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Top 11 Tidio Live Chat Alternatives & Competitors

tidio chat alternatives

“Notification system needs to be better about notifying us of new chats.” – A customer review on G2.com

“One of the things I had difficulty with was with keeping the lines that connect each action of the bot straight. It took me a considerable amount of time moving them around and making sure it had the correct spacing.” – A customer review on Getapp.com

If you are a Tidio user, facing similar challenges or even more, then it is time you start searching for its alternatives. There’s no doubt that it will be a tedious task for you, but we’re here to help you find the right Tidio alternatives.

To help you get started, we’ve curated a small guide that covers:

A Quick Look at Top Tidio Alternatives

Product Name Features Pricing
  • ProProfs Chat
  • Automates support process & improve lead generation with chatbot
  • Improves engagement with announcements and chat greetings
  • Integrates with third-party platform
  • Provides detailed reports on team performance
  • Helps you track visitor behavior
  • Forever FREE for Single Operator
  • 2+ Operators: $19.99per operator/month
  • ZendeskSuite
  • Offers real time support to with mobile app
  • Engages customers with GIFs, emojis, forms, and canned responses
  • Offers access to chatbot to automate support queues
  • Organizes conversations with visitors
  • Allows you to assess each agent’s performance
  • Suite Team Plan: $49/agent/mon
  • Suite Growth Plan:$79/agent/mon
  • Suite Professional Plan: $99/agent/mon
  • Suite Enterprise Plan: $150/agent/mon
  • Offers chatbot, Freddy, even in the free plan
  • Helps admins to perform bulk actions
  • Allows agents to add conversation labels
  • Provides you the ability to segment prospects
  • Helps your business to auto-assign chats to available agents
  • Sprout Plan: $0/100agents/mon
  • Blossom Plan:$13.40/agent/mon
  • Garden Plan: $26.81/agent/mon
  • Olark
  • Offers insightful reports
  • Allows admins to create groups and monitors agent activity
  • Provides access to customization settings
  • Integrates with platforms like Webhooks, Mailchimp, and others
  • Helps you access and control visitor’s screen with co-browsing
  • Starts at $19/agent/mon
  • Crisp
  • Helps agents receive live alerts on incoming chats
  • Allows operators to schedule appointments and call backs
  • Automates chat routing and distributes chats equally
  • Supports chatbot feature to help you capture leads
  • Helps you make product recommendations
  • Basic Plan: $0/mon/2 seats
  • Pro Plan: $25/mon/4 seats
  • Unlimited Plan: $95/mon/unlimited seats
  • Help Scout
  • Captures leads automatically
  • Helps your agents escalate the issues to other departments
  • Displays self-help articles in chat widget
  • Allows you to create all-in-one support system
  • Offers multiple customization options for chat widget
  • Standard Plan: $20/agent/mon
  • Plus Plan: $35/agent/mon
  • Company Plan: Request a quote
  • LiveChat
  • Offers integration with 200+ platforms
  • Simplifies support experience with tags, transfer, ratings, and others
  • Helps you track agent performance, ticket reports
  • Provides different security settings
  • Allows your business to connect multiple messaging channels
  • Starter Plan: $16/agent/mon
  • Team Plan: $33/agent/mon
  • Business Plan: $50/agent/mon
  • Enterprise Plan: Request a quote
  • Drift
  • Helps you engage, qualify and nurture leads with chatbot
  • Identifies anonymous visitors and creates personalized experiences
  • Routes leads to the right sales representatives
  • Identifies a specific audience and targets them on your website
  • Offers support in multiple languages
  • Request a quote
  • Tawk.to
  • Allows you to monitor visitors in real-time
  • Enables you to send messages to visitors in their local language
  • Helps you answer questions on the go with its mobile app
  • Respond faster to customers with shortcuts like canned responses
  • Even offers in-chat payment options which can prove fruitful for online businesses
  • Free live chat software
  • Intercom
  • Tracks all conversations in their inbox
  • Stores all information about a customer in one place
  • Helps you become proactive with their messaging platform
  • Makes you proactive with chatbot or self-help articles
  • Helps you store customer’s chat history
  • Pricing starts at $79/mon

What is Tidio Chat?

Tidio Chat specializes in offering both live chat and chatbot functionalities. These help its users create engaging conversational experiences for their customers efficiently. Users can instantly connect and communicate with website visitors in real-time. Its ability to automate the support process helps its users offer 24×7 support to customers.

Why Look for Alternatives for Tidio Chat?

Once you learn what Tidio Chat can do for its users, you end up rethinking why you need to find its alternatives in the first place. But we have narrowed down some of the biggest drawbacks of this tool that will surely motivate you to check out the best alternatives to Tidio. Here’s a quick list of drawbacks for your reference.

Please note: Each of these drawbacks have been taken into consideration after monitoring customer reviews on popular listicle websites such as Capterra, G2.com, GetApp and others.

  • Misses out on connecting with people instantly. It doesn’t notify its users immediately when a new chat comes in. This not only delays the response from its users but also disappoints their customers.
  • Fails to offer complete authority to chat admins. Once an admin set accounts for each operator, it becomes difficult for them to make changes if the operator forgets to add their profile picture displayed in the chat widget. You have to personally login to the operator’s account to make such changes.
  • Lacks the ability to manage multiple chats at the same time. If an operator is managing multiple chats through multiple windows, they don’t get notified if the customer from one window has left a reply. Conversations don’t get refreshed or you don’t get to see what the customer says next until you don’t visit that particular conversation window.
  • Pricing is a bummer for users who want to add new extra users to the account. Even features like initiating a chat, viewed pages, or visitor notifications aren’t listed in the tool’s basic or free plan o, which further makes their pricing an expensive affair.
  • Fails to offer multiple language support options to customers. This way a lot of businesses working on a global scale fail to offer support to their customers in their native language. 

While the list to replace Tidio live chat can go on, these are some of the repeated complaints from their customers that encourage them to look for better alternatives.

Must-have Feature List for Tidio Chat Alternatives

Considering the list of things that go wrong for their customers, we’ve listed a few must-have features that Tidio alternatives should have. These include the following:

  • Should Notify Operators of Incoming Chats Right Away

Notification may seem like a minor feature that a lot of Tidio chat competitors might already offer and even for free. However, it all depends on how prompt these notifications are. If the notifications about the new chat are delayed, then you are likely to lose your prospects and customers more frequently.

  • Should Support Multiple Languages for Improved Experience

You can only call your pick the best Tidio alternative when you know it helps you offer support to customers in their native language. With a feature like this, you can make sure that your customers are satisfied and it will encourage you further to target a broader audience for your business.

  • Should Offer Better Automation Skills to Never Miss Support Opportunities

There is no doubt that Tidio offers that feature to its users. However, Tidio similar software solutions in the market offer way better automation of customer support and sales process. Therefore, when you look for a live chat, don’t just judge it on the basis of its chatbot abilities. There are other features as well such as automatic routing, chat triggers, and others that can automate the support process for your business.

  • Should Help You Market Latest Offers, Upgrades & Discounts!

You shouldn’t restrict the use of live chat software as a support or sales tool for your business anymore. It even helps you market your latest offers, product upgrades, and more. A lot of live chat solutions help you make these announcements that encourage visitors to initiate an interaction with you and engage further. Such features are a must-have for your business.

  • Should Allow You to Make Customizations as Per Your Preference

From a seamless chatbot builder to multiple customization settings, Tidio tends to miss out on a lot. That’s why you need to look for a chat tool that not only offers multiple chat settings but also provides an easy-to-use chatbot builder to its customers.

These must-have features can help you select a better Tidio alternative that matches the needs of your support process. 

Top Criteria for Tidio Alternatives

Besides features, we’ve looked into other criteria that have helped us narrow down top 11 alternatives for Tidio chat software. In this section, we aim to discover top reasons that we considered while listing our alternative picks for your business.

  • Rating Between 4.5 to 5.0 on Listing Websites

Our first criteria to curate a list of Tidio alternatives was to check the rating of the products. We’ve added tools that have scored a rating between 4.5 to 5.0 on prominent listing sites such as GetApp, Capterra and TrustRadius.

  • Product Functionality

Another criterion that we took into account after monitoring several multiple reviews online was product functionality. We asked ourselves two questions: One, how better is the product in comparison with Tidio and two, whether it covers up all the missing aspects from Tidio or not.

  • User Interface Experience

We’ve also taken into account the reviews that express the existing customers’ experience with the tool’s user interface. Did they find it simple? Did they find all the settings and test them out? Answering these questions has helped curate the list of alternatives below.

What are the Best Tidio Alternatives

Now that we’ve taken a look at the must-have features and what criteria we’ve used to list the alternatives, it is time we check out our list of Tidio alternatives. 

1. ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Chat is one of the best Tidio alternatives that you’ll come across. It is an easy-to-use live chat software that offers a better list of features in comparison to Tidio at better pricing packages. From support process automation to closing sales faster for your business, it does it all. You can queue your incoming chats and make sure that customers do not leave without getting a solution from your team.

ProProfs Chat also helps you customize send chat invitations to visitors on your website based on their browsing patterns. This helps you strike the right conversation with the visitors and make sure that they understand your business better. Besides this, you can also enhance its functionality by integrating it with multiple platforms at the same time. It offers integrations with platforms like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, MailChimp, WordPress, Shopify and others.

Key Features:

  • Offers chatbot feature to help your business automate support process and improve lead generation efforts
  • Improves engagement and upsell opportunities through features like announcements and chat greetings 
  • Allows you to integrate with multiple third-party as well as native support apps to create your support and sales bundle
  • Provides access to detailed reports that help you see how your team is performing and if your customers are satisfied or not
  • Helps your business understand customers via tracking their behavior and capturing their feedback once a chat ends
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What makes ProProfs Chat one of the best Tidio chat competitors is how it offers all the features and even more at better pricing packages. This itself should be motivating enough for businesses to invest in this support tool. 


ProProfs Chat should work on adding new chatbot templates for their clients. It would help them set up a chatbot on their website faster. 


Get your team on board and start chatting today with ProProfs Chat’s affordable live chat pricing plans: forever free for a single operator and $19.99 for teams. Try our live chat free trial now!

2. Zendesk Suite

Zendesk Suite is yet another customer support solution that can be seen as the best Tidio alternative in the market. This platform helps your business to offer solutions to customers in real time, and encourages them to return to your brand more frequently.

You can make the first move with your prospects and customers with Zendesk Suite. It helps you capture information on them first and what they’re looking for via pre-chat form. This helps your agents personalize their experience with your brand and retain them successfully.

Key Features:

  • Helps you offer real time support to website visitors no matter where your agents are through mobile app
  • Enables agents to create more engaging conversational experiences for visitors and customers by offering access to GIFs, emojis, forms, and canned responses
  • Offers access to features like chatbot that help you automate support queues efficiently
  • Organizes conversations with visitors and customers as agents get to route chats to the right department and add tags to chats based on their nature
  • Allows you to assess each agent’s performance by offering access to detailed reports


The live chat solution is quite easy to use and a feature-rich product that’ll help your business meet all expectations of support and sales process. 


Users can come across issues like uploading data and exporting the same when using Zendesk. What’s worse, sometimes the data gets deleted or goes missing for no reason.


Zendesk Suite Plans

  • Suite Team Plan: $49/agent/mon
  • Suite Growth Plan: $79/agent/mon
  • Suite Professional Plan: $99/agent/mon
  • Suite Enterprise Plan: $150/agent/mon

*Zendesk also offers additional enterprise-ready plans that start from $215/agent/mon.

3. Freshchat

Freshchat is another live chat software that you should consider when searching for a Tidio alternative. With this live chat solution, you can create a multichannel customer service system for your business. You can integrate it with platforms like LINE, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more. You can even capture customer requests on the go with its mobile app.

Besides a multichannel system, you also get the liberty to become more proactive with your customer service process. You can reach out to visitors with a message that tells them that they can get in touch with your agents right away.

Key Features:

  • Offers chatbot, Freddy, and its detailed analytics and reports even in the free plan
  • Helps your admins to perform bulk actions like chat assignment, convert conversations into tickets and more 
  • Allows agents to add conversation labels so that they can be referred to by other agents in case they come across the same customer
  • Provides your business the ability to segment prospects into different categories to simplify the sales process
  • Helps your business to auto-assign chats to available agents in the team to distribute workload equally


The Freshchat team is known for offering spontaneous support to their users in case they face any troubles or come across any bugs.


A lot of users found their chatbot, Freddy, delaying conversations with a lot of their customers. This has cost them customers as it ended up creating a bad experience for a lot of visitors on the website.


  • Sprout Plan: $0/100 agents/mon
  • Blossom Plan: $13.40/agent/mon
  • Garden Plan: $26.81/agent/mon
  • Estate Plan: $44.24/agent/mon
  • Forest Plan: $67.04/agent/mon

4. Olark

Olark is one of the recognized live chat solutions in the SaaS market. This live chat app is perfect for engaging your customers in a real time conversation and understanding their needs faster. It even helps to store leads and organize them while agents are still in a conversation with them.

It’s other features like chatbot, pre-chat form, and offline messages can help your business become more active in capturing leads for your business. Olark also enables its users to trigger chat messages for special offers at specific time periods. All you need to do is identify the average time your visitors spend on your website and trigger these messages during their browsing experience to boost more engagement opportunities.

Key Features:

  • Offers insightful reports that help you track chat volume, visitor history, analytics and more
  • Allows admins to create groups, set conversation limits, monitors agent activity and more under detailed team management settings
  • Provides access to customization settings such as language selection, chat box theme, custom logo, and more
  • Integrates with platforms like Webhooks, Mailchimp, WordPress, Salesforce, and others
  • Helps you access and control visitor’s screen through features like co-browsing


Olark supports a simple user interface that anyone can use. You need no coding knowledge or experience to use this live chat solution.


This live chat software lacks the ability to send images or other files during an ongoing conversation with prospects or customers alike. Such challenges force the customers to use other platforms to share product information.


Starts at $19/agent/mon and offers discounts on annual subscriptions.

5. Giosg

giosg- live chat and chatbot platform

Giosg is a great alternative for Tidio. The giosg Sales Acceleration Platform includes many tools to help businesses support their customers and increase sales. The platform aims to create better online experiences with options to proactively greet and guide your website visitors. Giosg’s easy-to-use, no-code solution includes live chat, chatbots, one-to-one, and one-to-many video. You can also create pop-ups, shoppable videos, and gamification elements with the giosg platform.

Key Features:

  • Track all your conversation in one secure place, on your desktop or mobile
  • Provide proactive customer service and sell more with targeted interactions
  • You can also create shoppable videos to improve your sales
  • The live chat can also be connected to a video call if the website visitor wants to see the product in action 


The platform requires no coding skills and is simple to use. Consultancy is included in the price.


No free options. 


Giosg started plan is €199/mon. The business plan is €349/mon.

6. Crisp

Crisp is yet another Tidio alternative that your business should give a shot. This live chat software is known for its chatbot feature. It helps you offer instant support; true. However, it is also known for simplifying the onboarding process for its customers. Crisp Live Chat users can easily connect it with social media platforms like Messenger and Twitter to help customers connect with their business faster.

However, the multichannel customer service efforts don’t come to an end here. You also get to connect Crisp Chat with your email, Telegram, Twilio, LINE, WhatsApp and other accounts as well. This is one of the best ways it can simplify the support process for your customers by offering every possible channel of their liking to connect with your brand.

Key Features:

  • Helps your agents receive live alerts on incoming chats and even enables them to escalate chats to other departments
  • Allows operators to schedule appointments with customers while having a conversation with them
  • Automates chat routing and distributes chats equally to avoid agent burnout
  • Supports the use of chatbot feature to help you capture leads for your business in real time
  • Helps you make product recommendations based on audience targeting


The best part about this live chat solution is its ability to offer precise multilingual support to customers. That means the translations are correct and even helps your business connect with your target audience through their native language.


One of the drawbacks of Crisp Chat is that it captures the subject line of previous conversations and sometimes fails to show the actual interaction between the customer and agent.


  • Basic Plan: $0/mon/2 seats
  • Pro Plan: $25/mon/4 seats
  • Unlimited Plan: $95/mon/unlimited seats
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7. Help Scout

Help Scout is primarily seen as a help desk system. However, it even owns a live chat system bundled with its help desk system. Just like popular live chat systems, Help Scout also helps its users capture leads in real time. It even helps its users offer instant answers to visitors before they initiate a chat by displaying self-help article links.

Other than that, users can also escalate their chats to different departments to make sure that customers get answers to their queries faster. You can also find integrations with multiple platforms to help you store, nurture and convert leads into customers.

Key Features:

  • Captures leads automatically during an ongoing conversation
  • Helps your agents escalate the issues faster to other departments
  • Displays self-help articles for your customers and reduces incoming chat requests
  • Allows you to create all-in-one support system for your business by offering access to help desk, knowledge management, in-app messaging, and more
  • Offers multiple customization options to help you build a chat widget of your preference


Simple UI makes this live chat solution one of the best Tidio alternatives in the market. You can set it up in no time and get the real time support process started.


While all-in-one solution is a great idea and helps their users save more, still it would be great to see Help Scout offer live chat as a standalone solution to its customers.


  • Standard Plan: $20/agent/mon
  • Plus Plan: $35/agent/mon
  • Company Plan: Request a quote

8. LiveChat

LiveChat is one of the top Tidio alternatives in the market that you’ll come across. The reason why it stands out as a live chat solution is because of its ability to capture customer requests from multiple platforms and help agents manage them all in one place. That also means that LiveChat helps your business capture leads from all these platforms at the same time as well.

What’s more, it simply doesn’t capture leads. It also qualifies leads for your business by making use of its chatbot feature. You can even keep a close eye on chats that help your business add more revenue to your business. Track what worked in those conversations and arrive at strategies that can be used in the long run.

Key Features:

  • Offers integration with 200+ platforms to enhance the customer’s experience with your brand
  • Allows you to make use of different chat tools like tags, canned responses, transfer, ratings, file sharing, and others to simplify support experience
  • Helps you track agent performance, ticket reports, customer reports, and more through in-depth reports
  • Provides different security settings for improving customer data storage process
  • Allows your business to connect multiple messaging channels like Apple Business Chat, Facebook, and others


This tool is perfect for improving engagement on your website and ensuring that you never miss out on support requests coming in from other platforms.


A lot of their existing customers have consistently complained about how they face a lag when using this live chat software. This lag can increase wait time that has resulted in frustrated customers who leave.


  • Starter Plan: $16/agent/mon
  • Team Plan: $33/agent/mon
  • Business Plan: $50/agent/mon
  • Enterprise Plan: Request a quote

9. Drift

Drift is a lot more than chatbot software which is why it is a part of our list of Tidio alternatives. No doubt that their chatbot solution is more prominent, but when it works with their live chat system it offers better results both in terms of sales and support.

As its users, you get to target prospects that are likely to convert in real time faster. Its chatbot feature helps your business identify these prospects and transfer them to the sales team right away. They can have instant conversations with them and try bringing them onboard for your business. With chatbot and live chat functionality working hand-in-hand, it’ll be easier for your business to improve the customer acquisition process.

Key Features:

  • Helps you engage, qualify and nurture leads on your website through its chatbot feature
  • Allows your business to identify anonymous visitors on your website and create personalized experiences
  • Helps you route leads to the right sales representatives instantly
  • Enables your business to identify a specific audience for your business and target them when they land on your website
  • Offers support in multiple languages to help customers have a conversation in their native language


The best part about this tool is that it helps your business measure your sales and support efforts hassle-free. You can track chatbot and agent performances simultaneously with its in-depth reports.


Drift currently lacks proper explanation of each feature, and it needs an immediate revamp. It should also work on its backend, which can be quite confusing for its users.


Drift offers three plans namely Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise. However, you need to get in touch with their teams to request a quote.

10. Tawk.to

Want a free live chat software as a Tidio alternative? Check out Tawk.to. This live chat software is one of the most sought after solutions in the market because it is free. With the ability to help its users connect with customers in 45+ different languages, Tawk.to helps businesses improve personalization of customer experience. 

Users will also like the fact that it can track customer sentiments through their feedback. This helps your business to improve services as per their preferences and drive better engagement efficiently. Besides that, it even encourages the operators to communicate with one another during an ongoing chat through features like agent-to-agent messaging.

Key Features:

  • Allows you to monitor visitors in real-time
  • Enables you to send messages to visitors in their local language
  • Helps you answer questions on the go with its mobile app
  • Allows your agents to respond faster to customers with shortcuts like canned responses
  • Even offers in-chat payment options which can prove fruitful for online businesses


Tawk.to is preferred by a lot of businesses who do not like to set up their live chat solution on the website by themselves. They offer easy setup options where they implement their live chat on their customer’s website, therefore helping them avoid any issues.


Users can easily experience a delay in notifications for incoming chats and that too for about 2 to 4 minutes. This can make the visitor lose interest and leave without having a conversation.


Tawk.to is a free live chat software that doesn’t charge its customers for the product. However, they do offer services where they have in-house agents who manage their customer’s chat traffic. They charge $1/hour/agent for that service.

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11. Intercom

Intercom is our last contender on the Tidio alternative list. The brand markets itself as a platform that enables businesses to build conversational experiences for its customers. It promises to capture leads right away and store other necessary information that may prove handy for both sales and support teams to create personalized experiences.

This business messenger is known for offering more than 250 integration options to its users. These can help businesses to enhance the productivity of their agents and improve customer experience efficiently.

Key Features:

  • Enables you to keep a track of all conversations in their inbox
  • Provides all the information related to a customer in one place to help you personalize their experience
  • Helps you become proactive with their messaging platform that enables your support team address an issue before a customer encounters it
  • Allows your business to offer help to customers before they reach to your agents with chatbot or self-help articles
  • Helps you store customer’s chat history to help them pick up the conversation where they left later on


It is easy to use and easy to install. Also, it offers a complete sales, support and marketing bundle to its customers in the starters plan.


As good this tool is, a lot of its existing customers were forced to drop it from their support stack as it exceeded their budget. It can turn out to be an expensive deal in the long run and even abrupt your support budget.


They have a starter plan that is priced at $79/mon. Besides this, they also have plans like conversational marketing, conversational engagement, and conversational support for which you need to reach out to their team and request a quote.

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Comparison of Best Alternatives of Tidio Chat

In this section, we have compared the above mentioned Tidio alternatives on the basis of top 7 feature requirements to help you choose the best option for your business.

Features Chatbots Announcement Proactive Messages Automatic Routing Multi-lingual Support
ProProfs Chat Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Zendesk Yes No Yes No Yes
Freshchat Yes No Yes Yes No
Olark Yes No Yes No No
Crisp Yes No Yes No No
Help Scout No No No Yes No
LiveChat Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Drift Yes Yes Yes No No
Tawk.to No No Yes No No
Intercom Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Final Verdict: Which Tidio Chat Alternative Should You Choose?

Based on the comparison table, it is clear that you can give ProProfs Chat a try. It has more features compared to Tidio. It even offers unique features like announcements that are hard to find in every live chat solution. 

The best part is that you get to start using this live chat solution at $10/user/mon. That means, giving it a try won’t be an expensive deal and you’ll get to use all its features to decide whether it really meets your support needs.

We hope this helps you replace Tidio chat software.

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