What is the Best Live Chat Software Solution?

ProProfs Chat is the best live chat software solution available in the market. The software is easy-to-use, configurable, and feature-rich, giving business owners the opportunity to develop a customizable customer support experience to all its website visitors. This award-winning platform is known for building a delightful experience not only for its clients but also for their customers.

With the best chat software for websites, you can make sure that customers don’t have to repeat their case history every time they speak with a new support operator. Your operators can filter and see the conversation via chat transcripts to learn what conversation has taken place with the same customer. Plus, they can also keep a track of all the solutions provided to the customer by other operators and whether they were delighted by the services received.

But to have such an outcome, you need to have the best live chat tools in place. And, choosing one can get overwhelming when there are way too many options available.

To help you navigate through the available options in the market and invest in one confidently, we have compiled a list of top 27 live chat software solutions for 2021. You can learn about each one of them and decide for yourself which one works the best for your support process.

27 Best Live Chat Software Solutions & What Are Their Key Features:

27 Best Live Chat Software
Key Features:
ProProfs Chat
  • Chat Greetings for Proactive Communication
  • Chat Routing for Faster Resolution
  • Visitor Monitoring to Understand Customer Intent
  • Announcements to Keep Customers Informed About Upcoming Discounts
  • Operator Performance Monitoring
  • Canned Responses
  • File Transfer
  • Live Chat Customization
  • Multiple Customer Support
  • Escalations & Chat Transfer
  • Knowledge Base & Help Desk Integration
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Mobile Support

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LiveChat Inc
  • Engagement Monitoring
  • Surveys & Feedbacks From Customers
  • Contact Management
  • Export Chat Transcript
  • Agent Performance Tracking
  • File Transfer
  • Customizable Branding
  • Offline Form
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Chat Transfer
  • Chat Statuses
  • Private Notes
  • Social Media Integration
  • Real-Time Monitoring
  • Proactive Invitations
  • Screen Sharing
  • Instant File Sharing
  • Ticket Management
  • Canned Response
  • Chat Routing
  • Proactive Chat
  • Real-Time Performance Monitoring
  • Behavior Triggered Messages
  • Email Integration
  • Auto Routing
  • Multilingual Support
  • Conversation History
Zoho Sales IQ
  • Chat Departments
  • Zoho CRM Integration
  • Chat Monitoring
  • Easy Chat Transfers
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Real-Time Activity Monitoring
  • Website Visitor Tracking
  • Geo Tracking
  • Canned Responses
Pure Chat
  • White Label Branding
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Tag Transcripts
  • Email Marketing Integration
  • Customizable Chat Widget
  • Pre-Chat Surveys
  • Ticketing System
  • Feedback Management
  • File Sharing
Hubspot Service Hub
  • Automated Routing
  • Offline Form
  • Proactive Chat
  • Agent Performance Monitoring
  • Past Visit Information
  • Chat Widget Customization
  • Auto Messages
  • Feedback Collection
  • Support Ticket Tracking
  • Screen Sharing
  • Offline Form
  • Chat Transcripts
Provide Support Live Chat
  • Canned Responses
  • Offline Form
  • Website Visitor Tracking
  • Triggered Chat
  • Chat Rating
  • Live Chat Customization
Bold 360
  • Chat History
  • Chat Routing
  • Canned Responses
Click Desk
  • Call Reporting
  • Proactive Chat
  • Analytics
Live Zilla
  • Real-Time Management
  • Email Integration
  • Ticket Management
My LiveChat
  • Proactive Chat
  • Customizable Branding
  • Website Visitor Tracking
  • Push Pages
  • File Transfer
  • Queue Based Routing

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into the individual features, pricing, and why to use either of the above-mentioned best website live chat services.

1.ProProfs Chat

ProProfs Live Chat Software

ProProfs Chat is a SaaS-based live chat software that is easy to install, configure, and supports endless features. Your operators can provide instant support to your customers with features like canned responses and chat routing. Operators can also learn whether visitors came with a purchase intent on your website with real-time visitor monitoring.

You can brand your live chat window by adding your logo. What’s more, you get to customize the live chat window on every page so it matches their theme.

Besides this, admins can supervise an ongoing chat too. This will allow them to understand how your operators keep customers engaged during an ongoing chat and whether they need any assistance. In case they want to assist the operator during the chat, they can either take over the chat or use the operator to operator chat feature to help them build a seamless support experience.

With more than 50 integrations, ProProfs Chat allows you to build a complete support suite that helps your business create a delightful customer experience.


✓   Chat Greetings for Proactive Communication

Send automated greetings to visitors who’ve been on a specific page for long to help your brand engage with them instantly.

✓   Chat Routing for Faster Resolution

Route your incoming chats automatically and manually to keep the support queue going with the chat routing feature.

✓   Visitor Monitoring

Track your visitors in real-time to understand their intent behind browsing your website. You can get access to information like what page they landed on, what pages did they browse further, and how long did they stay on the website.

✓   Announcements

Keep customers informed about upcoming discounts, sales, product upgrades, and flash sales by creating announcements with ProProfs Chat.

✓   Operator Performance Monitoring

Track the ongoing performance of all your operators with ProProfs Live Chat. You can check how many hours were they active, how many chats did they answer, and how many chats they missed.

✓   Canned Responses

Help your operators reduce response time with canned responses. This feature allows them to keep the conversation going.

✓   File Transfer

Send images, documents and more to customers during an ongoing chat with ProProfs Chat.

✓   Live Chat Customization

Provide admin rights, set chat limit, change welcome message for all operators, add callback support, and more with 100+ live chat customization settings.

✓   Multiple Customer Support

Manage multiple customers at the same. Set chat limit for all your operators based on their performance and ability to manage multiple customers at the same time.

✓   Escalations & Chat Transfer

Share customer chat sessions with other operators from different departments to speed up the resolution process. A supervisor can also intervene in an ongoing chat session.

✓   Knowledge Base & Help Desk Integration

Integrate ProProfs Chat with other support platforms like a knowledge base and help desk system to create a complete support suite.

✓   Multiple Language Support

ProProfs Chat supports more than 70 languages that allow operators to provide support to visitors in their native language.

✓   Mobile Support

Provide anytime, anywhere support to your customers with ProProfs Chat mobile app.

✓   Operator to Operator chat

Allows internal discussion amongst the operators.

✓   50+ Integrations

It allows 3rd party Integrations like Salesforce CRM, MS Dynamics, Shopify, Zendesk.

Pricing starts at:$0/month annually. ProProfs Chat comes with a forever free plan that is best for startups. It even supports Enterprise plans that are priced at $149/month annually.

Why Use ProProfs Live Chat Software Solution?

    Builds Personalized Experience for Customers
  • ProProfs Chat excels at building instant personalized support experience for customers in real-time. With features like visitor monitoring and Chat Greetings, it becomes simpler for service providers to create a personalized experience for customers.
  • Creates a Complete Support Suite
  • With numerous integrations in place, ProProfs Chat allows its users to create a complete support suite. That means, no longer do the users have to leave and login to another account and fill details manually. Integrations like CRM, help desk, knowledge base, and others allow you to sync all the data together. This way your operators easily get to avoid the manual effort of adding the data to other platforms.
  • Increases Sales
  • Find upsell and cross-sell opportunities with your operators and seal them as final sales for your business with ProProfs Chat. Use features like Announcements and Greetings to create a need for the product among your visitors and engage them as they pass every stage of the sales funnel.

2.LiveChat Inc

LiveChat customer service chat software

LiveChat, one of the top live chat providers, is known to help brands connect with their target audience and capture qualified leads for the business. The live chat software claims to be the fastest way to help you connect with your customers in real-time.


✓   Engagement Monitoring

Monitor how your operators are engaging with your customers in real-time. You can also get access to chat transcripts to see how your customers got a solution for their questions and how well did your operators managed to keep the customers engaged in a conversation.

✓   Surveys & Feedbacks From Customers

Capture your customers’ feedback and learn what areas do they feel your business needs improvement. You can also use surveys to capture lead information and create offline message forms.

✓   Contact Management

Manage your leads and reach out to them when they visit your website again. Your operators can initiate a chat with them and help them get answers faster.

Pricing starts at: $16/month when billed annually and $19/month when billed on a monthly basis.

Why Use LiveChat Software Solution?

    Capture Qualified Leads
  • Capture leads for your business faster with LiveChat and adds them to your existing contact list.
  • Increase Customer Engagement
  • Reach out to your visitors and existing customers with the live chat tool. As one of the best live chat solutions, your operators can keep your customers hooked to the brand and encourage them to keep coming back to the brand.
  • Manage Customer Information
  • Once you capture leads for your business with this live chat tool, store them as contacts which your operators can refer to every time the same person visits your website. It will allow your operators to build a personalized experience.

3.Zendesk Chat

Zendesk saas based live chat software

Formerly known as Zopim, Zendesk Chat is one of the top live chat software solutions of the customer support industry. The chat tool helps you connect with visitors in real-time. All a visitor has to do is click on the chat widget to initiate a conversation.


✓   Export Chat Transcript

You can now export your chat transcript and send it to another operator so they can use it as a reference while having a conversation with the same customer.

✓   Agent Performance Tracking

Track how well your operators perform by assessing their ratings left by individual customers.

✓   File Transfer

Send a file to a customer during an ongoing chat to build a smarter support experience.

Pricing starts at: $14/month and supports unlimited chats and other features.

Why Use Zendesk Chat Solution?

    Instant Setup
  • You can instantly set up this SaaS live chat software and make sure that it is up and running on your website.
  • Increase Engagement
  • With instant set up, you also get the opportunity to engage instantly with your visitors. In no time, your operators can connect with visitors and help them find answers to their questions.
  • Monitor Real-Time Support Closely
  • Track how your operators provide support to customers in real-time and intervene in case you feel that customers would require more knowledge for the product.


Olark cloud based live chat software

Looking for a cloud-based live chat software that enhances the look of your website? Well, Olark can be one of the options besides ProProfs Chat and LiveChat Inc that you can consider. Olark helps you smoothen the sales and support process of your business in no time. That means a sale and support for customers are just a click away.


✓   Customizable Branding

Add your brand name and logo to the chat window. This way you can add the look and feel of your brand and boost engagement.

✓   Offline Form

Add an offline form just in case none of your operators are online. This way you can easily capture qualified leads for the business.

✓   Visitor Tracking

Understand visitor intent and provide instant support with the visitor tracking feature.

Pricing starts at: $17/month

Why Use Olark Live Chat Software Solution?

    Beautifully-Designed Chat Window Templates
  • Change the chat window template as per the theme of your existing web page. You can customize the chat window CSS too.
  • Understand Your Customers Better
  • Use visitor monitoring to learn what visitors have in mind when they came to your website. This way your operators can come up with a different yet personalized approach to provide support.
  • Get More Business
  • With customizable pre-chat and offline forms, you can capture qualified leads for your business that can be converted into customers.


Drift web based live chat software

Other than ProProfs Chat or Olark, you can find Drift as one of the best live chat software solutions for instant solutions. The cloud-based live chat app is known for its email management solution that is perfect for sales and marketing teams. The software claims to offer customizable live chat widgets, email follow-ups for missed chats, chat histories, and an AI-powered chatbot.


✓   Chat Transfer

Transfer your chat to another operator in case the customer wishes to seek professional guidance from a pro. This way you can help the customer get an instant resolution.

✓   Chat Statuses

Check whether a chat is ongoing and which operator is managing a particular customer with this feature.

✓   Private Notes

Take private notes and add them to the contact list. This will help other operators to tackle the same customer effectively.

Pricing starts at: $50/month.

Why Use Drift Live Chat Software Solution?

    Supports Chatbot
  • Just in case offline messages weren’t enough in the absence of your operators, you can also use the chatbot feature to keep your visitors engaged.
  • Escalate a Chat for Instant Resolution
  • Just in case you feel that more support is needed to resolve a specific question, transfer the chat to the specific department that can help you out faster. This way you escalate the problem to the specific department and ensure that the customer experiences great service.
  • Understand Customer Preferences Better
  • Once your operators take private notes during an ongoing chat and save them under the same customer’s chat history in CRM, others get to learn what customers really like easily. This way customizing the support experience as the preference of the customers becomes a lot simpler.


Kayako Online Live Chat Software

You can also find Kayako to be in the list of best live chat software solutions. As one of the leading multi-channel helpdesk and live chat software solution provider, Kayako has helped several business owners to build a seamless experience in no time. The software also allows you to build web-centric customer support solutions. This further enables organizations to provide better support experience to their customers.


✓   Social Media Integration

Help your customers connect with your brand via different social media platforms and receive their messages via your live chat.

✓   Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor what your visitors are up to on your website with the real-time visitor monitoring feature.

✓   Proactive Invitations

Send proactive messages to visitors who have been on a page for long so they can engage with your brand better.

Pricing starts at: $15/month.


Acquire Live Chat for Website

Acquire, as SaaS live chat software, helps your customer support operators send targeted messages to customers so they can capture their attention for instant engagement. The software is equipped with a customer routing feature. This helps to ensure customers connect with the right support operators instantly.


✓   Screen Sharing

Share your customer’s screens and help them complete the sales process effectively.

✓   Instant File Sharing

Share files with your customers instantly during an ongoing chat.

✓   Ticket Management

Your missed chats will be converted into tickets that can, later on, be managed by your operators.

Pricing starts at $25/month.


Comm100 website chat software

Comm100 is known for creating an omnichannel customer support experience. The live chat software solution powers real-time interactions via mediums like website, mobile, and messaging. The support tool also claims to deliver fast, effective, and affordable customer service solutions for contact centers, support, sales, and marketing teams.


✓   Canned Response

Save frequently used responses as canned messages to help your operators reduce response time.

✓   Chat Routing

Route incoming chats to the right department to help customers receive instant solutions for their questions.

✓   Proactive Chat

Initiate proactive conversations with your visitors and convert them into a sales opportunity.

Pricing starts at: $29/month.


Intercom business chat software

Another best live chat software solution that will help you keep your customers engaged on the website is Intercom. It is a customer communication platform that integrates products for every team. These teams include sales, marketing, product, and support.


✓   Real-Time Performance Monitoring

Monitor how your operators are performing and whether your customers are enjoying their experience with your brand easily.

✓   Behavior Triggered Messages

You can send triggered messages by setting rules and conditions based on customer behavior on the website.

✓   Email Integration

Integrate your favorite email marketing platform with Intercom to see how your campaigns are working along with instant support.

Pricing starts at: $49/month.


FreshChat live support software

Freshchat is yet another option that gets recognized as one of the best live chat software solutions in the market. The tool is known for helping sales and customer engagement teams to connect with potential prospects and customers on the website. The live chat tool is also known to help sales and marketing teams to send proactive messages to website visitors.


✓   Auto Routing

Automatically route your visitors to another operator to avoid missed chats and lengthy support queues.

✓   Multilingual Support

Provide multilingual support to your customers. Help them get answers to their questions in their native language.

✓   Conversation History

Save and later view individual conversation history to build a personalized experience for your customers based on their preferences.

Pricing starts at:$19/month.

11.Zoho Sales IQ

Zoho live chat software for website

As an amazing live chat software solution, Zoho SalesIQ is yet another option you can consider for your website. The live chat software helps to boost customer engagement on your website and spot potential sales opportunities easily. Your operators can easily get access to data like visitor location, site behavior, and new or returning visitors. And the captured data helps you identify prospects and proactively engage them in a conversation at strategic moments.


✓   Chat Departments

Create and manage departments like accounts, sales, and support to help your customers attain the correct solution faster.

✓   Zoho CRM Integration

Store your leads in one place with the amazing in-house CRM integration. Save them as contacts and keep them updated whenever the customer engages with your operators.

✓   Chat Monitoring

Monitor chats in real-time to understand customer purchasing intent and customize support journeys accordingly.

Pricing starts at:$19/month.


SnapEngage live chat support software

Irrespective of your company size, SnapEngage live chat software enables you to better engage with their website visitors and that too instantly. Both support and sales teams can use the best live chat software option to deliver unique and innovative services to their customers in real-time.


✓   Easy Chat Transfers

Help your operators transfer their chats instantly to another operator to assist customers to get faster resolution.

✓   Google Analytics Integration

Track your website performance and how many leads are converting for your business by integrating your live chat with Google Analytics.

✓   Real-Time Activity Monitoring

Help operators track your visitors and build a support procedure that matches their preferences with real-time monitoring.

Pricing starts at:$16/month.


Userlike live support chat software

Another best live chat software option you may across during your research is Userlike. As a cloud-based live chat software, the platform allows business owners to conduct real-time conversations between customers and your employees. Userlike is a fully customized chat software that comes with features that meet your basic support expectations.


✓   Website Visitor Tracking

Use website visitor tracking to learn what they are searching for and customize their support journey accordingly.

✓   Geo Tracking

Track your visitor’s geolocation to learn whether they are a potential lead for your business or not.

✓   Canned Responses

Reduce your response time with canned messages. Save the answers for frequently asked questions as a template and use them to keep the conversation going.

Pricing starts at:$29/month.

14.Pure Chat

Pure customer service live chat software

You will also find Pure Chat when searching for the best live chat software for your SMB. The chat tool will help you engage with website visitors faster. With Pure Chat, you can get access to unlimited operators, unlimited chats, full transcript history, and more. The live help support software also aims to deliver an effective customer service solution.


✓   White Label Branding

Brand your live chat window in seconds with Pure Chat. The white-label feature allows you to add your brand name at the bottom of the chat window.

✓   Visitor Tracking

Track your visitors in real-time to learn what product or service encouraged them to land on your website.

✓   Tag Transcripts

Add tags to your chat transcripts to help operators know if the customer came for support or sales related queries.

Pricing starts at:$39/month and also supports a free plan for startups.


Tidio live chat for customer service

Want a variety of options when working with live chat software? Well, Tidio Chat helps you get just that and that too in seconds. This is one of the reasons why Tidio Chat is seen to be one of the best live chat software solutions in the market today.

The live chat option enables users to customize the chat window applied on all the pages so that visitors can relate to the theme of the page they are browsing. The chat software also allows users to add a custom pre-chat survey to obtain visitor details like name, phone number, and email address before a chat initiates.


✓   Email Marketing Integration

Integrate Tidio Chat with your favorite email marketing platform to increase your email contact list.

✓   Customizable Chat Widget

Make your chat widget more appealing for the site visitors and encourage them to engage in a conversation with your brand.

✓   Pre-Chat Surveys

Capture leads with a pre-chat survey form. You can customize the form and ask for particular information that will allow your operators to approach the visitors properly.

Pricing starts at:$15/month yearly.


LiveAgent live chat for ecommerce

Popularly seen as a help desk system, LiveAgent is yet another platform that allows your operators to interact with customers and website visitors in real-time with live chat support. As one of the best live chat software options, it allows business owners to create customer support suite that helps operators provide instant support.


✓   Ticketing System

With a ticketing system, you can easily reach out to those customers whose chats were missed in case your operators weren’t available or the support queue was too long.

✓   Feedback Management

Manage customer feedback once you receive them as a chat comes to an end.

✓   File Sharing

Share a file with your visitors during an ongoing chat instantly.

Pricing starts at:$15/month.

17.Hubspot Service Hub

Hubspot live chat service

HubSpot Service Hub is a complete cloud-based customer service suite. The suite is designed to simplify the customer support process that helps your operators manage and improve client engagement with the brand. Your operators can connect easily with customers via live chat, conversational bots, canned messages and more.


✓   Automated Routing

Don’t wait for your admins to route your website visitors to operators manually. With a set of rules and conditions, you can equally divide chats among all the operators easily.

✓   Offline Form

Add an offline form for instances when your support operators are not online. These offline messages convert into tickets operators can later take up.

✓   Proactive Chat

Help your operators become more proactive and reach out to visitors when they’ve been on a page for long with the proactive chat feature.

Pricing starts at:$400/month.

18.REVE Chat

Reve online chat software

Searching for more options under the best live chat software category? Well, REVE Chat is another option for you to check out. As a multi-channel cloud-based live chat software, REVE Chat helps your operators to deliver instant support to your website visitors. What’s more, like other options in the list, the live chat support tool helps you improve the customer service process and boosts sales conversions.


✓   Agent Performance Monitoring

Monitor how your agents perform with individual customers using insightful reports. These reports help you improve their service pattern with adequate training.

✓   Past Visit Information

Track how many times a single visitor or customer has visited your website with REVE Chat. Based on that, you can figure out the areas which prompted the customer to leave the website.

✓   Chat Widget Customization

Change the look and appeal of your chat widget with simple yet powerful customization options.

Pricing starts at:$13.50 per license/month.


Help crunch live chat software for business

Another best live chat software solution that your business can check out is HelpCrunch. As a top-rated customer communication platform, the brand claims to be a perfect solution for support, marketing, and sales teams. That means your business can increase conversions and sales, improvise support, and grow faster with HelpCrunch.


✓   Auto Messages

Send automated messages to website visitors who have been on the page for long. All you have to do is set some rules and conditions and the message will automatically pop-up after a few seconds.

✓   Feedback Collection

Collect feedback from your customers once the chat comes to an end. This way you’ll get to know the problem areas, instances where you excel as a brand, and other scopes of improvement.

✓   Support Ticket Tracking

Create and manage chat support tickets with the live chat software.

Pricing starts at:$15/month.


Tawk Free Live Chat software

As a cloud-based live chat software, Tawk.to is yet another option for you to check out. While their services are mostly claimed to be free, you might want to look into what all features can actually free to avoid the hidden cost issue. The company claims to offer a messaging solution that businesses of all sizes can use to connect with their customers instantly.


✓   Screen Sharing

Share screens with your customers to help them understand how they can complete their desired process on your website easily.

✓   Offline Form

Add offline forms in case your operators aren’t online. This will help you reach out to them later.

✓   Chat Transcripts

Get access to old and new chat transcripts with Tawk.to. You can store customer transcripts that can be used by operators when interacting with the same customer or can be used to train them to provide better services.

Pricing starts at:$1/month.

21.Provide Support Live Chat

Provide Support ecommerce live chat software

Provide Support is also seen as one of the best live chat software solutions in the market today. This live support tool comes with a real-time monitoring solution for online support that enables your operators to send proactive chat invitation, push pages during an ongoing chat or browsing experience, track visitor's geolocation, referrer and more. The chat is easy to set up and can be customized as per the needs of the business.


✓   Canned Responses

Use canned responses to help your customers avoid the long support queues. You can reduce the response time and keep all your customers delighted.

✓   Offline Form

Add offline forms to help your operators catch up with customers who came looking for support just in case no one was available to take up the chat.

✓   Website Visitor Tracking

Track your website visitors in real-time and identify the places where they might need your help. This way you can encourage your operators to become more proactive.

Pricing starts at:$8.25/month.

22.HappyFox Chat

HappyFox Live chat tool

Another best live chat software option that your company can consider for intuitive design and speed is HappyFox Chat. This live chat tool allows you to manage multiple customers at the same time. What’s more, you can add live chat to your website under 1 minute.


✓   Triggered Chat

Set chat triggers on crucial pages that are likely to convert visitors into customers. These triggers will prompt visitors to initiate a chat and engage with your brand easily.

✓   Chat Rating

Learn what your customers think of your services with the chat rating feature. You can assess how our operators are performing and train them accordingly.

✓   Live Chat Customization

Customize your live chat window to match the existing expectations of your customers.

Pricing starts at:$29.99/month.


Bold360 live chat solution

Bold360 is an AI-powered live support chat software that is known for increasing engagement between the brand and its customers. With its chatbot feature, you can provide 24/7 support to your customers.


✓   Chat History

Track a visitor’s history via their conversations that tool place with all the operators via chat software. Learn what solutions they received in their previous conversations and how to customize their journey with the brand.

✓   Chat Routing

Route your visitors to the right department so they can receive instant resolution and you get to reduce response time at the same time.

✓   Canned Responses

Use canned responses to help your operators keep multiple people engaged in real-time.


ClickDesk web live chat software

ClickDesk is seen to be one of the best live chat software solutions that combine live chat through help desk, social media integration, mobile access, reporting and more. It brings together a support suite that helps business owners provide a seamless experience to all.


✓   Call Reporting

Track details like call duration, caller area code, call start and end time, and whether the call was connected when the customer was approached.

✓   Proactive Chat

Initiate proactive chat to keep visitors engaged and help them make an informed decision while purchasing a product.

✓   Analytics

Integrate the live chat software with analytics tools like Google Analytics to track metrics regarding leads and website performance in real-time.

Pricing starts at:$14.99/month.


LiveZilla customer support chat software

LiveZilla, one of the best live chat software solutions, claims to provide multi-website support, visitor monitoring, and a help desk system. An amalgamation of the three helps its users to not only integrate emails they receive from customers but also messages from social media platforms in the ticket system.


✓   Real-Time Management

Manage your incoming chats in real-time and make sure that your operators can initiate a chat in strategic moments.

✓   Email Integration

Integrate your live chat with an email marketing tool to increase your contact list.

✓   Ticket Management

Manage your chat tickets within the chat tool and make sure that no query goes unanswered.

Pricing starts at:$155/one-time.

26.My LiveChat

My LiveChat enterprise chat software

Want a simple and user-friendly live chat solution? My LiveChat is one of the best live chat software solutions in the market. The tool will allow your support operators to provide instant resolution and improve customer satisfaction.


✓   Proactive Chat

Help your operators become proactive with your website visitors with proactive chat feature.

✓   Customizable Branding

Customize your live chat window and add your branding with My LiveChat.

✓   Website Visitor Tracking

Track your website visitors as they browse your website in real-time. This will help your operators to understand the visitor intent.

Pricing starts at:$99/one-time.


Velaro Live Chat for Startups

Last, but not least, Velaro is also seen as one of the best live chat software solutions in the customer support market. This live chat support software is known to offer a suite of actionable analytics and reporting tools that are designed to boost operator excellence and customer satisfaction.


✓   File Transfer

Send files to your customers during an ongoing chat and help them gain more information regarding your product and services.

✓   Real Time Reporting

Learn how your brand is performing or what ratings do your customers leave for individual operators with real-time reporting feature.

✓   History Tracking

Track how many times a visitor has landed on your website and what pages they browsed with visitor history tracking feature. You can also track which operators actively gave support to the visitors when they landed on the website.

Pricing starts at:$64.95/month.

Ready to Get the Best Live Chat Software Solution?

  • With the best live chat software list of 27 solutions, we aim to bring you more options that help you complete your support suite. However, you need a complete live chat support system that allows your business to actively reach out to visitors and customers equally, and helps your operators create a delightful experience.
  • That’s why we’d highly recommend you to use ProProfs Chat. The live support chat software is known for helping its clients keep their customers satisfied. What’s more, it brings the experience of complete support suite with multiple integrations compatibility.
  • So give ProProfs Live Chat software a try today!
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