What Makes a Live Chat Plugin for WordPress Website the Best?

Look for the best live chat plugin for WordPress that is easy to use, simple to deploy, helps you offer instant support, and reduces your support costs. With instant support, your business can easily reduce the average response time that results in customer satisfaction. Choose a WordPress live chat plugin with which you can easily reach out to your customers, understand their pain points, and build a personalized service experience hassle-free.

There is no denying to the fact that 90% of consumers want at least the following two things when they have a question about your product or service:

  • Instant answer to their question (they expect a response in less than 10 secs)
  • And instant satisfaction (they don’t give you a second chance to prove again)


Most mature businesses do - they have learnt it the hard way - by experience.

If you’re reading this, you probably know that installing a live chat plugin on your WordPress website does the job (in case you have a well-trained support team in place).

But the question is, how do you make a choice?

There are plenty of live chat plugins with similar-sounding features on the internet and it’s not easy to zero in on one.

We’ve got your back!

Let’s help you find the needle in the haystack.

20 Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress Website & Their Key Features:

20 Best Live Chat Plugins for WordPress
Key Features
ProProfs Chat
  • Chat Greetings & Announcements
  • Chat Routing
  • Real-Time Visitor Monitoring
  • Live Chat Customization
  • 50+ Integrations

Get Started Free (Starts at $0)

  • Engagement Monitoring
  • Multi-channel communication
  • Chat Invitations
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Customizable Chat Widget
  • Pre-Chat Survey
  • Customizable Branding
  • Offline Form
  • Visitor Tracking
Pure Chat
  • White Label Branding
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Tag Transcripts
Zendesk Chat
  • Mobile-Optimized
  • Proactive Chat
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Canned Response
  • Chat Routing
  • Proactive Chat
HappyFox Chat
  • Chat History
  • Canned Responses
  • Chat Transfer
  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring
  • Behavior Triggered Messages
  • Email Integration
  • Auto Routing
  • Multilingual Support
  • Conversation History
  • Co-Browsing
  • Chatbot Enabled
  • Proactive Chat
  • Offline Mode
  • Real-Time Notifications
  • Browser Targeting
  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Ticketing System
  • Feedback Management
  • Auto Messages
  • Feedback Collection
  • Support Ticket Tracking
  • One-on-One Private Chat
  • File Sharing
  • Theme Customization
HubSpot All-In-One Marketing
  • Automated Chatbot
  • CRM Integration
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • Screen Sharing
  • Co-Browsing
  • Auto Triggers
Wise Chat
  • File Attachment
  • Spam Reporting
  • Emoticons
Live Chat by Formilla
  • Real-Time Visitor Monitoring
  • Proactive Chat
  • Canned Replies
Crisp Live Chat
  • Knowledge Base Integration
  • File Sharing
  • Live Chat Customization

Now, let’s dive further to explore the individual features, pricing, and why to use either of the above-mentioned live chat services.

1.ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Live Chat WordPress Plugin

ProProfs Chat is the simplest yet powerful SaaS-based live chat WordPress plugin. This chat tool assists operators to communicate with your website visitors and customers in real-time.

In short, this chat plugin for a website is a perfect medium to establish instant communication with your prospects.

It seamlessly works on devices of all kinds - that means your operators can answer questions anytime, anywhere.

The best part is - operators get to learn the pain points of website visitors by monitoring their real-time behavior - probably that’s what makes it fare among the top WordPress live chat plugins. You can also capture valuable insights, review chat transcripts, and build a delightful support experience.

This live chat plugin helps you boost sales by capturing and converting quality leads into customers - say its active users.

What’s more, the chat plugin for WordPress website also provides integration with internal customer support tools like a knowledge base and help desk. This allows users to create a complete support suite.

If this doesn’t say it all, then let’s take a look at the pivotal features of this best live chat plugin for WordPress below.


  • Live Chat Automated Greetings for Proactive Communication Chat Greetings & Announcements

    Trigger chat greetings to convert visitors into customers. Also announce upcoming feature updates, sales and more to increase website engagement.

  • Chat Routing for Faster Resolution Chat Routing

    Route your incoming chats to the right department to make sure your customers/visitors get instant resolution to their problems.

  • Real Time Visitor Monitoring with Live Chat Real-Time Visitor Monitoring

    Monitor visitors to learn their purchase intent and allow operators to initiate a chat in strategic moments.

  • Live Chat Window Customization Live Chat Window Customization

    Create compelling chat windows for a professional impact and customer-oriented chat experience.

  • Live Chat Integrations 50+ Live Chat Integration Options

    Integrate ProProfs Live Chat plugin for WordPress website with your favorite CRM, help desk, survey maker, knowledge base, email marketing, and other platforms to complete your support suite.

  • Live Chat Reports & Analytics Delightful Reports & Analytics

    Track different metrics such as total number of chats answered, rated chats, average rating, average chat duration, response time, missed chats, individual operator performance and more.

Pricing starts at:$0 (forever free plan)

Why Use ProProfs Live Chat Plugin for WordPress Website

  • Create Customer Support Suite With Powerful Integrations: Integrate with powerful CRMs, help desk, knowledge base, survey maker, email marketing and other platforms to help users create a complete support suite. This way you manage customer data on a single dashboard - the data syncs seamlessly among your favorite CRM, help desk and your live chat system. If you are looking for the best chat plugin for WordPress website, you certainly need to consider a tool that supports multi-channel data sync.
  • Capture Qualified Leads: ProProfs lets you capture leads that are relevant for your business and are likely to convert easily. Use the pre-chat form to gather information on your leads and save them automatically/manually in your favorite CRM platform so your operators can reach them out later on.
  • Engage Customers Actively: Let your customers know what’s new and what they can look forward to with the help of the announcement feature. This equips you to identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities for your business and has a feature to announce upcoming sales, coupons, deals and offers or any sort. Very few live chat plugins offer this feature.
  • Get Into Your Customers Mind: It is important for a business to actively track what customers think about their services and how they can further improve to build a delightful experience. ProProfs Chat provides both - visitor monitoring and post-chat form to help business owners achieve two of the outcomes with a single tool.
  • Convert Supports into Brand Loyals: Quality services along with quantified measures boost brand loyalty. ProProfs Live Chat plugin helps you convert your supporters and the fence sitters into the brand loyals. Provide instant, 24X7 support for your customers to rely on your product or services.


LiveChat WordPress Plugin

LiveChat is one of the top live chat WordPress plugins that helps businesses offer instant support to customers. The easy installation process of the live chat plugin allows operators to provide instant resolution to customers that boost the satisfaction rate. As one of the best options available, LiveChat plugin helps business owners to develop deep and long-lasting customer relationships.


✓   Engagement Monitoring

Monitor how many visitors are engaging with your website in real-time with engagement monitoring. You can also monitor the ongoing engagements that visitors or existing customers have with the operators.

✓   Multi-channel Communication

Help your customers reach your brand, irrespective of the channel, to communicate their problems or suggestions to improve your brand further with LiveChat plugin. Integrate the plugin with different social media accounts to capture initiated chats and make sure that no customer leaves without an answer.

✓   Chat Invitations

Send active chat invitations to your visitors after monitoring their behavior online.

Pricing starts at: $16/user/month billed annually.

Why Use LiveChat Plugin for WordPress Website?

  • Keep Visitors Engaged: One thing that you can do proactively with the use of a LiveChat plugin is to keep your visitors engaged. Features like visitor monitoring and proactive chats allow your operators to communicate instantly with website visitors. What’s more, constant engagement helps your operators understand the intent of the visitor and whether they can be converted into a sale.
  • Adds a Competitive Advantage: You can gain a lead against those who do not use a live chat plugin on their website. Plus, with one of the top live chat plugins for WordPress, you give customers an amazing platform to reach out to your business anytime. This allows your business to develop long-term relationships.
  • Access Customer Data to Improve Your Services: Another highlight of this live chat plugin is the data it helps you to collect about your customers. The plugin allows you to capture data like contact details, feedback for the services you provide, chat transcripts, chat history, and more. Access to such data helps you to gauge and understand areas of improvement that further allow you to improve your services.

3.Tidio Live Chat

Tidio Live Chat for WordPress

As one of the best chat plugins for WordPress, Tidio Live Chat is a promising customer support tool that allows its users to communicate with customers instantly. The live chat providers claim that the plugin is specifically assigned for the WordPress community. With a simple installation of the plugin, you can attain full benefits like real-time communication with customers, more leads and improved conversions.


✓   Multi-Lingual Support

Provide multilingual support to your customers and help them find answers to their questions in their native language.

✓   Customizable Chat Widget

Customize chat widgets to appeal to the likes of your customers and encourage them to initiate a conversation with your operators.

✓   Pre-Chat Survey

Capture qualified leads for your business and store them as contacts by using a pre-chat survey form.

Pricing starts at: $15/3 users/month.

Why Use Tidio Live Chat Plugin for WordPress Website?

  • Connects With Visitors Instantly: The live chat plugin allows your operators to connect instantly with website visitors and help them make informed decisions that result in conversions.
  • Captures Leads: With features like pre-chat form, you can capture leads for your business that your operators can approach later. You can also filter leads that are relevant to your business and improve the conversion rates.
  • Keep Track of Visitor Data: With insightful reporting features, Tidio live chat plugin helps your operators to get a complete insight on visitor history. This will include how many times they’ve been on your website, previous purchase history, chat transcripts, feedback, and more.


Olark Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

Want the best live chat for WordPress website? In our list of best live chat plugins for WordPress, we’ve listed Olark too. This live chat plugin harmonizes the connection between the operator and the customer during an ongoing chat. Plus, the service providers claim that their software is fast and helps a business connect instantly with customers. With a quick installation process, you can streamline your support process with this plugin anytime.


✓   Customizable Branding

Customize your branding in the live chat widget to create a professional experience for your customers during an ongoing chat.

✓   Offline Form

Use offline forms when your operators aren’t online. This way you would never miss out on potential leads and even boost sales.

✓   Visitor Tracking

Track your visitors in real-time to help your operators capture their intent on the website. This way they can initiate a conversation at strategic moments and convert them into customers.

Pricing starts at: $17/user/month.

Why Use Olark Plugin for WordPress Website?

  • Helps You Understand Visitor’s Intent: With Olark, you can learn about your customers better. You can learn whether they landed on your website with a purchase intent in mind. Plus, you can capture details like name, email address, and more that helps your operators identify them the next time they visit the website.
  • Never Miss a Lead: Features like pre-chat and offline message form help you capture potential leads and never slip through the cracks. Plus, they help you learn customer pain points better and approach them with an ideal solution to their problem that increases the satisfaction rate.
  • Seamless Integration With WordPress: The live chat plugin can easily be added to your WordPress website and would give you the impression that it has already been a part of your website.

5.Pure Chat

Pure WordPress Chat Plugin

Another option that you can consider as the best website chat plugin is Pure Chat. The plugin helps you get access to chat transcripts, create chat triggers, customize chat widget, and more. Besides this, the live chat plugin providers promise their users to real-time reporting, visitor tracking that allows a business to understand its target audience better and improve services accordingly.


✓   White Label Branding

Add your logo and brand name to the chat widget to help your visitors relate to your brand instantly.

✓   Visitor Tracking

Track your visitor’s activity on the website in real-time and understand their purchase intent quickly.

✓   Tag Transcripts

Tag your chat transcripts to help your operators sort them when they are needed.

Pricing starts at: $39/month.

Why Use Pure Chat Plugin for WordPress Website?

  • Prompt Visitors to Initiate a Conversation: With chat triggers, prompt your visitors to actively engage with your brand. This will help your operators assist visitors to make an informed decision about your services.
  • Understand Customer Pain Points Better: Learn what all problems your customers have faced previously and how did your operators tackle their questions with their innovative solutions. This is made possible with features like offline messages, chat transcripts and chat history.
  • Learn How Your Operators Are Performing: What makes this the best online chat plugin for WordPress website is the fact that it allows you to understand how an individual operator is performing and whether they fulfill the expectations of each customer. You can track individual operator performance and see if they gave their best during the support process or not.

6.Zendesk Chat

Zendesk WordPress Chatting Plugin

Our list of top WordPress live chat plugins also includes Zendesk Chat too. This live chat plugin helps you manage multiple chats at the same, thus helping your business boost sales. You also get to see your operators working at full-throttle productivity when they start managing more than one chat. Besides this, the plugin also helps businesses streamline the support process and avoid long queues.


✓   Mobile-Optimized

Zendesk Chat supports mobile apps, that means your operators can provide anytime, anywhere support to customers.

✓   Proactive Chat

Initiate a personalized proactive chat that helps customers receive useful information from operators in real-time.

✓   Advanced Analytics

Use advanced analytics to track and learn where your services fell short and how you can improve them for future support processes.

Pricing starts at: $14/user/month.

Why Use Zendesk Chat Plugin for WordPress Website?

  • Available in Over 40 Languages: Provide multilingual support to your customers with the Zendesk Chat plugin. This way your customers will be encouraged to reach out to your business as you can provide them support in their native language.
  • Customizable Live Chat Settings: Customize your chat widget as per the existing theme of your website or web pages to capture visitor’s attention instantly. This will help you increase engagement on your website too.
  • Monitor Visitors & Understand Their Intent: Use visitor tracking features and understand their intent in real-time. This will help your operators initiate a personalized conversation with visitors and help them make an informed decision.


Comm100 WordPress Chat Plugin with Mobile App

Comm100 is another option you can consider when searching for the best chat plugin for WordPress website. As an enterprise-grade live chat tool, it helps you get a 360-degree view of your visitors and streamline your support process effectively. The plugin is designed to help website owners quickly install the plugin on the website.


✓   Canned Response

Use canned messages to reduce response rate and help operators avert typo mistakes when answering frequently asked questions.

✓   Chat Routing

Route incoming chats to the right operator or department and make sure that customers receive instant solutions for their questions.

✓   Proactive Chat

Help your operators initiate a proactive chat with website visitors and help them make an informed product purchasing decision.

Pricing starts at: $29/user/month.

Why Use Comm100 Plugin for WordPress Website?

  • Boost Website Engagement: Features like proactive chat or automatic triggers prompt customers to engage with your website instantly. This gives your operators the time to build a personalized support experience that results in more conversions.
  • Provide Instant Resolution: With Comm100 live chat plugin, make sure that all your customers receive an instant resolution for their questions. This is possible with features like chat routing and canned messages.
  • Deliver Anytime, Anywhere Support: Help your operators to provide anytime, anywhere support to customers by using Comm100 mobile app. This way they won’t be obligated to sit at their seats the entire time. Plus, it would ensure 24X7 support too.

8.HappyFox Chat

HappyFox Live Chat WordPress Plugin

With HappyFox Chat, it becomes a lot simpler for you to convert visitors on your website to customers. The reason to add this live chat plugin in this list is its ability to improve website conversions and support experience for customers. This best website chat plugin is a perfect solution for both sales and support teams.


✓   Chat History

Get access to information like how many times a visitor has arrived at your website and which operator helped them get instant solutions with chat history.

✓   Canned Responses

Reduce response time with canned messages and make sure your customer satisfaction rate stays high. What’s more, you can help your operators avert typo mistakes when they answer frequently asked questions.

✓   Chat Transfer

Transfer chats to the right operator when a customer seeks technical support instantly.

Pricing starts at: $29/month.

Why Use HappyFox Chat Plugin for WordPress Website?

  • Understand Customer Pain Points: Use features like offline forms, visitor behavior reports, and chat history to track customer pain points effectively. This will help your operators to create a personalized experience for customers that will prompt them to return to your brand every time.
  • Integrates With 20+ Apps: HappyFox Chat allows you to integrate the chat app with 20+ apps that help you improve your support process further. Such integrations allow your operators to gather more knowledge on customers and work towards improving future support conversations.
  • Reduce Response Time: Help your operators to reduce response time with this chat plugin on your website. You can use features like chat routing, chat transfer, canned responses, and others to help your customers find instant resolutions.


Intercom WordPress Live Chat

Intercom, one of the best live chat plugin for WordPress, helps its users communicate with customers instantly, yet with a personal touch. The live chat plugin is a perfect platform for businesses who wish to accomplish their support, sales, and marketing. The plugin also supports the use of a mobile app, which means your operators can readily provide support whenever the customer wants.


✓   Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Check out and compare the performance of your operators in real-time with the performance monitoring reports. Identify the areas where they need to improve and provide them training accordingly.

✓   Behavior Triggered Messages

Set rules and conditions for triggered messages on your WordPress website. So, once a visitor has stayed for too long on the website and is probably planning to leave the page, a message can be triggered so that you actively engage them in a conversation.

✓   Email Integration

Integrate your favorite email marketing platform with Intercom. This will help you to increase your email marketing contact list and easily target those who are interested in your products and services.

Pricing starts at: $87/month.



Freshchat is yet another software solution that people consider when planning to add a live chat to their WordPress website. As one of the best WordPress live chat plugins, Freshchat is known to help its users to boost sales and increase customer engagement on the website. Its users find triggered messages as one of the key features because it allows them to actively increase visitor engagement, which ultimately ends up converting into a sale.


✓   Auto Routing

Route your visitors to the right department or operator to make sure they get instant resolution for their problem with the auto-routing feature.

✓   Multilingual Support

Help your customers feel at ease by providing them support in their native language.

✓   Conversation History

Save and revisit the conversation history that took place between your customers/visitors and operators to understand new problem areas and how they can be tackled in the future.

Pricing starts at: $15/user/month annually.


Acquire Website Chat Plugin

You will also come across Acquire as one of the best website chat plugin solutions when researching for the best in the industry. This plugin allows its users to build an all-new multi-channel customer communication platform that helps an organization to build a personalized and targeted experience for the customers. In short, its use can help you to create new yet long-term relationships based on strong communication. Plus, it is a perfect fit for support, sales, marketing, and other departments.


✓   Co-Browsing

Learn the areas where your customers are stuck at and help them with a step-by-step guide with the co-browsing feature.

✓   Chatbot Enabled

Provide 24x7 support to your customers and help them get connected to human help in case the issue gets escalated to a technical aspect with the chatbot feature.

✓   Proactive Chat

Initiate a proactive chat with your customers and keep them engaged with your brand with help from this feature.

Pricing starts at: $300/month (base price) +$40/user/month.


Drift Live Chat Support Plugin

As a cloud-based live chat app, Drift is yet another option that can be seen as the best online chat plugin for WordPress website. With its email management solution, both your sales and support team can easily extend help to customers and target the right audience that results in more sales. The live chat plugin supports extensive settings options that allow users to customize their chat widgets that add a personal touch to the experience. What’s more, it even assists operators to send email follow-ups for abandoned chats, check the chat histories, automate the email campaign, and much more.


✓   Offline Mode

Manage customer issues when your operators are offline with the best chat plugin for WordPress. You can capture customer issues with offline forms and make sure that you never lose out on a customer.

✓   Real-Time Notifications

Get to know when a customer initiates a chat with your operators through real-time notifications. Now, your operators will never miss out on a customer

✓   Browser Targeting

Automate the decisions based on whether to take up a chat or not with browser targeting.

Pricing starts at: $50/month(base price) +$20/user/month.


LiveAgent Customer Support WordPress Plugin

With LiveAgent, provide excellent customer support experience and make sure your customers return every time they seek help. As one of the top WordPress live chat plugins, LiveAgent is equipped with various support features that help your operators to stay connected with customers irrespective of the platform. In short, you can link to every channel of possible support inputs and fetch data from platforms like emails, Facebook comments, Tweets, contact forms, help desk or phone calls.


✓   Multi-Lingual Support

Help your customers find solutions to their problems in the native language with this live chat plugin.

✓   Ticketing System

Integrate your favorite ticketing system to make sure that even your missed chats convert into support tickets and that your operators get to connect with them later on.

✓   Feedback Management

Capture and manage feedback received from your customers with this feedback management feature.

Pricing starts at: $29/month.


HelpCrunch WordPress Live Chat Plugin

HelpCrunch is yet another popular and the best chat plugin for WordPress website that helps its users communicate with their customers instantly. So, no matter if you plan to use it for support, sales, or marketing process, your customers or soon-to-be-customers will be happy with the services received when they communicate with your brand via the live chat plugin. What’s more, its use results in the retention and acquisition of customers.


✓   Auto Messages

Send automated messages to visitors who land on pages that are likely to convert them into customers. It will help your business actively engage with them and boost sales.

✓   Feedback Collection

Collect customer feedback once a chat comes to an end to learn what they feel about the services they receive and how they wish your brand to improve further.

✓   Support Ticket Tracking

Easily track your support tickets and make sure that no query goes unanswered with the help from this live chat plugin.

Pricing starts at: $15/user/month.


IFlyChat Plugin for WordPress

iFlyChat, as the best live chat for WordPress, helps businesses increase customer engagement and boost sales. The chat plugin enables people to engage in a private one-on-one conversation to get instant support for their questions. What’s more, it allows you to log chat conversations and review them later so that future support experience can be improved for other customers.


✓   One-on-One Private Chat

Your customers can either use a public or private room to interact and find a solution to their problem with one-on-one private chat.

✓   File Sharing

Send files during an ongoing chat to your customers to make sure they find every relevant information related to their question.

✓   Theme Customization

Customize your chat widget them to make sure it matches the existing theme of your web page.

Pricing starts at: $19/month.

16.HubSpot All-In-One Marketing

HubSpot Live Chat Plugin for WordPress Website

Want another all-in-one live chat tool like ProProfs Chat to help your operators weave a good customer experience? Well, the HubSpot All-In-One Marketing tool is yet another option on the list. As one of the best live chat plugin for WordPress website, it helps your business to grow the email list, manage contacts, and provide instant support.


✓   Automated Chatbot

With the automated chatbot feature, never miss out on a customer query. Your business can easily manage frequently asked questions once you enable this feature.

✓   CRM Integration

Integrate their CRM platform with the live chat tool and capture all qualified leads for your business hassle-free.

✓   Email Marketing Integration

Integrate your favorite email marketing platform to keep your contact list updated as new leads enter your system.

Pricing starts at: $35/user/month.

17.REVE Chat

Reve Live Chat Plugin

As one of the best live chat plugin for WordPress, REVE Chat turns out to be another option for your business to check out. This multi-channel cloud based live chat plugin provides instant support to visitors on your website that ultimately helps your business boost sales conversions. With its addition, your business can instantly engage customers with the brand.


✓   Screen Sharing

Help your operators share the screen with the customers to help them get a step-by-step guide for areas where they get stuck.

✓   Co-Browsing

A lot similar to screen sharing, co-browsing is yet another feature that helps your operators build a seamless support experience in case customers feel stuck.

✓   Auto Triggers

Use auto triggers on pages that are most likely to convert for your business. It will help you actively engage visitors on the website.

Pricing starts at: $13.50/user/month.

18.Wise Chat

Wise Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

Searching for yet another leading live chat plugin for your WordPress website? Wise Chat turns out to be one of the best live chat plugins for WordPress that allows your business to build engaging support experience and boost user engagement on your website. The plugin can be installed in no time and supports different features that make it a good candidate to be a part of this list.


✓   File Attachment

Attach and send files to your customers during an ongoing chat with the file attachment feature.

✓   Spam Reporting

Help your operators mark messages that look spam or hold no relevance to the business with the use of this feature.

✓   Emoticons

Use emoticons during a live chat session to create a personal experience for the visitor/customer.

Pricing starts at: $40/month.

19.Live Chat by Formilla

Live Chat WordPress Plugin by Formilla

If these options for best website chat plugins feel insufficient, then worry not. We have more names in our pandora’s box. Formilla Live Chat software plugin is another option that you can consider to add on your WordPress website. This plugin offers premium services to all its WordPress plugin users. What’s more, the available customization options help you change the chat widget as per the existing theme of your web pages.


✓   Real-Time Visitor Monitoring

Visitor monitoring allows you to understand the intent of the people on your website and helps your operators to take action accordingly.

✓   Proactive Chat

Initiate a proactive chat to keep your visitors engaged with your brand constantly.

✓   Canned Replies

Reduce response rate and lower grammatical or typo mistakes with the use of canned responses.

Pricing starts at: $19.99/user/month.

20.Crisp Live Chat

Crisp Live Chat WordPress Plugin

Customize your chat window with beautiful themes available with Crisp Live Chat. As the best live chat plugin for WordPress, it comes with a lot of customization options that prompt visitors to engage with your operators and the website. Plus, it helps you to grow your email list, boost lead generation, and improve customer relationships.


✓   Knowledge Base Integration

Integrate knowledge base to create a self-help section for your customers. They will find relevant articles to their questions before a chat gets initiated in the chat window.

✓   File Sharing

Share files with your customers during an ongoing chat and make sure that they receive relevant information easily.

✓   Live Chat Customization

With multiple chat window themes, Crisp Live Chat gives you the opportunity to design the widget as per the existing theme of your website.

Pricing starts at: $25/4 users/month.

Ready to Get the Best Live Chat Plugin for Your WordPress Website?

  • With more than 20 best live chat plugins for a WordPress website, you can easily narrow down your choice for the one that will be integrated into your site. But to make things a lot simpler, we’ll say give ProProfs Chat a try.
  • The live chat plugin is simple, easy-to-integrate, fast, and helps you kick-start your support process with a forever free plan. ProProfs Chat plugin supports 50+ integrations and 100+ settings options that allow you to create a complete, customized support suite for your business.
  • We’re here to help if you need us. Give us a call at (855) 776-7763 (Toll-Free) and one of our team will help you zero in on one.

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