
4. ExploreBot
5. TourGuide
6. Globetrotter
7. TravelBuddy
8. DreamVacay
9. TravelWhiz
10. VacayPal
11. WanderBot
12. TripCompanion
13. TravelGenie
14. RoamingBot
15. TourCompass
16. TravelPro
17. TrekBot
18. VacationGuru
19. TripSavvy
20. JourneyBot


1. WealthWise
2. FinanceBot
4. CoinKeeper
6. CashFlowBot
7. SmartSaver
8. FundFinder
12. CryptoBot
13. StockWhiz
14. BudgetPro
15. PayDayPal
16. AssetWizard
17. LoanAssist
19. RetirementBot
20. PortfolioPal

Web Hosting

1. SiteBot
3. HostHero
4. ServerSage
6. SiteSquad
7. TechWhiz
9. SupportBot
10. CodeGuru
11. SpeedySite
13. SiteGuardian
14. CyberHost
15. ServerSensei
16. ByteButler
17. SiteSherpa
19. ServerGenius
20. WebWarrior


1. DealMaster
3. ProspectPal
4. SalesGenie
5. SaleSage
6. DealHunter
8. LeadGuru
9. SalesWhiz
10. ProspectPro
11. CloseCaptain
12. SalesSherpa
13. LeadMagnet
15. SalesSensei
16. LeadWiz
17. DealCruncher
18. SalesHero
20. SaleSleuth

Real Estate

1. HomeBot
2. PropertyPro
3. RealtyBot
4. HouseHunter
6. HomeFinder
7. PropertyPal
8. RealtyGenius
9. HomeSeeker
11. HouseSage
12. RealtyRover
13. HomeNavigator
14. PropertyTracker
17. RealtyScou
19. PropertyGuide
20. HomeAdvisor

Boost Engagement With Unique Chatbot Names

Choosing chatbot names is far from an easy task. In fact, it holds the power to either make or break the customer experience.

So, how do you pick a chatbot name that’s catchy and consistent with your brand voice? 

Well, you have two enticing options: browse our extensive list of 365+ chatbot name ideas and pick one that resonates with you, or let your imagination run wild and create a unique name by following our expert tips. 

Remember, a chatbot name goes beyond being a mere label. It presents a golden opportunity to leave a lasting impression and foster unwavering customer loyalty. 

Fortunately, with advanced chatbot tools like ProProfs Chat, you have the freedom to fine-tune your bot before it goes live on your website, mobile apps, and social media platforms. 

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