6 Benefits of Using a Live Chat on Website (Expert Advice)

Importance of using live chat software

More than 50% of Americans have given up on a planned purchase or transaction because of bad customer service.

The statistic above indicates that organizations shouldn’t take customer service for granted. After all, none can afford to lose its customers in a competitive market. And although there are many statistics to establish the growing relevance of customer service, we still witness how people leave a business after having one bad experience. In case your customers have withdrawn themselves from your brand too, then it is time you ask yourself “what went wrong”.

  1. Was it the lack of 24/7 availability to your customers?
  2. Was it the inability to provide instant support to your visitors that help you convert them as buyers?
  3. Or was it the lack of a medium that helps you keep your customers and site visitors engaged with the brand that ultimately leads to a delightful experience?

Well, the answer to all the above questions is – Yes. You lack a medium that helps you provide 24/7, instant customer support and allows your operators to build a delightful customer experience journey.

The best solution to this problem is the integration of live chat to your customer support solutions. One thing that can turn the tide of business in your favor is providing a personal and human touch to customer interactions and this is one of the most important benefits of using live chat. No matter how disappointed a customer lands on your webpage, but the moment he realizes that there is someone to empathize and put in all the possible efforts to provide a solution to his problems, you will always end a problem on a happy note. 

If you are wondering what are the benefits of using live chat on website, you need to know that it is the best way to reach your customers with a personalized approach. Here are some of the reasons that will compel you to integrate live chat with your customer support and reap rewarding benefits of using live chat on website:

Benefits of Using a Live Chat on Website

1. Increases Conversions 

Live chat software has the potential of creating delightful customer experience, but at the same time it can also help in increasing conversions. 77% of consumers find it essential to talk to a real person before making a purchase online. 

What’s better than adding live chat to your webpage to instantly address purchase-related problems raised by your customers. For this, live chat software options like ProProfs Chat offer Chat Greetings that help your operators provide proactive support to customers, and address the problem in advance before it gets raised by the customer.

2. Improves Website Experience

Imagine how would it be for your customers who’d expect to land upon the correct page listed in the SERPs and the moment they open the link, they see a 404-page error. Now, this not only frustrates your customers but also makes them:

  • leave your website
  • feel lost on your website as there is no support
  • makes them lose their precious time


Redirect such pages to the correct URL so that customers don’t end up leaving your website. But everybody does that, right?

How about adding a live chat window that pops-up when a visitor lands on the 404 page?

While redirection may take more time for implementation just in case the correct page is under improvement or is yet to be created, it is still a great idea to add a live chat to such pages.

Adding a live chat icon on such pages will help you:

  • ease visitor frustration on 404 pages
  • stop losing them as they will be engaged with one of your operators, getting answers to their troubles

3. Adds a Personal Touch to Customer’s Journey

68% of customers said that a pleasant representative was key to their recent positive service experiences, while 62% said that a representative’s knowledge or resourcefulness was key.

If you’ve not been focusing on providing personalized support approach, then I’d say start now.

Customers like it when their support process is customized as per their needs. That’s what people look for when approaching a brand for help. And, the experience is no longer limited to phone support.

According to a study, 92% of customers feel satisfied with the use of live chat for customer support as it adds a personal touch to the support journey.

4. Adds Convenience for Customers With Instant Communication

Another reason why you should have live chat for website is to provide convenience to your customers. According to a study by Econsultancy, 65% of American shoppers prefer to engage with a brand using live chat software. And that happens due to several reasons. Some of them include:

  • Connects Customers With the Right Operator Instantly

Once you add a pre-chat form to the chat window, you can easily customize the customer journey from there onwards. Just add the department field to your pre-chat form to automatically route your visitors to correct operators and get their problem resolved.

  • Customers Get to Multitask

No matter how long the conversation takes to end, customers still get the opportunity to do their work while live chat takes place. That’s yet another benefit of live chat.

  • Reduces Response Time

There are various other benefits of using live chat for website, and one of them is the ability to reduce response time. Features like canned responses help you keep the conversation going as they allow you to send messages for frequently asked questions or when the conversation becomes very obvious.

If anything, customers like it when they receive answers for their problems instantly. It helps them make an informed purchasing decision and that too at their convenience. In short, making it easier to match your goals for lead generation with live chat.

5. Increases Conversions

No customer likes to be treated as a sales opportunity. Rather they’d like the brand to help them make an informed decision as they plan to purchase a product. What’s more, they seek help while making online transactions from the website. This is not some conjecture. One of the reports by Forrester states that 45% of US consumers tend to leave a website if they do not get real-time help during their online transactions.

In short, it is the real-time support that helps your visitors convert into customers. And if anything, 77% of consumers find it essential to talk to a real person before making a purchase online.

In such a case, you need to make sure you add live chat to website to instantly address purchase-related problems raised by your customers

6. Adds Consistency to Support Process

One of the benefits of adding live chat to your website is that it helps a business bring consistency to the support process. When you monitor your visitors in real-time, you get to know whether they arrived at your website with a purchase intent or not. But most of all, the feature also help you to:

  • understand customers’ need from the brand by assessing the pages they’ve browsed
  • make your operators more proactive as they can see when a visitor gets stuck on a page

While this and various other things get tracked with the use of this live chat plugin feature, you also get to explore areas that need improvement. In short, you get to improve the website experience for visitors, and accordingly offer support services that they come looking for.

In case, this reason isn’t sufficient enough for you to understand the importance and benefits of live chat for a business website, then let’s take a look at what all experts have to say below.

Sue Duris Director of Marketing & CX at M4 Communications, Inc
Sue Duris
  • Recently eConsultancy conducted a survey that found Live Chat generates the highest satisfaction -73% – of any customer service channel.
  • Whenever a customer is doing business with you, they want a frictionless experience. Live Chat provides a very responsive channel where you can get issues resolved immediately. It equates to a real-time response which is what customers expect. In addition, Live Chat can actually help improve your overall buying experience by proactively helping you at various touch points such as while you are browsing products or at checkout. And any time you can reduce the path to purchase for a customer it is always a good thing.
  • Of course, if you do promote Live Chat on your website, make sure it is operational. The worst thing you can do is say you have Live Chat but when a customer selects it, it isn’t functional. Make sure you deliver on the promise. If you offer it, make sure it works.

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Andy HanselmanPartner, Andy Hanselman Consulting
Andy Hanselman
  • Live Chat for website can be a great way of ‘engaging’ with customers as an ‘option’ for them…. if that’s what they want!
  • It should be very much seen as an ‘option’ rather than the answer to all problems.
  • The ‘chat’ should be responsive and done in the style, language, and tone of the customer – it should look and ‘feel’ personalized to that individual.

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Joshua Bentley Partner, Engineer of Remarkable CX at Moxi Works
Joshua Bentley
  • Chatbots do not create lasting impressions with your customers. Is C-3PO going to be able to upsell a customer on another product/service your company makes because of his positive interactions with them? Definitely not.
  • Customers are growing savvier and can detect a chatbot almost in seconds. Visitors to your site will quickly grow annoyed with the lack of personal attention and move on.
  • Live chat provides the warmth, intuition, and instincts that only humans have. Add that to an instantaneous interaction platform (chat) in an instant gratification world, and you have a powerful combination to impress and wow your customers.
  • People are increasingly hesitant to call. Think about your own experience – aren’t you more likely to text someone than call them? Customers would rather email, text, or chat than hop on the phone as the initial point of contact.
  • Live chat gives your customers an avenue to talk to an expert in your company who can build a relationship with them, however brief.
  • Depending on your implementation, what the customer has been doing on the site before they chat with someone. That gives your live chat reps incredible insight on helping the customer and what else they might be interested in. Your reps should use that to their advantage!

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Ben Motteram Founder, CXpert
Ben Motteram
  • Greater satisfaction- Different customers have different preferences when it comes to the communication channels they use. Adding live chat software to your website will increase the satisfaction of those customers who prefer that channel.
  • Conversation record- Live chat for website typically allows customers to download a transcript of the conversation once it is finished. This is a great feature when the conversation has included a commitment from the business.
  • Greater customer productivity- Self-service websites and FAQ pages are great when inquiries are simple in nature because there’s no waiting – customers can quickly achieve their objective. Sometimes though, inquiries may be more complex and customers need to speak to someone. So they hunt around for your number (which you’ve buried deep on your website to reduce the load on your call center), then work your way through your 4 level IVR, then wait in a queue all the while tying up their phone line and/or being distracted by your hold music. Live chat software enables customers to quickly start a conversation and if there’s a queue, allowing them to continue doing what they’re doing on their laptop or phone. The software will let them know when an agent is available. For them, it’s a more productive way of waiting in line.

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Adinor Puplampu Customer Experience Leader at Millicom Ghana Limited
Adinor Puplampu
  • It resonates with a significant demographic that is familiar with messaging apps, and so has important customer engagement potential.
  • It also facilitates text analysis as a bridge to obtaining robust voice of customer (VoC) insight.
  • When done right (e.g. Emirates in my personal experience) it is without a doubt an ideal means of creating empathy and reducing customer effort, two crucial Customer Experience attributes to grow and protect.

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Tricia Morris Director of Content Marketing at MicroStrategy
Tricia Morris
    Since texting and social media have made short messages the mainstream method of communication, live chat for website is now being adopted and deployed by more companies across more channels than ever before to improve the customer experience. Here are four reasons why more and more brands are deciding it’s time to chat with their customers:
  • Convenience: Chat allows today’s hyper-connected customers to stay online, avoid IVRs and call queues, and multitask while they’re seeking customer service – all keys to convenience which is a huge consideration for today’s consumer. Not only is service via live chat fast and immediately accessible, but it’s typically more personalized than other forms of online service, too – resulting in higher customer satisfaction rates.
  • Cost Efficiency: Live chat is a cost-conscious choice for organizations that want to provide more personalized service options. Customers get one-on-one assistance from a live customer service representative at their convenience, while companies save because behind the scenes, agents can handle multiple chats simultaneously. Chat is also known to increase first contact resolution rates.
  • Functionality: Companies can utilize live chat in a game, on a form, in an application, as part of their knowledge base or with an online shopping cart. It can even be deployed on a brand’s Facebook page – and on the pages of their brand’s website with the highest exit rates.
  • Increased Sales: Chat not only keeps consumers from abandoning online shopping carts and order forms, but it can also be an upselling and cross-selling tool. Agents can view a customer’s purchase and service history and suggest related products and services, or upgrades, during the chat.

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Janne Ohtonen Customer Experience and Service Leader at Ember Group
Janne Ohtonen

Often B2B is separated from B2C, and it makes sense regarding target audiences. What is unfortunate that often that also includes separating people from business. It is almost like a company has a life of its own (which it legally speaking has); however, companies are formed of people doing work (and using systems, websites, and all kinds of things while doing it). Such thinking leads to a bias where in many cases business people are treated differently, and worse than consumers would be. Thus, the importance of live chat software on a business website comes down to:

  • Business is done from people to people, in the B2B context, too, and therefore potential customers need a way to connect with a real person from the company. Live Chat can provide that not only for consumers but for B2B customers, too.
  • Typically B2B solutions are quite complex and raise a lot of questions, Live Chat is a great way to clarify those matters promptly (time is money as you know!)
  • When you want to know more about some business, product or service, it doesn’t mean you want the whole sales pitch and all the harassment that comes with presenting a simple question! Live chat can be a way to give information for the customer and probe subtly rather than sending your sales guys after them.

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Amas Tenumah CX Author & Speaker at The Curated Experience
Amas Tenumah
  • It will help you connect more with customers. Think of a website as a storefront and Live Chat as the perfect store employee. I use perfect because you can set it up such that the interaction level is goldilocks not too hot, not too cold.
  • It will increase sales conversion. I had a client that had a 98% online business but everything else staying the same introducing live chat lifted conversion by 2 points. Live chat makes customers feel more comfortable whether they are buying digitally or not.
  • It’s the right thing to do for a frictionless customer experience. No one wants to have to start and interaction online only to have to call if they have a question!

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Laura Balentyne Business Program Manager at Microsoft
Laura Balentyne
  • The success of any communication channel that you provide your customers lies in their ability to quickly and efficiently resolve their issue. Live chat can be an amazing service to your customers, but your intention in how it gets designed and executed should be mainly on providing delightful customer service and not cost reduction. While cost reduction can be an outcome of your experience design – the intention to serve will ensure that you design a practical solution for your customer.
  • The questions you should ask: “Is this the right channel for my customers to find a solution? Do I have the resources, bandwidth, and technology to empower my live chat agents to provide my customers with a solution from simple to the more complex? Does this channel align with the overall end-to-end experience I want to deliver to my customers?”
  • For a live chat to be effective, the agent should provide a natural conversation that is responsive, quickly identifies the cause, and provides a solution that does not require the customer to move to another communication channel for resolution. Agents should be empowered to support the full spectrum of support from easy to more complicated. Selecting the right technology that supports a compelling end-to-end solution is critical to the success of the live chat. Customers trained by messaging apps, expect the ability to have asynchronous communication that allows for distractions from their every-day life.If this is a chat in a technical support environment, the transcript of the resolution should be provided to the customer so that they can incorporate that solution into their knowledge base. Selecting the right technology to support the designed experience enables a live chat that delights customers with a quick and easy path to resolution.

Selecting the right technology that supports a compelling end-to-end solution is critical to the success of the live chat. Tweet this

Emilia D’AnzicaFounder, Customer Growth Advisors
Emilia D'Anzica
  • Being on hold with an ‘estimated wait time’ is no longer acceptable for today’s increasingly sophisticated buyer. If a prospect or customer can resolve a query within a few moments and online without ever having to pick up the phone, why would they choose to talk to someone? Chat allows companies to anticipate customer needs and build pre-built answers in their chat platforms to allow for a faster, seamless customer experience. This quick self-help offering can often deflect a chat interaction and/or phone call altogether. Digital transformation, including the adoption of live chat software, is necessary when you put your customer needs at the core of your business and real-time, in-platform customer service at the tip of the user’s hands.

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What we Learned From Experts – Importance of Live Chat Software

From every expert what we’ve gathered as a final takeaway is the importance of live chat on your website.

As a business, you get to connect with people efficiently if you place a live chat for a business website. Not only does it help to improve your leads, but it also offers you a platform for your operators to help visitors walk through the sales funnel. From instant answers to real-time support, the chat solution for businesses does it all. No more do you have to witness a scenario where visitors leave your website with dissatisfaction and a bad experience in mind.

While understanding the importance of live chat on a website, you also get to learn how your operator can provide a personalized and humanized experience to site visitors, thereby building a lasting impression of your brand in the market. The avenue also allows your visitors to communicate directly with an expert at your company, which in return helps them come back to the same place for their other product-related queries too.

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What’s more? Your operators get to save visitor data as leads which they later can nurture over a period of time and ultimately convert them into buyers with the live chat tool in place. With so much to look out for in a chat software, there is no way you can avoid its integration to your business website.

So next time, when you ask yourself “why is live chat important?”, think about these benefits. Adding a live support chat tool at your website, you ensure to never miss a potential customer and increase your chances of boosting sales.

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