What Makes an App the Best Live Chat App for Shopify?

Look for the best live chat app for your Shopify eCommerce website that is easy-to-use, enables instant customer support, and more. Your business will benefit from the instant support feature as more customers will arrive at a purchasing decision faster. With a cloud-based Shopify live chat app, you can reduce average response time that results in customer satisfaction and improved brand loyalty.

With the best Shopify customer service app, you can create a personalized experience for all your buyers at the eCommerce website.

eCommerce business owners spend a good amount of money to attract visitors to their Shopify Store.

Unfortunately, not all visitors end up making a purchase.

Most of them scroll around and jump off to the next website without taking action. That’s probably because most of them do not get adequate support when browsing the website.

That’s where a live chat app for Shopify store will come handy for eCommerce businesses. And it’s proven by one of Forrester’s studies. The study reveals that 44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a website can offer.

It is for this reason, live chat emerges as one of the most satisfactory and convenient platforms for eCommerce business owners. It strengthens relationships with customers and gains a competitive edge over others.

But finding one amidst various options becomes a daunting task. That’s precisely why we’ve put together a list of 15 best online live chat apps for Shopify stores together.

15 Best Live Chat Software for Shopify Store & Their Key Features:

15 Best Live Chat Apps for Shopify
Key Features:
  • Real-time visitor monitoring
  • Chat windows customization
  • Insightful reports to estimate chat quality
  • Pre-chat form and canned responses to save time
  • 50+ integrations

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  • Packed with features
  • Marketing message segmentation
  • Strong CRM
  • Personalized interactions
  • Strong analytics
  • On the go customer service
  • Real-time chat
  • Customer data storage
  • Track customer’s activity
  • Chat customization
  • Canned responses
  • Mobile apps
  • Feature-rich
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Customizable widgets
  • Communication via chatbots
  • Customizable widgets
  • Mobile friendly
  • Seamless platform
  • Easy integration
  • Automated chats
  • Customized chats
  • Quick integration
  • Complete access to APIs
  • Grow your email list
  • Access messages offline
  • Feature-rich
  • Unlimited chats
  • Robust dashboard
  • Track website visitors
  • Live dashboard
  • Latest chat features
  • Customer education
  • Proactive invitations
  • Customizable widgets
  • Know your website visitors
  • Custom click-to-chat link
  • Store chat history
  • Push notifications
  • Visitor tracking
  • CRM integration for more conversion
  • Smart analytics

Let’s take a look at the features and pricing of every option mentioned in the list above to help you settle for the best live chat app for Shopify store.

1.ProProfs Chat

ProProfs live chat app for shopify

ProProfs is a leading customer service software provider that offers a surefire way towards customer engagement and increasing conversions. It is a prime choice of a Shopify customer support live chat app to build a strong online presence.

You can easily embed the chat window on the website or launch it separately by just copying and pasting the code. This cloud-based Shopify live chat app offers an awesome blend of amazing features that engages the visitors and increases conversion rates in no time.

The app’s integration with popular tools along with ProProfs Help Desk, ProProfs Survey Maker, and ProProfs Knowledge Base, gives a wholesome customer support experience.


  • Chat Routing Chat Routing

    Distribute workload for your operators to reduce response time and keep customers delighted.

  • Chat Greeting Chat Greeting

    Greet your site visitors with personalized messages using the efficient live chat software.

  • Canned Responses Canned Responses

    Respond to frequently asked questions faster with canned responses.

  • Visitor Tracking Visitor Tracking

    Know who is visiting your site and initiate a chat to boost your sales using effective live chat.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access Anytime, Anywhere Access

    Operators can easily access chat through smartphones, tablets, or laptops.

  • Co-browsing Co-browsing

    Improve sales and support by anticipating what the customers are looking with co-browsing feature.

Pricing starts at:$0 (forever free plan)

Why Use ProProfs Live Chat App for Shopify Store?

  • Create a Support Suite With Powerful Integrations

    Integrate with your favorite CRM, help desk, knowledge base, survey maker, email marketing, and other platforms to create a complete support suite for your eCommerce business. With one of the best live chat apps for Shopify store, you get to manage customer data on a single dashboard - the data syncs seamlessly among your favorite CRM, help desk, and your live chat system.

  • Capture Potential Leads

    Monitor, track and capture qualified leads for your eCommerce business with Shopify chat support software. Features like pre-chat form help you capture visitor details that can be saved later manually/automatically to your CRM integration with ProProfs Chat.

  • Proactive Customer Engagement

    Help your site visitors learn about new product launches, sales, upcoming discounts, and more with features like Announcement. This rare Shopify customer support chat app feature helps you identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities for your eCommerce business.

  • Know Your Customers Better

    Understanding your customers is as important as capturing sales for your eCommerce business. That’s why you need a Shopify help chat software that helps you know what’s going in the customer’s mind. Features like visitor monitoring and post-chat form help you achieve this goal seamlessly.

  • Instant Customer Support to Convert Customers into Brand Loyals

    Boost your brand loyalty with quality services along with quantified measures. Use ProProfs Live Chat app for Shopify store to convert supporters and fence-sitters into brand loyals. With instant, 24X7 support, help your customers rely on your product or services.


SendInblue online live chat app for shopify

SendInBlue is an all-in-one platform for all your emails, SMS, CRM, and chat needs. The software aids long term business growth by developing effective communication with customers. This cost-effective, feature-rich tool is a prominent choice of big brands and that’s one of the reasons why we see this to be one of the best live chat apps for Shopify.


✓   Packed with Features

A plethora of features like email and SMS marketing, SendinBlue brand logo removal, A/B testing, Facebook ads, retargeting, etc. to offer full value for money.

✓   Marketing Message Segmentation

Tailoring of the message based on the preferences and needs of different audiences to target the right people at the right time with the right message.

✓   Strong CRM

Tracking of all the customer details in one place to improve cross-selling ability, enhance efficiency in serving clients to build better relationships.

Pricing starts at: $22/user/month

3.Zendesk Chat

Zendesk saas live chat shopify app

Zendesk Chat is a cloud-based customer service software that helps in managing the communications, and interactions with clients and potential customers. As one of the best online live chat apps for Shopify, this support tool features live support, web analytics, and ticketing system and with these, it is becoming a natural alternative to emails and phone calls.


✓   Personalized Interactions

Click to chat buttons to give customers the support they need the most when navigating through the website, by anticipating their issues in real-time.

✓   Strong Analytics

Help keep track of the live chat agent’s performance and estimating the success in achieving customer satisfaction via reports.

✓   On the Go Customer Service

Supported by multiple channels, including websites, mobile apps and messaging apps like LINE and Facebook Messenger, to offer a helping hand to the customers wherever they prefer.

Pricing starts at: $14/agent/month


Olark cloud-based shopify live chat app

One of the commonly used Shopify chat support software covering sales, marketing, and customer support, Olark is the best solution to humanize your business. The tool leverages the power of real-time conversation with the customer. It can be a helping hand to enterprises to optimize the products and services and increase sales.


✓   Real-time Chat

Engage with your customers the moment they ask the question to give answers and gather feedback.

✓   Customer Data Storage

Store and organize customer data and chat transcripts in a structured manner.

✓   Track Customer’s Activity

Get access to the customer’s previous chat history and visits on the website while chatting.

Pricing starts at: $15/agent/month

5.Formilla Live Chat

Formilla Live Chat for Shopify

A leading provider of customer messaging software, Formilla offers an incredible combination of live chat, email, and in-app messaging. The creatively designed web interface is known to be the best live chat app for Shopify as it allows company representatives and the customers to begin live chat immediately. The software provides free and premium services for its customer’s WordPress site and Shopify store.


✓   Chat Customization

Personalize your chat by coordinating the chat color with the brand and the website. Customize the chat’s language and text as desired. Humanize the chat by adding the pics and bios of the members.

✓   Canned Responses

Take advantage of the predetermined answers to commonly asked questions to speed up the conversation. Access the saved replies using simple keyboard shortcuts.

✓   Mobile Apps

With Formilla Live Chat, location is no barrier to communicate with the customers. Take advantage of the push notifications and mobile alerts on your Android and iPhone devices to never miss a chat.

Pricing starts at: $10/agent/month


Tawk.to shopify live chat app list

Tawk.to is a free live chat software support and messaging application that initiates secure communication between companies and their customers. Businesses can use their website, mobile app, or a free customizable page to reach out to their customers. Packed with amazing features, the live chat is easy to set up. It will only take a few minutes to log in to the dashboard, add team members, and start conversations with the website visitors.


✓   Feature Rich

An all-in-one, pocket-friendly combination of premium features like reporting, ticketing, integrations, file transfers, unlimited agents.

✓   Real-time Monitoring

Improve the marketing strategy and increase sales with real-time visitor monitoring to gather details related to their actions and demands.

✓   Customizable Widgets

Brand and customize your chat widgets to match your brand and website for a more personalized experience.

Pricing starts at: $2.20/user/hour


Tidio shopify help chat software

Tidio is a live chat service that helps you significantly increase the conversion rates by enhancing the quality of communication with the customers. The availability of chats, chatbots, e-mail, and messenger in the same place, this tool helps in significantly reducing the interaction time with the customer while enhancing the quality of communication.


✓   Communication Via Chatbots

Boost your live chat performance with chatbots to provide round the clock support and take up a large number of conversations at the same time.

✓   Customizable Widgets

Give the chat widget a similar look like your website using the customization options.

✓   Mobile Friendly

Use Tidio’s mobile to stay in touch with the website’s visitor wherever you are at any time.

Pricing starts at: $15/user/month


LiveChat software for shopify store

Helping a large number of users worldwide get answers to their questions, LiveChat is one of the trusted options for live chat to increase revenue and ensure business growth. Known for being the best live chat app for Shopify, LiveChat is known for speed and simplicity among its clients.


✓   Seamless Platform

Access to messaging APIs and developer tools to customize the live chat tool based on user needs.

✓   Easy Integration

Connect the live chat app with more than 170 tools and offer the customer everything they need, all via chat.

✓   Automated Chats

Automate the chats turning on the ChatBot to streamline the workflow. Set up automatic responses and chat routing to make the most out of your live chats.

Pricing starts at: $16/user/month


Chatigy shopify customer support chat app

A high powered Shopify customer support chat app that allows the website visitors to form a community, Chatigy is a favorite tool of businesses for customer engagement. Companies can keep an eye on these conversations to analyze customer feedback about the brand and the site. This helps businesses take actions to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.


✓   Customized Chats

Make the chat look like your own by changing colors and branding as per your needs. You can also use the pre-created templates or create your own.

✓   Quick Integration

Chatigy is ready to install and can be easily added to any site. It can be easily integrated into Shopify, BigCommerce, and accessed through Facebook and Google.

✓   Complete Access to APIs

With the APIs, Chatigy can be easily added to the business applications and give access to all the real-time chats.

Pricing starts at: Contact the vendor for the Price


Chatra shopify customer service app

Chatra is a great live chat tool that helps you sell more by building a personalized connection with the customer. The tool is known to be one of the best live chat apps for Shopify as it offers targeted auto-messages, which keeps the customers engaged even when the reps are offline. This app can be the best tool against cart abandonment and potential sales delays.


✓   Grow Your Email List

Chatra stores the email of the customer who asked the question on the website. The email list can be used during email marketing.

✓   Access Messages Offline

Chatra allows you to access visitors’ messages even when you are offline. Use auto-messages to keep visitors engaged.

✓   Feature Rich

Multiple language support, keeping conversation history even when offline, group chats are the distinguishing features that keep the team on the go.

Pricing starts at: $15/agent/month


PureChat integration with shopify

A preferable choice of SMBs, Pure Chat is a decent tool that offers live chat at no extra cost. It is packed with great features and is very easy to use. Their paid plans offer you additional functionalities that enhance conversations through complementary tools like visitor analytics and contact history to get an insight into user experience and traffic trends.


✓   Unlimited Chats

Pure Chat offers Shopify stores unlimited chats, operators, and contacts at a flat fee even at the growth phase of the website.

✓   Robust Dashboard

The powerful operator dashboard gives visibility to the traffic patterns, potential customers, and provides 24X7 assistance to visitors in real-time.

✓   Track Website Visitors

Help save valuable data of the customer, including their contact information, understand their surfing behavior to develop more engagement, and increase sales.

Pricing starts at: $39/4 users/month


Re:amaze shopify live chat integration

An integrated customer service tool, Re:amaze offers live chat and help desk features to the online businesses including Shopify stores.


✓   Live Dashboard

Get access to and monitor the browsing behavior of the customer on the website, their geolocation, shopping data on the powerful dashboard. Interact with them directly via live chat to close deals.

✓   Latest Chat Features

Enhance customer engagement using automated and targeted messages, real-time chatting, and chatbots.

✓   Customer Education

Allows customers to take advantage of the organized self-service support, FAQs which can be displayed within chat, much before they ask a question.

Pricing starts at: $40/agent/month


JivoChat live chat app for shopify

Texting has become a more preferred method of interaction. JivoChat allows Shopify stores to take advantage of the power of words in closing deals.


✓   Proactive Invitations

Get the visitors engaged the moment they visit the website using proactive invitations through greetings and friendly gestures.

✓   Customizable Widgets

Handle multiple chats at a time using color codes, hotkeys, message sneak-peek, and canned responses.

✓   Know Your Website Visitors

The tool helps in identifying the visitor’s location, click source, and more to get more info about the visitor.

Pricing starts at: $7.15/user/per month

14.WherEver Chat

WherEver shopify live chat support software

WherEver Chat offers you a great blend of live chatting, audio, and video calling in-browser which makes it a complete solution as a Shopify live chat support software. The tool allows co-current chats with multiple users and applies a proactive approach to answer questions.


✓   Custom Click-to-Chat Link

Embed the click-to-chat link in your marketing campaigns to minimize customers’ efforts in connecting with your business.

✓   Store Chat History

Start the chat from where you have left it to continue an uninterrupted communication.

✓   Push Notifications

Receive messages when a customer visits the website to increase conversion rates.

Pricing starts at: $7.25/agent/month


SalesIQ live chat shopify app

SalesIQ is Zoho’s live chat product that has features much needed for business growth. This easy to use software can take your marketing efforts to another orbit.


✓   Visitor Tracking

Monitor visitor behavior on your website and send personalized messages for more engagement.

✓   CRM Integration for More Conversion

CRM integration to target the high-value prospects and put efforts to convert them into sales.

✓   Smart Analytics

Intelligent metrics to monitor the performance of live chat agents and conduct real-time training.

Pricing starts at: $14/3 agents/month

Ready to use the Best Live Chat Software?

  • Customer service is the backbone of any business and live chat is the lumbar support. The above-mentioned was the finest Shopify live chat app list. However, not every software would be a perfect match for your business needs. Look for the features that help you provide instant support to the customer, become more proactive, and offer self-help content to the visitors. All of this will help your business gain more leads and increased sales.
  • In case you need any help finding the suitable choice of the live chat app for Shopify, give us a call at (855)776-7763 (Toll-Free)
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