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10 Crisp Chat Alternatives for Enhanced Customer Support in 2023

Crisp Chat Alternative

Crisp chat is a popular live chat tool that offers a visually appealing interface and excellent support solutions.

But if you have outgrown this tool and looking for Crisp chat alternatives, we have some good options in store for you. 

This blog will reveal the 10 best Crisp chat alternatives, their features, pros and cons, and pricing in detail so you can find the ideal live chat solution for your business. 

Let’s begin!

What Is Crisp Chat?

Crisp Chat

Crisp Chat is a business messaging platform that helps deliver excellent support, sales, and marketing. With it, you can monitor customer queries and grasp what your customers are looking for. This can help you optimize your solutions and provide better customer satisfaction.

Using Crisp, you can add chat to your website, enabling instant and personalized support to existing and potential customers. You can also deploy a no-code chatbot builder that helps you qualify better leads and lead more conversions.

Key Features of Crisp Chat:

  • Team inbox to reply to customers
  • Mobile access for 24/7 support
  • Notifications for when visitor messages you
  • Triggers based on customized automation rules
  • Canned responses to save time

What Are the Best Crisp Chat Alternatives?

The best Crisp chat alternatives offer some key features for customer support success.

These features include:

Best Crisp Chat Alternatives

With so many tools available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your business.

Here are the 10 best Crisp alternatives that you can choose from depending on your unique business needs.

1. ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat is a cloud-based live chat tool and among the best alternatives to Crisp. It lets you add live chat to your website in minutes so you can provide real-time customer support and reach out to customers instantly. Chat operators can view what the visitor is typing, enabling them to respond faster. You can leverage ready-to-use chatbot templates for sales, customer support, etc., to get your bot up and running quickly. 

Key Features of ProProfs Chat:


  • The tool can be scaled quickly as your business grows.
  • You can reach out to customers where they are, whether on your website, help center, or on social media.


  • The forever-free plan is limited to a single operator only. 
  • Frequent feature releases can be overwhelming for some users. 


FREE for a single user. Plans start at $19.99/user/month for 2 or more users. No hidden fees. A 15-day money-back guarantee.

3rd party integration allowed: Yes
Best for: Startups, SMBs, Enterprises, Remote Teams

2. Zendesk


Second on our list of Crisp live chat competitors is Zendesk which provides seamless cross-channel support to customers. So whether your customers are looking to connect via messaging, social email, voice, or live chat, you can provide support across all channels. Using the tool, your support team can track, prioritize, and respond to customer requests and queries from one unified platform. 

Key Features of Zendesk:

  • Integrate with Jira, Dropbox, Slack, SurveyMonkey, etc.
  • Respond faster with routing and intelligent solutions
  • Customize and optimize the platform depending on your needs
  • Use analytics and reporting capabilities to act appropriately to your customer’s needs


  • Save business time and money with AI-enabled live chat actions.
  • Its integrated knowledge-management system empowers customers to resolve their queries without any external help.


  • Sorting features is not easy.
  • Setting up the tool for your unique business needs has a high learning curve.


Starts at $49/agent/month.

3rd party integration allowed: Yes

Best for: Large-sized businesses, Enterprises, Remote Teams

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3. Help Scout

Help Scout

A Crisp similar live chat software, Help Scout, simplifies support by organizing your inbox and automating repetitive tasks. In case your live chat agents are not available to connect, you can direct customer requests to Help Scout’s email queue. The tool’s reporting capabilities help you assess the team’s volume by channel, busiest hours, and trending topics among customers.

Key Features of Help Scout:

  • Offer help center articles via widgets
  • Gain insight into wait and response times
  • Sort data with advanced filters
  • Save custom views for easy reference


  • HelpSount is one of the easiest platforms to use, both for agents and customers.
  • Its automated workflows offload repetitive tasks so that agents can direct their focus toward critical tasks.


  • Reporting capabilities can be improved to extract deeper insights.
  • Customizing the knowledge base is challenging.


Starts at $20/user/month.

3rd party integration allowed: Yes 

Best for: Medium to large-sized businesses

4. Hubspot


Another Crisp live chat alternative, Hubspot lets you add live chat to your website within minutes to provide real-time customer support and close more deals. You can connect chatters to the right agents for better and faster query resolution. Using Hubspot, you  can customize your live chat widget to complement your brand identity. Also, you can automate busy work with an interactive chatbot.

Key Features of Hubspot:

  • Create targeted welcome messages for different segments of your audience
  • Save and store customer’s conversations into the conversation inbox
  • Integrate with Slack to receive chat notifications
  • Turn repetitive sales emails into templates


  • You can add contact records and log sales activity automatically, enabling you to drive positive customer experience and close more deals.
  • You can track when a lead opens an email, clicks a link, or downloads an attachment.


  • Reporting capabilities are limited.
  • Custom surveys are not available in the Starter plan.


Starts at $45/2 users/month.

3rd party integration allowed: Yes

Best for: Large-sized businesses, Enterprises, Remote Teams

5. Drift


Drift provides support that flows across channels, enabling you to engage more target accounts and drive more sales. You can create playbooks that help target open opportunities when they return to your site. You can even use Chat to Call or Chat to Zoom to address their pain points faster via a call. With Drift Meetings, you enable qualified leads to book meetings with you whenever they want.

Key Features of Drift:

  • Welcome your best visitors with personalized messages
  • Notify sales reps when their target account is on the site
  • Save time by answering common questions with Saved Replies
  • Use Internal Notes to communicate with team members within conversation


  • Qualify leads faster using the tool’s conversational AI.
  • Leverage conditional routing for multiple teams.


  • A/B testing is not available in the Premium plan, which is their basic plan.
  • It has a steep learning curve.


Starts at $2500/month.

3rd party integration allowed: Yes

Best for: Medium to large-sized businesses, Enterprises, Remote Teams

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6. Olark


Olark lets you gather customer input to optimize your products and services. Share custom pre-chat forms to gather context. This lets you provide personalized solutions to the customer via live chat. Also, the tool lets you update customer records and track visits and pageviews while conversing with the customer over live chat. Besides, you can save the entire text of the conversation to a searchable database.

Key Features of Olark:

  • Store chat transcripts and structured notes easily
  • Trigger suggestions or special offers
  • Never lose a customer with offline messaging
  • Receive daily, weekly, and monthly emails with data summaries


  • The tool allows users to seal deals faster with advanced and real-time insights on customers.
  • Receive desktop notifications for new messages over live chat.


  • Poor offline email integration.
  • Screen sharing features can be worked upon.


Starts at $29/seat/month.

3rd party integration allowed: Yes

Best for: Medium-sized businesses, Personal Projects

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7. Tidio


Tidio is the best free alternative to Crisp. It is easy to set up, enabling you to add live chat to your website within minutes. Improve your target base by monitoring where your customers are coming from and what they are browsing on your website. Moreover, the tool even allows you to analyze conversations and measure agent performance, leading to improved visitor communication.

Key Features of Tidio:

  • Automate chats with AI
  • Integrate with WordPress, Shopify, MailChimp, etc.
  • Chat to your customers via the mobile app
  • Get started with 35+ chatbot templates


  • The tool lets you respond at lightning-fast speed by seeing what your website visitors are typing in real time.
  • Prepare canned responses for frequently asked questions.


  • Lacks good language assistance capabilities.
  • It is not an easily scalable tool.


Starts at $0.

3rd party integration allowed: Yes

Best for: Small to medium-sized businesses, Personal Projects

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8. Gorgias


Next up on our list of the best alternatives to Crisp chat is Gorgias. Gorgias helps deliver meaningful conversations by offering an AI-enabled platform. You can connect to Shopify to leverage information related to your products and shopper’s history. So you can check stock availability, update orders, and issue refunds, right from Gorgias.

Key Features of Gorgias:

  • Create custom replies for enhanced customer engagement
  • Customize the look and feel of your chat widget the way you like
  • Set up auto-reply when you’re offline
  • Switch to other channels from live chat instantly


  • Gorgias allows you to message your visitors first and offer proactive support to encourage sales.
  • Use the tool’s Automation Add-on to enable effortless self-service and reduce ticket volume.


  • Lacks a good mobile application.
  • The tool can be glitchy occasionally.


Starts at $10/month.

3rd party integration allowed: Yes

Best for: Small-sized businesses, Enterprises, Personal Projects, Remote Teams

9. Tawk.to


tawk.to lets you monitor visitor activity in real-time. You can track which pages they are visiting, what they search within your knowledge base, and how often they come to your site. This allows you insight into what a visitor is looking for and how you can support them better and faster.

Key Features of tawk.to:

  • Organize contacts and maintain complete conversation history
  • Track which team member responded to a visitor last
  • Connect with customers with audio and video add-ons
  • Leverage free and customizable knowledge base


  • You can create articles and shortcuts so that agents can resolve customer queries faster.
  • The tool allows you to tag and assign conversations to team members.


  • The tool’s users often complain of mobile compatibility issues.
  • Its UI is outdated.


Starts at $0.

3rd party integration allowed: Yes

Best for: Small-sized businesses, Personal Projects

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10. HelpCrunch


Another great alternative to the Crisp system is HelpCrunch. It promises sophisticated and seamless support to drive more sales and revenue. Its shared inbox allows you to manage chats, emails, messengers, and social media from one spot. Also, using the tool, you can track who is managing a conversation and whether anybody is available to take up incoming requests.

Key Features of HelpCrunch:

  • Integrate knowledge base with live chat so that customers can resolve common queries
  • Provide uninterrupted support across the website and mobile app
  • Access user’s personal data for better context into their issues
  • Leave important information as private notes to your colleagues


  • You can set up rules that will trigger chat messages based on visitor’s behavior.
  • Keep an eye on customer satisfaction, chat volume, and first response time.


  • Lacks advanced customization options.
  • Its chat widget capabilities can be enhanced.


Starts at $12/month.

3rd party integration allowed: Yes

Best for: Medium to large-sized businesses, Enterprises, Remote Teams

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Comparison of Best Alternatives of Crisp Chat

Software Pricing (Starts at/user/month) Conversational Chatbot Intelligent Routing Data-Driven Reports & Analytics Powerful Integration Options 24/7 Mobile Access Customization Capabilities
ProProfs Chat $19.99 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Zendesk $49 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Help Scout $20 Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Hubspot $45/2 users Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Drift $2500/month Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Olark $29 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Tidio $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gorgias $10 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Tawk.to $0 Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
HelpCrunch $12 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Final Verdict: Which Crisp Chat Alternative Should You Go For?

Crisp chat is a great tool that enables you to:

  • 24/7 mobile support
  • Real-time notifications when a potential lead messages you
  • Automated support actions to save time
  • Canned responses for faster customer query resolution

However, depending on your specific business requirements, you may want to go for an analytical alternative to Crisp chat like Olark, or a self-help focused tool like tawk.to. However, if you’re looking for a complete solution to offer enhanced customer support without scratching your head over it, ProProfs might be the best fit. It is an excellent tool that empowers your sales team to drive more qualified leads.

Your next best step must be to assess your unique requirements and tie them to the features that each of the above-mentioned Crisp chat alternatives offer. This will enable you to make the right decision and deliver epic customer experiences effectively.

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